Thursday, February 16, 2012

My week thus far

Here I am again. Another entry. It is 9:45pm thursday. Rebecca has gone to bed for the night. Jim is up in his man cave/computer room on his computer. He's scanning Rebecca's Honor roll certificate we received today. It was report card day and our child did fabulous this marking period. Eight A's and three B's. Plus the certificate for Meritorius Honors. Very proud parents we are. My daughter Emma took me out to brunch this week and to do some shopping. We went to a place called the Dining Car to eat, in which I had a very tasty western omelet. Then to KMart where she bought me an outfit, 2 pillows for my couch's and a new bathroom ensemble for the bathroom, along with shower liner and shower curtain. She said we're gonna go out next week also. It was so nice being out with her to chat. We haven't done that in ages. Sybil  you asked about Marissa. She still has the heart condition. They want to wait until she's older if possible to do the surgery she needs. Apparently it's risky when the person is a child. But so far things have been well for her. My sil Dan is doing ok. I am so glad he went for a third oppinion on his cancer treatments. He's been getting 2 massive doses of radiation a week, and still has some to get. But the radiation treatments are shrinking the 3 tumors. If they can get them small enough, they go down his throat while he is under and suck out the tumors, with no major surgery. Dan's brother Don is in poor shape with his tumors. He has huge tumors on 95% of his body. It is at the point now where his breathing is seriously effected. He refused to see a doctor for treatment. He says it's God's will. I feel bad for their Mom. She is 80yrs old and ost a son already that hung himself because he thought he could be with his wife who had terminal cancer and was dieing. To lose another son will hurt her. Her health is not good at all.
I had a wonderful Valentines Day. My daughter Emma gave me 7 beautiful sccented candles from IKEA. They make my house smell so good. My husband Jim and daughter Rebecca gave me a huge box of Whitman's Chocolate's, a small nick nack and 3 cards. I felt so loved.
Well, that's about it for now. I will post again soon and with pictures too. Take care my friends and God Bless.