Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Home

When I left here sunday to take my daughter out, I had the intention of coming back home afterwards. Things changed once the upstairs neighbor had Emma go upset and watch a surveilance video of the house they share. The video showed 4 black men trying to open the front door, and when it didn't work they went around the house to where Emma's bedroom window is and tried to open her window. Thank goodness she had it locked. Emma came down and told me, and I was too scared to leave her alone. I called Jim told him what was going on. Emma came here picked up Rebecca, clothes, blanket and I stayed at Emma's for 2 night's. I was up all night, lights out and watching out the window's. My nephew Eddie and I made sure every door and window were securely locked. He stayed up til 4am with me, but I stayed up longer. We kept the front and back porch light's on, and the only other light came from the television. I had 1 hour sleep the first night and 3 hours the next night. So I guess I don't have to tell you how tired I am. Instead of me taking Emma out, we waited until monday. I stayed home with the kids and let Emma take my van and go shopping and get her tan. I thought maybe some "alone me time" by herself would make her happy. And it did. She staed out for a few hours, with no kids, driving listening to music and tanning and shopping and she was so happy when she got back. She bought a beautiful bagless HEMA vacuum made by Bissell. Now I want one, lol.

I had sent Angie a text letting her know what was going on. She checks up on me when I am missing from jland, lol. If she don't hear from me today she'll be writing in her journal about it.

Also I wanted to let you know Dan was released at 4pm today. He is home with his family and they are very happy. I will take pics soon to share with you all. I'd better go now. Rebecca is done taking her bath and I have to get her pj's out. It's time for her to go nighty night. I won't be long out of bed myself tonight. I am drained. Take care all and have a wonderful evening.

Love to all.........................Cindy

Sunday, January 27, 2008






LOVE TO ALL.........................CINDY

Prayers Needed

My friend Carol in Florida has a friend named Judy. Judy's son had surgery for a blood clot in his brain which has now left him in a coma. Judy says all they can do is wait but it doesn't look good. They may have to let him go. Carol is asking for prayers for Judy and her son Louis Cimino who is only 44 years old, and also for his wife Jamie.

Love to all.......Cindy


I am really worried about my daughter Emma. This poor girl has been through so much the past few weeks. Today she finally broke down in tears, then she got me crying. Emma is 28 years old, married and has 3 wonderful children. For those of you who read this journal already know, Dan took a bad fall at work and was seriously hurt. He himself cried to me today, saying how worried he is about Emma and the kids, and how he feels so useless to them. I told him to just concentrate on getting better, because when he is home everyone is happy. I promised him I would spend more time at the house with Emma and the kids while he is away getting better. But Emma is drained. Emotionally and physically drained. I am worried she is heading for a nervous breakdown. She has 3 kids to worry about, a house to run, Dan in the hospital, and the other day she had to throw Dan's brother Bill out. He has been living with them for over a year and doesn't work. He babysits, does dishes and cooks, but then he went and stole money from Emma that the other brothers put in an envelope and told Bill to give it to Emma. Instead he went to a bar where they have a slot machine and fed that slot machine and then tried to blame it on my nephew Eddie. Well my nephew and Emma are just not cousins, they are best friends and Eddie would do anything in the world for Emma. Eddie is staying with Emma now, he works, pays Emma rent, washes the dishes and cooks dinner. He's a good cook. He even babysits. He has 2 kids of his own, so he knows how to take care of lil ones. He will be 28 in October. Emma and Eddie are exactly 10 month's apart. I am glad he is there. I was worried about Emma being alone at night's with just the kids there. Eddie told me no one will hurt Emma or those babies while he is there. But as for Emma crying like that. That scared me. I have never heard her cry like that since she lost her son Michael to stillborn in 1998. Tonight I am going to take her out shopping for a new vacuum, and tomorrow take her to Hollywood Tan where she has a membership so she can get a tan which she hasn't done in a while. I am going to take the day off from school tomorrow and spend the day with her just talking. I don't know what else I can do. Any idea's. I know she needs adult conversation. Being around lil kids all day can get to you eventually. As her Mom I am at a loss. I don't know what else I can do for her to bring her some happiness that she needsright now. I owe her my life. If it weren't for her caring for me and pushing me I'd of given up the chemo treatments. Yes, I admit it. Halfway into the treatments I was so sick and just wanted to give up but she got on me about it and made me finish. And for that I am so greatful to her. She's not just my daughter, she is my bestfriend. I love her with my whole heart.

