Friday, June 30, 2006

It's a Squeaky Clean

 Thumbs UpIt took 3 hours to do, but my carpets are clean. What a job it was too. Before they got here I moved and carried so much placing it where it would'nt get broken. Now I hurt all over. But it's a good kind of pain though. It looks almost new again. After they were finished, before I put everything back, I got out the windex, furniture polish and rags and did quite a bit of cleaning. Now my house smells like a giant orange. I use a citrus oil to dust and polish with.

 No Anyways, Emma never called her father today to wish him a happy birthday. He is so hurt, I can tell. He went to bed at 8:30, not having any cake and icecream after dinner. He said maybe later he'll have some. I swear I wanna slap that girl. But I'll stay calm, and not let myself get so upset. She has'nt even called to talk to her little sister, now that's just wrong.

Well, it's nice to see the journals are working again and I'm not getting that dreaded blue page, which I might add was really getting on my nerves. If I could smack AOL I would, lol. Bad AOL bad. On a happier note, Jim is going on a weeks vacation from work the week after the 4th of july weekend. We have so much planned. We're gonna take Rebecca to the beach, crabbing, a picnic in the park, where she can ride her bike that Uncle Joe got her last year for her birthday. Her gear is all ready, helmut, elbow pads, knee pads. Full body pad, lol just kidding. Well, that's about all there is to write about. Gonna get Rebecca dressed for bed, and get her teeth brushed. After 1500.00 in dental work already for her, she is made to brush them alot. Can't afford that again, no way!!!!!! So, have a great evening everyone and an even better weekend. 

Good Morning

 SleepingGood Morning everyone. Late to bed last night and early to rise this morning. Carpet guys are gonna be here at 8:am to clean the carpets. I am not at all ready for them to get here. Rebecca is still asleep. I hope she wakes up before they get here. I hope I wake up before they get here, lol.  

Well, I think maybe our rain is over. I woke up this morning to a clear and sunny sky. Parts of PA have really taken a beating. Homes and business's had to be evacuated and closed. Alot of roads are so flooded people can't even get to their homes to check on the damage done by the flooding. I feel really bad for those who have that cleanup to look forward too. I also seen where parts of NJ was hit with flooding also. To all the victims of this horrible mess, I wish you all good luck and I hope for some dry days to help in the clean up.

Well, today is my husband Jim's 51st birthday. We have nothing special planned. I may bake him a cake, it depends on how I feel later. If it gets too hot I won't dare turn on the oven. I have an upstairs apartment, and let me tell you, I've seen it get up to 92 degrees in here. I have 2 airconditioners running but, I try to keep them on only when it's really needed.

I still have'nt heard from my daughter Emma. I told my husband I will not call her. Children should call their parents! I think she is embarrassed that I found out she's been lieing to me. She knows I do not like it when I am lied too! Of course I love my daughter very much and I do miss her and my grandchildren, but I will not be the one who breaks the ice, sort of speak. After all why should I? I'm not the one who caused all this. Maybe I'm being too stubborn or stupid, but it's how I feel. Am I wrong?

Well, I don't know what has been going on with these journals lately, but I could'nt get into mine or anyone elses for a couple days now. I have'nt been getting any alerts at all. AOL, hell. ya gotta love it, lol. NOT...............Hey AOL can ya fix it or what? Anyways, I hope everyone here in JLand is doing well. And none of you have had to endure any of the bad weather or flooding we've had lately.

Well, I guess I'd better get my rearend in gear, and get organized. Those carpet people will be here soon. I am told I am his last customer. After this he is retiring. He is 67yrs old, I guess it's time for him to retire. His name is Al, and he's a friend of our friend Joe. Joe says Al is in poor health, and where he use to work alone, now he has 2 people helping him. But still, it's hard on him and his legs. So to Al, I wish him a happy retirement.

I guess that's about it folks. Going to get another cup of coffee and a couple toothpicks for the eyes, lol. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A new J-Land friend and more.........

