Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting Better

I can see it's been a while since my last posting. I guess I had better give some kind of update huh? I was very sick for a while. I caught pnuemonia, strep throat and also thrush. Talk about a painful mouth, yikes. I wasn't able to eat anything spicey. Soups, icecream is all I could manage. I have to go back and have another chest xray to make sure the pnuemonia is gone, if not it's into the hospital I go for a while to clear out my lungs.
We have started the process in getting my Gastro Intestinal Bypass. My insurance company is covering all but 300.00 of it. I've already paid 100.00 of that. I met with who will be my surgeon, Dr. Trang. He explained the procedure to me, and said it is a risky surgery. The tiniest leak could kill me. Two weeks before the surgery I will be put on a no sugar, no fat high protein diet. After the surgery I will be on a liquid diet for 2 weeks. Then it will be creamed soups, jello, pudding and liquids for another 2 weeks. On the 5th week I can start introducing one solid a day into my system again, like scrambled egg, or mac and cheese or mashed potatoes. My hospital stay will be 2 to 3 days if all goes well. So, I have weighed in the good with having the surgery and I have weighed in the bad. Am I willing to go through with it all? Yes, I am. By getting this bypass not only will I lose alot of weight, but my diabetes could go away and so could my high blood pressure. And I'll be able to breathe better not carrying around all this extra weight. 200 pounds of extra weight. So, I met with the surgeon, now we're working on getting my tests in order, and ordering more tests. I also have to meet with a nutritionists, and a psychologist, and a physical therapist. Those are what the 300.00 is for. I am excited about all of this. To lose all this weight and be more energetic and run and play with the kids will be great. A week after the surgeon who removed the lump from my breast released me, I had to go back to see her. My breast got really red and tender and it worried me. She did an ultrasound and seen a large pocket of fluid build up. So she numbed it up and took a huge needle and sucked out the fluid. Ahhhh, it feels so much better now.
Today is a quiet restful day. I have a big pot of sauce cooking on the stove. Soon I will be adding sausage and meatballs to it, and letting it cook some more. We'll have garlic bread to go along with dinner. Is dinner ready yet? I'm starving, lol.
Well, guess that's about it for now. I have alot to share in pictures, which I have to download yet. So take care and hope all is well with everyone.