I guess I ranted on enough. It is after 1pm and I am still in my pajamas. I need to get dressed, fix lunch for Rebecca and Marissa and wait for Emma to call me when she's ready to go shopping. Please say a little prayer for her.

Note: I spoke with Dan earlier. He is doing great, walking all over and feeling alot better. He says maybe by the end of this coming week he will be ready to come home and start physical therapy.

Love to all.........CINDY


Thursday, January 24, 2008


I'm sorry I haven't updated sooner. Yesterday I felt well enough and I ripped my livingroom apart and gave it a good cleaning. I always feel so much better waking up to a clean livingroom. I can sit and relax and have my coffee and read my emails.

Ok, so about Dan. The surgery went well. It was a 5 1/2 hour surgery, and the doctor feels Dan will make a 95% recovery. He says when it comes to spinal surgery there is never a 100% recovery. But after 24 hours, they got Dan up out of bed and he took 4 steps, yessssssss. He's in alot of pain when he stands, but that is to be expected after all he has been through. My daughter Emma has been at the hospital all day each day since his surgery. She said he is in good spirits and looks great. Yesterday he was fitted for a back brace which he will have to wear for the next 2 month's. Emma and Dan have asked me to tell you all, Thank you so very much for all your cards and prayers. Everyday a card or two came in the mail for Dan and each one made him smile. He told me I have some really awesome friends. I agree'd with him totally. You all are so special and hold a part of my heart. So from Emma and Dan and from me, We thank you so very much. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it is just awesome how a community such as Jland, pulls together and sends so much love out to people they have never met and most likely won't ever meet. I know with me, even though I never met you (except for Jeanne who is an awesome, beautiful lady) I feel as though you guys are part of my family. I go to bed at night saying a prayer for all of you and your children, husbands, moms and dads, and I wake each morning wondering how you all are and if your well. Like this morning. The first email I read was an alert from Pam. How a lil boy 9yrs old got to fight Dark Vador, and he was so happy. I smiled and it really warmed my heart reading how happy he was and his mother and he told Pam, May the force be with her. That was just so heart warming. Pam, you rock girlfriend. Your a great lady, a wonderful mother and an awesome nurse, and most of all a great friend. Love ya girlfriend.

Well, I had better finish getting ready and get Rebecca to school. Yesterday the teacher said it was a bad day. At least a dozen kids were out of control, and she said please come tomorrow I need you. So, I will be there today and help her. 27 kids is alot for 1 person, and there's a good 12 of them who are the most unruley, back sassing kids you would never want to meet. They don't get away with it when I'm there. My loud deep voice scares them, lol. And I can get loud, believe me, lol.

Take care all, and have a wonderful day. Chrissie we're suppose to get snow today around noon and until late evening. I wish I could send it to you so Kyan can play in it. Rebecca is all excited about it, not me. YUCK, I hate snow. And thank you to Angie and LisaJo for your call and emails asking me if I was ok. I swear this summer I am coming to Ohio to meet you both and when I do you guys are getting the biggest hug ever. GOTA GO.

LOVE YOU ALL....................CINDY


Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm still here.

 A big thank you to Sugar for this lovely tag.

Earlier today I made a huge entry, and when finished I clicked the save button and BAMMMMMMMMMMM, fricken AOHELL ate it. I was so mad, I shut the computer off and left the room and I just now returned to this computer. If it eats it again, I swear I'm taking an ax to this damn machine.