I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome someone very special to me to JLand. Her name is Nancy and she's been a very good friend of mine for over 10 years. She's sweet, kind, loving, and has a great sense of humor. Nancy did me a big favor last year by corresponding to my brother Paul, who did something sooooooooooo stupid and got himself incarcerated. He gets out November, 0f 2007. Thank goodness. Nancy and Paul hit it right off. They have so much in common, and share alot of the same ideas. I wish them both the best of luck in their future together. I don't know how yet to just add her to my entry so you can click on it, but I will just add her journal site so you can visit her journal. I know you will all love her just as I do. Welcome to JLand sis, my home away from home, where everyone is so nice, and caring. I call Nancy sis, well because she and I are alike also in so many ways. Plus she's gonna be my SIL in the near future, and I am so happy about that too.

Ok, on to another thought. My daughter Emma has'nt called me all day. I think she expects me to call her. Hey, I'm the Mom, kids are suppose to call mom, right? But she did send me a text message on my cell phone tonight, it said, I LOVE YOU MOM. The stinker, lol. I do love her dearly, but it hurt that she lied to me. She's never done that before, I don't think. As to my daughter Rebecca, I would love to have even half of this kids energy. My gosh she was hyper today. She's so tiny and petite, but man can she eat. This kid was non stop today with eatting. I guess it's ok that she eats like that, after all she burns it all off as hyper as she is. People have told me I should have her put on something for it. But I don't want her medicated for something she may grow out of eventually. Besides I've seen alot of kids on that drug called Ridlen (spelled that wrong I think) and a few of them had so many side effects from it. One child I know was on it 14 years and ended up with liver problems. So that is out of the question for my baby girl. Well, I'd better go now. Have a great evening all and an even better tomorrow. ((((Hugs))))

Nancy's journal is     desires     

please help her to feel welcomed here in JLand. Love to all.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Kids, grrrrrrrrrrrrr

 Pouty Well, I found out some information today, that I'm really not at all happy about. Actually I cried for over an hour when I found out. I know I've talked some about how Dan was the bad guy in this relationship with my daughter, well my dear cousin Carmen said, girl it takes 2 to tango, and she was right. I tried to put all the blame on Dan for what is happening in their relationship, but I was wrong to do so. Dan was blocking certain numbers who called for Emma and accusing her of having friends who were just too close for comfort. I got mad about that, but you know what? He had suspicions, and so did Emma. She thought he was seeing someone, and he thought she was too. Well, they are both right, I think. Dan has been calling a girl named Gina for a few weeks, and she is from AA where he attends regularly. Dan has been clean and sober for over 4 years and that AA has alot to do with it. But Emma being as young as she is and very impatient with life, and acts before she thinks, as gone out and started seeing a guy named Michael from a job she had last year working at the same place as Dan was. She has been sneaking around seeing him. It's a 25 minute drive to Yardley, Pa where he lives. So all these times she's been late in running errands and saying she is at one place and really at another she's been lieing. Not only lieing to Dan but lieing to me also. I am so disappointed and so hurt. I could care less if she wants to mess around, but geeze, she's got 2 kids at home. They come first, before anything or anyone. And apparently it's been going on for a while. I was'nt gonna say anything to her about it, but after a call I got from my husband Jim today saying that Emma called his work, gave a credit card number to get a guy named Michaels windshield replaced, it made me mad. Cause I know it's her way for her father to find out about him to get me to accept it. Well, guess what? I don't accept it, and I never will. I called her after I had calmed down, told her I knew it all now, and I told her I did not want to meet him, or know anything about him. As far as I'm concerned he is a home wrecker and took my grandchildren's happy home from them, and for that he will never be accepted into my life or my home. She I think was surprised I found out so fast, on my own, well I guess that's part of being a parent, we know when something is going on with one or more of our kids. I've known for a while something was'nt right, but I did'nt want to accept that there was. I guess it's called denial. All, I feel now is betrayal, lied to and very hurt. Just last year she told me she did'nt know what true love was until she met Dan. What happened with those feelings? On a scale today with my stress level being 1 to 10, I think I'm a 11. Sorry to rant on about this, but I had to try to get it off my chest. Disappointment is not a good thing. Especially when it's one of your children who you thought was grown up enough to know better!!

