Friday, June 19, 2009

Long time coming

I know, it's been a while hasn't it. Things have just been so crazy around here. There's been a few times I almost lost it, literally. The stress level is so thick sometimes you can cut it with a knife. I actually would get up and leave and not return until it was time to go pick the girls up from school. Things seem to just get worse anymore. Like tomorrow for example. My granddaughter Marissa is leaving for Lee Massachusettes. She's going to spend a week with her biological father. All of a sudden he wants to be a part of this childs life? Dan is hurt, very hurt because Marissa won't be here for Father's Day. To him Marissa is his daughter, she has been for almost her whole 7yrs. Rebecca is so upset Marissa is going away, she let her sleep in her bed with her, and that never happens. Tomorrow this is going to be a houseful of tension and tears, I just know it. And it's going to be a very long week for sure.
Well, the girls are finished with the school year. They both passed to the second grade. Rebecca is on the honor roll again. That's my girl. All A's she got. Marissa got A's and B's. We're very proud of them. Rebecca is reading at a 3rd grade level and doing math, science, social studies at 2nd grade level. Marissa is where she should be in between 1st and 2nd grade levels.
Daniel and Adrianna are doing well. Daniel is almost potty trained thank goodness. Adrianna runs now instead of walking lol. If they put her down for a nap and she doesn't want to take one she yells......mommom. Like I'm gonna save her from taking her nap lol. And as for Daniel he is ready for preschool. He can spell and write his name. He can spell his colors. He counts to 10 in english and 6 in spanish. And he has 3 books that he can actually read word for word. He knows the names of all the shapes. His teacher is going to love him.
Dan's back pain hasn't gotten any better. H'e seeing a pain specialists now who is going to start giving him injections in his spinal cord. If they don't work, it'll be surgery again. So we're hoping and praying all goes well with the injections.
Speaking of surgery, I have made a decision. I decided not to go ahead with the gastro intestinal bypass surgery. I know it's something I need but I can't go through with it. Most of you remember me writing about my niece Sandy who I dreamed died having her baby and 12 days after giving birth she did die, then my father who i dreamed was shot and killed a week later was found floating in creek. Well, I had a dream I was at a funeral and when I walked up to the coffin, it was me laying in it. Well, with my dreams and them coming true, that scared the beejeezers out of me. I can't go through with it, that's what my gut instinct is telling me, don't do it. So, I am going to ask my doctor on my next visit if there is something else we can do besides surgery.
I went out today and bought tons of fresh veggies and fruits, tuna, turkey, water and tomorrow I am going to start a diet...........again. Since school is out now I can get excercise by walking the kids to the park. My sister Lucy said to turn music on and dance. Good idea sis, me and the girls can do that downstairs in my room during the day when the 2 lil ones are asleep.
I haven't been to anyone's blog in a while. I'm sorry about that. I will try soon though to get to each of you. I guess I will go now. I'm too tired to think, lol. I hope your all doing well and you have a wonderful summer.