I am sorry I haven't been around lately. My life has just been so screwed up lately, I hadn't the energy to even write one sentence. I was feeling like I was in a bottomless pit and just kept falling and falling. I know it was due to that coughing and gagging thing I had. It lasted 3 weeks. Pure hell it was. I coughed and gagged so much I made myself puke on numerous occassions. And there was the deep coughing that caused urine to shoot right out of you. I had to go buy kotex pads to wear due to that, and I don't even need those things anymore. My lungs felt as though they were filled with cement and I couldn't breathe in deep without coughing and choking on whatever it was I was spitting out, gross I know, sorry. Between not eatting, puking, pissing myself, choking and gagging, the coughing, migrain headaches and the days and days and days of not getting any sleep, I was ready for the looney bin. Night after night I slept sitting up in the rocking chair with feet on computer chair and covered just to get a couple hours sleep. I could not lay in my bed and sleep because I coughed all night. Total misery. Jim went to Emma and asked her if there was something wrong between us or if I was mad at him because I haven't slept in our bed for so long. The past few nights I have slept on the couch instead of the rocking chair. Tonight I will try for the first time in weeks to sleep in my bed again. I really hope I can. On top of all of that, I have been dealing with an abcessed tooth for a long while now. Well, with lots of listerine and constant wiggling of the tooth, I got that sucker so loose tonight, I grabbed it with 2 fingers and pulled it right out, root and all. And let me tell you it feels so much better. I showed it to Jim. He just shook his head and said, Your just like your Dad. I guess I am, he pulled alot of his own teeth out also. So far I've only pulled 2 of my own.

Rebecca woke up this morning with a baby tooth hanging, so I pulled it for her and she made a quick dash to the bathroom to rinse her mouth, lol. It is such a tiny little tooth. It is all wrapped in a napkin under her pillow waiting for the toothfairy. She is hoping the toothfairy leaves her presents, lol. Well, yes she is. I had Jim go to the dollar store today while he was out working and he picked her up a couple things. Bead kit for her hair and a Blingy necklace that says Drama Queen. I call her that all the time, lol. She also hopes she gets quarters, not dollars, she wants quarters, lol. So we'll add a few of those under her pillow also. Then I'll take that little tooth, remove it from the tissues and add it to the tiny treasure chest I keep in the medicine cabinet with every tooth she has lost and had pulled.

I kept my granddaughter for 3 days. She is so behind in schooling. Well, we  really crammed in studies of all subjects in these 3 days and she did great. I made her a book, and within just 30 minutes she could read it. I was so proud, I praised her and told her she was so smart and I was so proud of her. Then she wanted to call her mommy and read it to her, and she did. Emma was like Oh my Gosh Mom, how did you do that? I told her sound out the letters and put the sounds together real fast. And it worked. The smile on her face after she read that book was priceless. She read it to her Poppop also. He was so proud of her. She got a big hug and kiss from Poppop, which brought another smile to her face.

Tomorrow at 7:am Dan goes in for spinal surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. He's scared and he is worried, but he knows it is something he has to have done. Everyday since he fell has been awful for him. He's in so much pain, sometimes he can barely move. He's been depressed and crying because he feels helpless and Emma does everything for him. He keeps telling her he is sorry and asking her not to leave him. He is afraid she's gonna get fed up and leave. I told him there's no chance of that. That girl loves him more then life and will stick by him no matter what.

Rebecca and I are staying home from school tomorrow, just in case we're needed over at Emma's. Uncle Bill will have Adrianna and Daniel. Emma is taking Marissa with her to the hospital with Dan. Marissa told her mommy and daddy she has to go. Cause if daddy knows she is there, he will wake up and be all better again. With hearing that, they could not refuse her. She is Daddy's girl. She has been so cute helping Emma care for Dan. She'll put his plate in the sink, get him bottled water, or a pillow. She will tell him, no no no daddy, you sit down, I will do it. You need to rest. She's like a little mother hen.