Got no idea

Now I've heard it all!!!!!!!!   A cemetary under the sea?  Don't know about you, but that is'nt for me. No way do I want my body put in the bottom of the sea. That's just crazy to me. I know there may be others in the world who would think it's a great idea, and would cut down the overcrowding in cemetaries we have now, but still, why under the sea?
I'm feeling kind of sad and depressed today. I guess it's becasue someone I love dearly left JLand. I do hope she returns one day. I know she sent out her email address to all her dear friends here in JLand. Maybe if we all sent her an email, asking her to come back she will. Well, my daughter Emma just called me. Things are strange with her. I can't describe it, but something ain't right. She's not at all heart broken over the breakup with Dan, and he does'nt seem to be either. She said they actually get along better as friends then they did as a couple. But still something is'nt right. I won't ask her about it cause I know she'll tell me sooner or later, but still..........
Why is it when your kids are younger, they do things they know  will upset you, but when they grow up and move out of the house, they still keep that pattern going in one shape or form? You'd think they'd of grown out of it. My daughter is 26yrs old, but in my book she still has alot of growing up to do. I guess what is bothering me the most about Dan and Emma's breakup is the fact there is 2 children to consider. Neither one are thinking about those kids. Sure they tend to the kids needs, spend time with the kids and all, but I know it's gonna hurt the kids somehow. You'd think 2 adults could come up with something better, then what they are doing right now. Dan sleeps at his Mom's now at night, and after work he's at Emma's taking a shower, changing his clothes, eatting dinner, spending time with the kids. And Emma leaves for hours. Like yesterday, I was told she's out doing laundry and grocery shopping. Ok fine, but for almost 6 hours? Please, it don't take that long to buy groceries and do laundry, I know I do it every week. I asked her where she was all that time, and she says is "out". Oh well, I said no more about it. I just want to slap both Emma and Dan back into reality. Emma asked me this morning why I have'nt been coming over since I spent the night there. Well, between phone calls to her home, 3 kids running around, and my health, my nerves can't take it. I get so stressed I get pains in chest and the  side of my neck where I had the cancer surgery tightens up making me feel like I'm gasping for air. It's a bad scar, it goes from behind my right ear on back of head clear around to the front of my throat. Sometimes it is so tight from stress I can't even turn my head. My doctor says it will heal in a couple years and nerves will mend and that feeling will go away. But hey it's been 2 years almost, I sure hope it heals soon. I have no feeling in the right side of my head and neck at all. It's totaly numb. I hate that feeling too. Oh well, life goes on right? Anyways, guess I'd better go and get some kind of work done today. I have'nt had any energy the past couple days to do anything. Have a great day!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Pork Tenderloin with plum ketchup

Plum ketchup: 1 pound purple plums (about 5) pitted and cut into chunks, 1 small onion, quartered, 2 cloves garlic, peeled, 2 tablespoons finely chopped peeled fresh ginger, 1 cup dark brown sugar, 1/2 cup cider vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper.

Pork: 2 pork tenderloins, about 2 pounds total, 3 tablespoons soy sauce.

In blender add plums, onion,garlic and ginger. Mix for about 10 seconds. In saucepan combine plum mixture, sugar, vinegar, cinnamon, salt and pepper. Simmer uncovered stirring occassionally, 30 minutes until thickened. Remove and pour into bowl until cooled.

Add 1 cup of the plum ketchup to a large plastic food storage bag. Refrigerate remaining ketchup. Add soysauce and pork tenderloins to bag. Refrigerate 1 hour. Turning occassionally.

Heat broiler. Remove pork from bag and place on broiler pan rack. Broil 4 inches from heat about 18 to 20 minutes, turning twice and basting with the ketchup. Let sit 10 minutes, after removing from broiler. Slice, top with warmed plum ketchup.

