Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm Home

When I left here sunday to take my daughter out, I had the intention of coming back home afterwards. Things changed once the upstairs neighbor had Emma go upset and watch a surveilance video of the house they share. The video showed 4 black men trying to open the front door, and when it didn't work they went around the house to where Emma's bedroom window is and tried to open her window. Thank goodness she had it locked. Emma came down and told me, and I was too scared to leave her alone. I called Jim told him what was going on. Emma came here picked up Rebecca, clothes, blanket and I stayed at Emma's for 2 night's. I was up all night, lights out and watching out the window's. My nephew Eddie and I made sure every door and window were securely locked. He stayed up til 4am with me, but I stayed up longer. We kept the front and back porch light's on, and the only other light came from the television. I had 1 hour sleep the first night and 3 hours the next night. So I guess I don't have to tell you how tired I am. Instead of me taking Emma out, we waited until monday. I stayed home with the kids and let Emma take my van and go shopping and get her tan. I thought maybe some "alone me time" by herself would make her happy. And it did. She staed out for a few hours, with no kids, driving listening to music and tanning and shopping and she was so happy when she got back. She bought a beautiful bagless HEMA vacuum made by Bissell. Now I want one, lol.

I had sent Angie a text letting her know what was going on. She checks up on me when I am missing from jland, lol. If she don't hear from me today she'll be writing in her journal about it.

Also I wanted to let you know Dan was released at 4pm today. He is home with his family and they are very happy. I will take pics soon to share with you all. I'd better go now. Rebecca is done taking her bath and I have to get her pj's out. It's time for her to go nighty night. I won't be long out of bed myself tonight. I am drained. Take care all and have a wonderful evening.

Love to all.........................Cindy


  1. lord almighty girlfriend....you and emma and the kids need to be very careful

  2. Awwwwww poor Emma, I would be scared out of my mind too, Will keep her in my prayers, Love You Lisa XO

  3. I'm sooooo glad you ALL are ok.......You  go and rest now. SOOOO Happy that Jim is back home too!!!!

    God Bless you all!



  4. I'm so glad everyone is OK.  That story is SO SCARY!!!  Can you notify the police and have them keep an eye on the house!?  

    I'm glad Emma got some free time.  You are such an awesome mom!!  And I am THRILLED that Dan is home.  I bet that's a huge relief to Emma too!!

    Now....GET SOME REST!!! (lol)


  5. Poor Emma doesn't need to go through anything else.  So glad she has a Mom like you.  And glad you're back safely too.  I'd be so worried if I was her.  Hopefully the police will patrol the area a little more and maybe the video can be turned over to them as they may know these people already. I am SO GLAD none of you were home when that happened.


  6. can she show the cops the video? glad she had you:) so glad dan is home:) have a good hump day


  7. That really would be scary, I am glad you were able to stay with her and nothing else happened.
    I glad she was able to get some alone time and came home feeling much better.
    Yeah Dan is home, that is great news.

  8. so glad emma got some alone time
    but how scary about the attempted break in. glad someone caught it on a camera!
    and im so glad you went to stay with her just in case!

  9. I hope you guys let the police know so that they will patrol more often! How scary! I'm glad nothing bad happened.
    Happy that Emma enjoyed her day out. She deserved that and she's lucky to have you for a Mom to help her out.
    So Ang texts you? I seem to recall asking for your number twice with no reply...Hmmmm.....
    Love you...
    Pam xoxox

  10. Oh Cindy, what a wonderful Mother you truly are. God Bless you.  I hope that as I write this you are having a sound sleep and will wake in the morning much refresged and like a new woman !!  Take care dear friend,   Love Sybil xx

  11. Oh my word.!!! Thank goodnes they didn't get in.!!!
    So glad Emma had a good day by herself.  Must have done her good.
    Good news about Dan being back home.
    Hope you manage to catch up on some sleep.
    Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Hugs to you all

  12. i hope you have had a good nights sleep by now.....did anyone call the police about those prowlers?! That would scare me to pieces!!! I'm so glad Dan is home now!
    LOVE, lisa

  13. That's pretty scary. I hope you talked to the police. Maybe they can do something.
    I'm glad Dan is home.

  14. scary stuff..
    Glad Emma got some alone time
    You are such an incredible Mother...

  15. I'm glad Emma had some good alone time.  She needed it.  How scary to know that some men were trying to break into her apt.  Have a good Wed.

  16. I hope you called the police Cindy.  This is a horrible thing to happen and something should be done.  You should be able to feel safe in your own home.  I miss you not dropping by anymore.


  17. Glad to hear Dan is home and that Emma had some good alone time.  That is so scary about someone trying to get into her home.  Did you call the police and have them come see the video?  Enjoy your sleep sounds like you need it.

  18. I would have the police watch the video. Were there any other break-in's in the neighborhood. The cops might be able to use the evidence to help catch these thugs. I don't blame Emma for being afraid of being home alone after that....Glad to hear Dan is being released! (Hugs) Indigo

  19. Oh my goodness Cindy.  That sounds scary.  Thanks for being such a great mom and grandma though. : )  Love, Shelly

  20. Cindy I would make sure the police get to see that video ~ how frightening that must have been watching someone trying to break in to your property ~ Glad Dan is home ~ Ally x

  21. He will heal much faster now that he's home. Hospital's are so depressing, but when you are home surrounded by your loving family it makes you feel a lot better not just physically, but mentally as well.

  22. Got to say this again, you are a such a wonderful mother.  Glad to hear that Dan is out of hospital and I am keeping fingers crossed for your dear Emma and her family that things get better for them.  Hugs, Tells x

  23. I hope the video will be seen by the police, and they are caught.  How scary that was.  So thankful you are on top of things.
    Hope Dan recovers fully, now he is home...home is always good for recovery.  Hugs and love...enjoy the rest of your week...

  24. You got it sis, you go missing I hunt YOU DOWN! PA is never to far away anyways! We watch "TO CATCH A THIEF" on tv, it's really good. But did you know most break ins are during the day?? Because they assume others work.  That is scary, I would be to freaked to sleep :( Poor Emma, she is not starting off with a good 2008 :(
    Hugs sis

  25. Wow I would have been freaking out if I had seen that video. I know Dan will be glad to get home. Home is the best place to be to heal up.

  26. Congratulations on your award from Sugar my friend.


  27. I think the term crapping my pants comes to mind when I would have seen that video.
    Gaz x

  28. Gosh Cindy, I don't know how I missed this alert and it's long past happened now, but holy cow, you folks must have been scared for Emma and the kids.