Anyways, I want to thank everyone who has called and left messages, emailed me and sent ecards asking if I was ok. That made me feel so great knowing people cared. I'm feeling better. That bottomless pit finally got a bottom and I am climbing my way back out of it. I'm not breaking down and crying anymore at the drop of a dime. For a while I thought I was having a nervous breakdown or something. But I am a fighter and I am fighting my way back. It's going slow, but I am doing it. Hopefully soon I will be my old self again. I've been taking lots of vitamin C, Women's vitamins and a stresstab everyday. I'm drinking lots of water and herbal tea's. Tonight before bed, I will take a dose of Robitussin and 2 Tylenol Pm's and hope for a good nights sleep.

I have 300 alerts. I know I will never get to all of them, but I will try to get to most of them. For those of you on the east coast, keep warm, and for those on the west coast, send us some warm weather please, lol. I woke up at 6am this morning and it was 12 degree's outside. That's just too darn cold for me.

Guess I better go so aohell doesn't eat this entry.

Love you all..............CINDY

Monday, January 14, 2008

Been trying 2 days now to make an entry and aohell won every time. This won't be a long entry. I am too tired. Pictures above are ones taken last week. Last week was an awful week. I slept sitting up for the entire week. If I layed down I felt as though I was choking and couldn't breathe. The coughing has slowed down alot and with the help of 5 pillows I am once again able to sleep in my bed again. For a while I thought I was either losing my mind or having a nervous breakdown and was ready to commit myself to a hospital to find out what's wrong. It felt good sleeping 5 hours instead of 1 or 2.

Dan's surgery is happening January 24th. I think he is having it done in Atlantic City. There are 2 disks which need to be fixed.

I am sorry this is a short entry. I am tired and if I don't go to bed soon I will fall asleep here in this computer chair. I'll get a longer entry made soon. I hope everyone is well.

Love ya.............Cindy

Monday, January 7, 2008

A few things

Today my first born child turned 28 years old. It's so hard to believe 28 years ago I gave birth to this child who has grown into a beautiful loving caring woman. Emma Jean came into the world at 4:40pm weighing 8lbs 3oz and 21 1/2 inches long. Dark eyes, olive skin, and a head of black hair. She was so loved by us. And such a good baby too. I was 18 and Jim was 24 when she was born. 37 hours of labor and 36 stitches and this child was brought into the world, with a lil help from a pair of Forceps. Yep she was breache. Why I decided to have a natural birth instead of lots of pain medication I have no idea, lol. But anyways......Happy Birthday my child. I love you, you are mommy's right arm, my rock. And I am so very blessed to have you as my first born. Rebecca has planned her sister's birthday party. We are to go over Emma's thursday night, order pizza then have cake and icecream. Oh and there has to be candles on the cake, and party hats and balloons, lol.

Rebecca's teacher came back today, woooohooooo. The kids were so happy to see her. I let her know what had gone on last week. She was shocked, and said changes need to be made now. Sounds good to me.

Dan's home health nurse came to the house today to see him. He is going for another visit to the doctor who is going to be doing the surgery on his back wednesday, and she said in about 3 to 4 days afterwards he'll probably have the surgery. Dan finally got a nice check from workman's comp today which is wonderful. Now they can keep the bills caught up.

Well, I am going to try and get some sleep. I hope everyone had a great day and has an even better tomorrow.

Love to all........CINDY

Sunday, January 6, 2008

A Me Me

I got this from Dawn, who got it from Russ, and thought I'd play along for once. I usually don't do meme's but this one is cool. So play along if you want to.