Serves about 6 people.

Ok, here it is, the recipe I promised. I really like this. Hope you do too.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a Boring Day

Today was such a boring day. I don't know why, but it was. I did the usual cleaning and cooking, picking up after Rebecca, went to the store for diet pepsi. I was on computer for just a little while today and usually I'm on it for hours. I just did'nt feel like sitting here at this desk today. Maybe it's all the rain and storms we've been having. Sometimes that can put a damper on things. I cooked a nice dinner tonight, of baked ham, scalloped potato's, steamed brocolli and baked beans. And would you believe I just picked at it. I did'nt even feel like eatting, but I forced myself or hubby would be on my butt about it. I never did get to do the things I wanted to do today. Just did'nt feel up to it. Maybe I have'nt caught up on my loss of sleep yet. Anyways, I just tried to call my daughter Emma. Dan answered the phone. he said Emma needed to go do laundry and go grocery shopping so he came over to babysit and let her use his car. I'm really glad their being civil when their together. Marissa is at an age now where she picks up on everything. And she knows if something is wrong and it upsets her. She is a very emotional little girl. A raised voice and she is in tears. Daniel I think will be the same way. If one of the girls is being scolded he starts crying. Hard to believe I have 2 grandchildren. Even harder to believe I have 2 kids who are 22yrs apart. I never expected it to happen, I thought I had a bad flu or something. Some flu huh? It produced a 7lb 6oz, 19 inch long baby, lol. But I am truly happy about it. rebecca keeps us young, or is that totally tired out, lol. She is so full of life, always busy playing, singing or dancing. She is very much into guitar and harmonica playing. She gets that from her daddy. She loves to draw, and build things just like her daddy also. No girlie things for this child. She's happy learning about turtles, snakes, lizzards, and dinosaurs. She can name every dinosaur. She loves the computer. Her daddy has been teaching her about the computer since she was 2yrs old. My daughter Emma, she says it's not right her 4yr old sister knows more about the computer then she does, lol. Rebecca shows Emma how to turn it on and connect to internet, lol. Rebecca has her own homepage, and favorites listing. For a child who can't read yet she sure knows how to get to her sites. Well, sounds like another storm is coming. I can hear thunder off in a distance. I checked the weather map a little while ago and there is a storm coming.

Well, I want to thank everyone who posted comments on Daniel's missing and his return. Thank you everyone for showing your love and concern. It really meant alot to me knowing I had so many friends praying for his return. You guys are the best, muahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I know I promised the pork tenderloin recipe in a plum sauce. I promise I will have it posted tomorrow. It is very delicious. Well, gonna go now all, have a great evening. ((((HUGS))))

Saturday, June 24, 2006

All is well!!!!!!!!!!

  PhewSorry it's taken a while to get back to you on my grandson. Things were hectic, and I've had no sleep. Daniel is back home with his mommy and big sister. The police were called. and when Dan found out he returned the baby 10:pm that night. The following morning Emma went to city hall and filed for custody. So, if anything happens again she is protected and the police will do something right away. I was at Emma's when Dan returned the baby. He was shocked to walk up and see me there. He said nothing. Picked up his workboots and left. I stayed up until 5:am watching over my family. At 3:30am Dan came in door, found out I was there and left real quick, lol. I wonder why? He has a friend who attends AA with him, and he has a spare room, so Dan is staying with him. They both agree things were going wrong in their relationship. They both agree they need time apart. But for the kids sake they are gonna try to be civil to one another, which I think is a great idea. Especially around Marissa. She is going on 5years old and she is very smart. She does'nt know why Daddy is'nt there in the mornings or at the dinner table at night. Dan told her Daddy has a time out, and has meetings and work to do. Dan admits he took Daniel because he thought he could make Emma do what he wants. He now realizes that was the wrong thing to do, and I think he is sorry for that. Emma has a good heart. She lets Dan see the kids when he wants. He comes over helps her bathe them and get them ready for bed. He'll get Daniel to sleep and tucked in, he reads Marissa a story and tucks her in, then he leaves. So far it's working out. Only time can tell what will happen in the future for them. I, myself hope they can get it all straightened out, for the kids sake. I'll post n entry whenever anything new arises from it. Gonna go, I need some sleep.  

Thursday, June 22, 2006


 Firehair 1Things just took a turn for the worse with my daughter Emma and Dan. At 6:59am this morning Emma was awakened by Dan literally ripping her engagement ring right off her finger. She jumped out of bed, in which time the baby was crying so, she picked him up. All of a sudden Dan grabbed the baby right out of her arms and took off out of the house. Emma screamed, "where are you going with my baby", and he did'nt answer her. He was out the door faster then lightning. Emma went for the phone and tried to dial 911. The phone did'nt work, she then went to her purse to get her cellphone and it was gone. She checked the house phone to see if maybe the battery pack was lose or something, and there was no battery pack. It was removed. Emma walked to my house, told me what was going on. We called 911 and had an officer come here. She has to go to family court tomorrow and file for custody of the baby and get an order of protection against Dan. The police can only go after Dan for kidnapping if she can prove she has custody. Emma is on medication for her nerves, due to the death of her first born son. It really took alot out of Emma when she lost him. She went to take her medication this morning and it was gone. Dan had taken it. She's so depressed and scared right now, that she's asleep on my couch. Dan called her from her cellphone here at my house. He would not tell her where he was or where the baby is. He only kept accusing her of doing things she was'nt even doing. Dan is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. We have reason to believe he's back on drugs again, because he is becoming violent now with the same actions he had while on this drug. The drug he favored is Crystal Meth, and low and behold one of his brothers is a dealer. Dan has easy access to get it. He's calling up Emma's friends and accusing them of lieing for her and telling them to watch their backs. Lil Daniel can get real fussy, so if Dan is using again, I'm so afraid he can flip out on this baby, my grandson. Please, please everyone, say a prayer for my daughter and her baby son. Please ask God to keep them safe. My hubby just called. He's on his way home now from work. Thank goodness. I'll keep you posted on any details. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For Rebecca
My Fasination of this

I know I just showed my little video clip yesterday, but my daughter Rebecca spotted a few pictures that she really liked, and I promised her I would make one for her. She picked out all the pictures and even the song. Her favorite picture is of the turtle, being she's so fascinated with turtles. Rebecca has two pet turtles. The smallest is a Map Turtle, his name is Joey. Then there's the big guy who is a Red Earred Slider, his name is Rocky. She got Rocky 2 years ago for christmas from her godfather, Uncle Joe. Last year her sister Emma gave her Joey. Let me tell you, taking care of 2 turtles can be a real hassle. The tank has to be drained and clean at least twice a month. Even the 2 huge filter systems on this 30 gallon tank don't keep the water clean and clear. There is also 4 goldfish in this tank and an algae eatter. There was 2 algae eatters, but I think Rocky ate one, being he is such a pig. I swear this turtle can eat. As soon as you walk over to the tank, he's right there with his head sticking out of the water and mouth open, lol. Rebecca loves her pets though, so that's all that matter's. Hubby says we'll soon have to go to a 50 gallon tank, because Rocky will soon outgrow this tank. He outgrows a 50 gallon tank, and that's it. His butt will get donated to some Aquarium. Oh well, like I said this was for Rebecca. She sometimes takes over my computer to play her Noggin or watch National Geographic video's, and I think now she wants my journal, lol. I don't think so Becca, this is mommy's place!!! Later today, I will post a recipe that I found that is so tasty. It's pork tenderloins in a plum sauce. Wow, is it ever good, too! Have a great morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Learning on computer


I have'nt figured it all out yet, but if you click on the link above, you should be able to see a video I was experimenting with today. I'm still new to all this journaling, and blogging. Blogging I have no idea what that is or how to do it. So, if ya got any suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Anyways, I chose some very beautiful scenery for this video, I think it's called a Montage. I hope you enjoy it. Now I'll go and do some housework and make my meatball stew for supper. have a great day all.