1. Where is your cell phone? desk

2. Boyfriend/girlfriend?

3. Your hair? black

4. Your mother? deceased

5. Your father? deceased

6. Your favorite thing? beach

7. Your dream last night? none

8. Your favorite drink? coffee

9. Your dream car? lexus

10. The room you're in? livingroom

11. Your ex?  none

12. Your fear? snakes

13. Your favorite number? 1979

14. Where were you last night? home

15. What you're not doing right now? sleeping

16. Muffins? applesauce

17.?  duh


19. The last thing you did? potty, lol

20. What are you wearing?

21. Your TV? news

22.Your pet or pets? none

23. Your computer? friend

24.Your Life? kids

25.Your Mood? frustrated

26. Missing someone? parents

27. (not included so I added...) On your feet? Slippers

28. Your car? van

29. Your work? mom

30. (also not here, so...) Favorite flower? lilac

31. Like someone? many

32. Your favorite color? purple

33. When is the last time you laughed? yesterday?

That was fun!  I hope some of you play along!

Past few days

flickering candles

Well, the past few days have not been good days for me. I can't sleep at nights. I go to bed so tired and I am up 2 hours later. I cough and cough, sometimes it is so bad I get sick. That has happened 4 times this past weekend. This cold/virus or whatever it is, is kicking my butt good. I lay down in bed, I wake up to coughing. I get up come in livingroom or go in kitchen and sit in either rocking chair or at kitchen table and in 5 minutes I am asleep. Am I one of those people who has to sit up all night in a chair just to sleep more then 2 hours? Is this normal? It is literally driving me crazy. I don't know whether I am coming or going half the time. I am getting the days of the week messed up. I actually woke Rebecca up for school this morning, and told Jim get up or he's going to be late for work. He says, Ummmm hun it's sunday. Oops. Maybe it's Altzheimer's or I am just losing my mind. The past couple days I have not used sugar, drank soda or any beverage with caffeine in it to see if that was the problem. Nope still can't sleep. Last night at midnight what was I doing? Cleaning my livingroom is what. Yesterday I was exhausted. It was 2pm, I told Jim I was going to go lay down and take a nap. I layed there until 3 and got up. I didn't nap. I am going to give it a couple more days, and if I can't sleep then I am going to see my doctor. It scares me to even get behind the wheel of my van. I know if I fall asleep I am screwed. I have a ton of housework to do and not an ounce of energy to do it. I started today. I got my dresser cleaned off, went through all my clothes. I am happy to say I was able to box up my 3x and 4x things because they no longer fit me. They were falling off, literally. I like my clothes baggy, but not that baggy.

It's back to school tomorrow for Rebecca. I hope her real teacher is back tomorrow. After what happened last week these kids need to get back to a normal routine. If I don't see her teacher I'm leaving the school yard with my child.

Dan finally seen a doctor for his back on friday. It seems the 5th disk in his lower back is out of place. Torn actually and he has to have it fused back on. He told the doctor to schedule the surgery as soon as possible. He recommends Dan put off the physical therapy until after the surgery. He gave Dan a prescription for Vicodin for pain. His body got to use to the percosets and they weren't working anymore. I just hope and pray that after the back surgery Dan makes a full recovery.

My niece Donna sent me cute pics of her son and her new baby daughter. My scanner is being a pain, so I have to get Jim to run the hardware again so I can scan pics. He still hasn't figured out how to get this web cam working. It just won't work in the journal chatroom. Grrrr.

Well, it is going on 11:30pm. I think I am going to read a couple of my alerts then try to get some sleep. Wish me luck that tonight I can sleep longer than 2 hours. I hope everyone had a great weekend. We're suppose to be getting a warm up this week. I sure hope so. I'd love to open a window or two for a few hours.

Nighty Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Yeaaa it's friday.