Note: When I click on the link it is stopping at a field of sunflowers, and it should not be doing that. There is forrest and beach scenes and rainbows too. Is anyone else hving this problem? I removed the sunflower patch and added more pictures. Gosh I hope this works. >>note: has fingers, toes, and even eyes crossed, well maybe not the eyes lol

Monday, June 19, 2006

Before and After

Black And White

I don't know how anyone else feels about this but I do alot of thinking about how life was when I was younger. Sure there was problems with homelife, but I overcame that. The thing now that bothers me is how ugly life has gotten, since I was a child. It use to be kids in school, played pranks or tripped you when carrying a lunch tray or even stole your lunch money. Now a days children are bringing weapons such as guns and knives into school, and actually hurting or killing their classmates and teachers, and buying and selling of drugs. Then you hear of college girls who live on and off campus being killed, raped set on fire. It's to the point where I am terrified to even think about my daughter and my grand daughter going to school and then to college. Where does all this hatred and out of control behavior in this world we live in today come from? It's not just children who do all this, adults also are involved in such crimes. I lived in a state a few years back where 13yr old children in 6th grade were quitting school and just sitting around doing drugs, drinking alcohol, and having sex with anyone willing.  Where was the school system then? Why don't they step in to put a stop to this. Everyday on the news I see people who are missing and later found dead, people who are shot, stabbed, burned in their own homes. Children  kidnapped, bomb threats, driveby shootings, hit and runs, what the heck is going on? Alot of people I know blame all this on the government. Well, I for one don't. What you make of your life starts at home. How you want your children to grow up, sits on your shoulders, not the governments. I hear people say the government is so messed up it's hard to find a job nowadays. Maybe that is true, but the government is'nt stopping you from going out to look for work. I'm saying all this because I live in a city where I see people everyday abusing a system that is too easily made available. I have neighbors across the street (for example) both parents are home all day and night, there's 4 children in the home, parties going on everymonth, huge big screen TV and side by side refrigerator delivered. Where they getting the money for all this? From what I see, Welfare is supporting them, along with the drug activity going on in their home. And I know it is, because I've witnessed it personally. That kind of activity was the cause of the death of a 17yr old boy who was shot and killed right out front of my house in the street 2 years ago. And the shooter/killer was a 15yr old boy. I see parents in this city who have kids just for the hell of it, so they get a larger check each month from welfare or a bigger tax return at the end of the year. They don't seem to care that their children are out roaming the streets half the night, selling or buying drugs, partying, having sex. Don't they even care? Is it so hard to set a curfew, teach your child right from wrong, and when needed show a little concern or disipline? Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I crazy? All I know is I want my children to be proud of the world they live in, show respect to others, and above all lead a healthy happy life. Is that wrong? My children and my grandchildren are my life, and I only want for them to be safe! In my opinion if you don't want your children having guns, lock the guns up or get rid of them. Drugs and Alcohol, hey stop using them and set an example for the children you have or care for. Am I right? I'd really like to know how others feel about this. 

In Memory of my Dad

Daddy's Bible

Above link is a poem I came across that seemed to fit in my Dad's life. My Dad had a bible, that was so worn the pages would tear easily, but he would'nt give it up for anything. It was given to him by my mother Emma Marie Williams Smith, who passed away August 27, 1970 of cervical cancer. He treasured that bible always. Even though he was'nt at most times a religious man, he still kept that bible safe. Inside the bible he kept a picture of my mother, a very old picture of the two of them on their wedding day. My Dad suffered 3 heart attacks and a nervous breakdown. Raising 6 children alone was hard on him. I helped all I could with the cooking, cleaning and taking care of my siblings. I actually gave up my childhood to do so. I did'nt mind it, I know my Dad was proud of me for doing so. He always said I was his right arm, and he could'nt of went on with being a single parent if I were'nt there to help. There was even a short period of time when I took my younger brother Paul to school in a large picnic basket, just so I would'nt miss school. A month after my mother gave birth to him, she went into the hospital due to her cancer. She found out she had the cancer during her pregnancy and would'nt have the pregnancy terminated to get treatment. By doing that, the cancer worsened and treatments did not work. I would take my brother to school, and after the teacher passed out our assignments, she would care for my baby brother while I did my schoolwork. Alcoholism  took over my Dad. As children we moved from one house to another, one town after another. But he always kept us together, no matter what. I remember there was a summer when we lived in a family friends yard in a makeshift tent for over a month, until my Dad found us a place to live. He was told by friends and family it was too much of a strain on his health and heart to be taking care of 6 children alone. That he should consider putting us in foster homes. He would not accept that idea, no matter how bad things were or how bad his health was, he never gave up on raising his kids. He worked hard at whatever job he had at the time, to provide for us.Alot of meals we had were bologna sandwiches or some kind of soup. Dinner always consisted of some wild game he had killed during hunting seasons. To this day I now refuse to eat deer, squirrel, rabbitor any wild bird, lol. I always tell people who try to give me that now, that if it ain't got a store label, I ain't eatting it, lol. We grew our own vegetables, and at a young age I learned how to can those vegetables. Dad and I would spend weeks canning, so we'd have enough food to last over the winter month's. My childhood was rough, but no matter how rough it was I was greatful to my Dad. He taught me to accept whatever life threw at me, to respect people and most of all to be a good person. Family to me now, means more to me then anything. I cherrish my family, and I would do anything for them, and stand by them in whatever decisions they make in life. So, to that I say, Thanks Dad!!! He made me the person I am today.

In memory of my Dad:

Norman Carl Smith     May 25, 1937  to  September 4, 2005

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A Sunday Gift to JLand

Click here: amazing grace


Just wanted to share a little sunday with all of you. Amazing Grace has always been my favorite song. I hope you all enjoy listening to it, the words will also show, so if ya want sing along. Have a great sunday.


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Bits and Pieces

 Father's DayThank Goodness for smiley central or I would'nt have any pictures to put in my entries, lol. Today is a hot one outside. Suppose to get up to 90, yikes!!!! Got both AC's on. Spending my day cleaning as always. Got the kitchen and bathroom done. The next task will be the livingroom, which right now I think I need to rent a bulldozer to clean, lol. Rebecca seems to think the livingroom is a playroom and has crayons, coloring books, story books, lego blocks and about a half dozen stuffed animals all over the floor. And she says she is too tired to pick them up. Guess that's what mom's are for right? She tells me, "when I turn 5 mom, then I'll clean up my toys, lol. All, I can say to that, is come on September. Hubby is working today. He'll be home around 3. Tomorrow my grandson Daniel is spending the day with us. I always enjoy having my lil man over for the day. Besides he'll get to spend some time with his poppop. which he hardly see's cause poppop is always working. Gonna try to hang up the rest of my art work my daughter gave me. I did manage to get one hung up in the kitchen yesterday. I'm gonna hang the bathroom plaque today and a new curtain on the bathroom window. The past 2yrs being so ill, I could'nt do anything I wanted to do. So now on days I get a  little energy I try to accomplish at least one project. The back pain ain't helping so much right now. I just took a couple Nuprin, so hopefully the pain stops real soon. I could take a pecoset, but I always feel so blahhhhhhh, when I take them. Then nothing gets done. I think being it's so hot today, we're gonna have sandwiches for dinner tonight. After all this cleaning I want to do, I'll be in no shape to cook. Hubby would do it, but hey I just cleaned my kitchen, KEEP OUT!!!!!!!!! I will have some kind of mess to clean later though. The little one is at the kitchen table playing with her playdough. Why I bought it I don't know, I guess it was the pweeeeeze mommy pweeeeze, I'll be good if you buy it for me, that got me to buy it, lol. Do I spoil her? Yea, I guess I do. But hey it's so cute to hear her say please, cause she has'nt got her 4front top teeth and word pronouncing is difficult. But she's almost 5 now, so teeth should be coming in soon. She had to have those teeth removed due to what is called bottle mouth, I think when she was younger. And the fact that she has a problem with keeping calcium in her body. She's on a vitamin for that and we give her plenty of cheese, icecream, milk to give her an added extra boost of calcium. I'm gonna make her some pudding today, she loves lemon pudding, so do I. Well, the back pain is subsiding finally. So, guess I'd better get back to my cleaning before something else happens. with me you never know what to expect. I even have people that im me and ask me if I'm ok and in a good mood, lol before they even tell me their problems, lol. Am  I that bad, lol. Well, so long for now, but in the words of the Terminator, "I'll be back"!!! lol 