After what went on at Rebecca's school yesterday, my gut told me to leave her home today and that's exactly what I did. I get to her school yesterday and there's a crowd of high school students beating on the doors. Rebecca's teacher was lining up the students to come out the door. He opened the door a little and asked the group of high schoolers to wait outside the school yard behind the gate. Well one of the high schoolers charged at the teacher and started pushing him and hitting him. The little ones got scared and ran back into the class crying. The teacher was able to get away and get back into the class andd he closed the door and held onto it and got the phone and called 911. Meanwhile another student called got the door open a few inches reached in and tried to pull the phone cord out of the receiver. The teacher pulled the door close on his arm and he let go. They threatened to beat the teacher up, threatened to kill him, and the one who pulled the phone cord threatened to come back with a glock (gun) and start shooting. When one of the security people of the school came by, I quickly got my child and ran outside and got her into the van and away from the school. My poor child was shaking, crying, and asking why those kids were beating up the teacher. The teacher is a substitute, and is male and about 64 years old. These 2 high school kids were over 6ft tall. My heart was breaking seeing those lil ones inside the door crying and scared. I wanted to grab all of them and run, but my first thought was to get my baby out of there and home safe. I told Jim last night what had happened and he agree'd with me. It was best to keep Rebecca home today. Monday Ms. FitzPatrick comes back to the class. She is in Hawaii for a vacation with her family. I will inform her what went on. I think it will be best now to keep the door locked and have the parents pick up the kids outside after the bell rings. If they want to pick up the child early then they should do so through the office, and have a note.

Jim says as soon as our tax return is filed and into our account at the bank, to look for an apartment at an apartment complex. Now we just don't care about having a yard. I'll take her to a playground or over to Emma's to play outside. We're waiting on the w-2 from unemployment, then Jim can do our taxes. That money cannot come soon enough for me.

On another note, Guess who called Jim again asking him to come back? Yep Diamond. Jim said they must be desparate for help. They asked if the boss could call him tonight after work. Jim said sure, whatever. I told Jim if they want you back, tell them 25.00 an hour, you want to work 2 saturdays a month so you get OT and you want immediate medical coverage for all of us. You want a company van to bring home, because I need our van to take Rebecca back and forth to school. And he wants all this in writing and signed by the head of the company, shop manager, and foreman. I doubt they'll hire him back under those conditions, but if they don't it's ok. Jim has a good job now.

Well, that is it for now. I have some housework to do, and 200 alerts to read. I am getting to them, I've read about 12 already this morning. So if I haven't commented please know I will be soon.

Have a great day everyone................

Love to you all................Cindy

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lazy Lung/Broken Ribs

Dan had chest xrays, and the doctor looked over all his scans and xrays from other hospital. He says there is a slight fluid build up, but it looks as though it is working itself out. What is causing all Dan's problems right now is the fact that he is not moving enough. He wants him up and walking 10 an hour, not 10 minutes every couple of hours. He does not want Dan sitting in an upright position. He has to lay down when he is not up walking. He said Dan has a lazy lung causing his breathing problem. The lazy lung is due to Dan's ribs hurt so much, he is not taking deep enough breath's of air. Dan is to use a portable breathing machine, 10 breathes an hour to strengthen his lungs. The swelling in his throat is because he is taking too many percosets. 2 every couple of hours. Doctor said NO. Take 2 every 6 to 8 hours. That Dan wouldn't be in so much pain if he were laying down and not sitting up. He needs rest, not sitting up and watching tv. So, we will see how this doctor's order's are in Dan's healing process. The physical therapist was suppose to come last week and still hasn't showed up. Tomorrow I will contact them. Emma is too nice on the phone, lol. SO now she gets a call from mother in law. If she cannot handle this job, I want the name and number of her supervisor so I can get him another therapist who can handle it. That's about it so far. Thank you for your prayers. I know they work, because they sent Dan home. You guys are the best!!!!

Love to all..........Cindy


My daughter called me this morning while I was taking Rebecca to school. She wanted me to come over and look at Dan. I got Rebecca in the class and headed to Emma's. When I got there I found Dan very weak, slightly disoriented, very pale, burning up with a fever, stomach 3 times it's normal size and his feet so swollen he could barely walk. He was having problems breathing. I checked his mouth, his tongue was swollen and the Uvulla was also twice it's normal size. I took his temperature, 101.5, and his pulse was 48. He couldn't even talk to where you could understand him. I wanted to call an ambulance but Marissa started crying. So Dan's brother Bill helped get Dan ready and got him out to there car. Emma took all Dan's meds, scan's xrays along with her and drove to the hospital. She ran in the emergency doors yelled I need a gurney or a wheelchair and one was brought out immediately. She quickly explained what was happening, handed the nurse his scans and all and went and parked her car. They took Dan in immediately and put him on oxygen, he was having a hard time breathing. Last I heard they were sending him into the xray room to have pictures taken of his lungs. They want to make sure his lungs are clear and not full of fluid. There also worried that it may be nuemonia. This is all I know so far. I will keep you posted when I hear anything more. Please say an extra prayer for Dan. He looked awful.

Love ya,


Good Bye 2007

  Well, here it is the second day of January in the year 2008. It is 3:51am and my sorry butt is sitting here at the computer instead of sleeping. My sleeping pattern is awful. I am up and down all night because I can't sleep straight through anymore, and during the day if I close my eyes for more then 10 seconds I am asleep, no matter where I am. Before I go on, I want to wish my niece Donna (pic above) a very Happy Birthday. Donna turned 25years old yesterday, on New Year's Day. Happy Birthday kiddo, Aunt Cindy loves ya lots.

Yesterday was a very nice day. I cooked a nice meal for New Year's. It was Jim, Rebecca and I, Uncle Joe and my nephew Eddie. I made soup, salad, Lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. I have a quart of the soup left that I am taking to Emma's today for Dan. I know he will love that. The soup I made is the one Jim had at the company christmas party. He said mine tasted just like it, and wanted to know how I always do that, lol. I have always been like that. I can taste something and know exactly what is in the recipe. I made 2 quarts of it.

4 can's tomato soup     4 soup cans of whole milk

dash black pepper       8 mushrooms sliced

1/2 of a roasted red pepper cut into 1 inch chunks

Mix the soup and milk together and bring just to a boil. Add black pepper, mushrooms and roasted red pepper chunks, mix. Cover with lid, reduce heat to med-low and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Then serve. It is delicious.

A bowl of this soup, a small salad and a piece of garlic bread or a few seasoned croutons and you have a full meal. Quick and easy.

Well I rang in the new year alone. Jim was asleep on the couch and Rebecca was in bed. I watched all the fireworks displayed on television. And I must say the display across the pond near Big Ben was the best. It was absolutely beautiful.

I am still trying to get rid of this dreaded cough. Rebecca is also. It's like the sucker won't go away. My ribs ache from all the coughing. It's so annoying. I am so looking forward to spring and warmer weather. I am not and never will be a winter person, lol.

My SIL Dan is coming along somewhat better. He has a problem with his legs and feet swelling. I told him it is because he is sitting on the couch and he doesn't have his feet elevated. He is walking alot more, but still has to use the walker. He's still in alot of pain with his back. I hope one of these doctor's he see's can figure out what is wrong with him and fix it. Emma is totally exhausted. Taking care of 3 kids, Dan and her home is alot on her. I try to help as much as I can, but it's hard on me because my health isn't that great either. I'll go over there today and keep Daniel and Adrianna occupied so she can at least do a few things she needs to get done.

Dan's brother Bill put a rail on the wall going down the basement steps, so Dan has something to hold onto when he goes downstairs to use the bathroom or take a shower. Dan gets up and down the steps alot easier now.

Well it's going on 5am now. I have to get up in an hour. I think I'll just go sit on the couch and rest my eyes a bit, then make a pot of coffee and try to wake up. It's gonna be a long day, that's for sure.

Happy New Year everyone. I wish only the best life has to offer you.

Love ya always,