Friday, June 16, 2006


God puts us all in each others lives to impact one another in some way. Look for God in others. The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or touched--they must be felt with the heart.                  Helen Keller

I came across this quote today and I just wanted to share it with anyone willing to read it. I thought it seemed to fit here in JLand, because we do all share our lives, fortunes and mishaps in our journals. Well, I went to the doctor's yesterday. My results from the Nuclear Cardio Stress Test had not come in yet, geez what is taking so long......... Anyways I did get some good news. I lost 3 pounds, and my blood pressure had gone down quite a bit. I had my doctor write it down for me so I would'nt forget. He has it that I went from 190/110 down to 144/88 now. That was really good news. The bad news of it all is I still can't go get the other 6 teeth pulled yet. The dentist said if bottom number is higher than 80, he under the law cannot pull teeth. So, next month when I go back to the doctor's for another blood test to check cholesterol level and have BP checked again, I'm hoping that bottom number will be down. I go to my family doctor July 13th, and on July 24th it's back to my cancer doctor for a check up. It'll be nice when I can start going to a doctor 1 or 2 times a year instead of every month. I so hate those dag on needles, lol.

My daughter came over wednesday night with some belated birthday gifts for me. I was really surprised. She gave me 3 beautiful art prints in frames, one is for kitchen, one for bedroom and one for livingroom. I also got a picture of little bathroom accessorie statues and framed for the bathroom.  Then she gave me a new photo album which I desparately need, and a ladder style photo frame that will hold 3 photo's. I was so happy and felt so loved. I swear that girl knows just how to touch her mom's heart. She said, Mom, I know you said not to, but I love you. Speaking of my child, she has'nt called me yet this morning, hmmm. Usually she calls me at 7:30 and it's now 8:30. She must be busy with the kids. I'll call her at 9:00 if she has'nt called me by then.

Well, today I will spend the day hanging my artwork, and putting pictures in my new frames and photo album. I might take a walklater and buy a new paint brush too, cause I'm thinking I may paint my bathroom today. I have the paint and rollers and all but I need a paintbrush to get in small places. We'll see how I feel later after doing the usual housework and all. I may be too tired to walk anywhere. I guess that's about all there is to write about for now. I know later I'll find something else to write about, but hey is'nt that what this journal is for, lol. Have a great day.



Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What can I say........

Yea, what can I say? Birthday came and went, no different than any other day. Got a couple ecards, and a card from my sister Lucy. That was about it. Spent the day babysitting my grandkids, while my daughter Emma slept. Rebecca and Marissa would not nap yesterday. Daniel fell asleep in my arms as usual. Emma said I'm the only one he does that for. Guess he just feel comfortable in his mommom's arms, lol. Rebecca and I walked to Emma's yesterday morning. It was a nice walk. Only had to stop and rest twice. It's about a nine block walk.

Two more days and I find out results of stress test. I sure do hope it shows nothing is wrong with my heart. I've been doing good on the cholesterol diet, I think. Our friend Joe fixed a Lasagna tray last night for dinner, but I did'nt have any. I had a salad. I'll have my Oatmeal for breakfast this morning, cause I am feeling hungry. I'll go without lunch today and eat dinner. I can't do salad all the time during the day. I'm already feeling like a rabbit, lol. Grilled chicken and a spinach salad is for my dinner tonight.

Well, Rebecca is still sleeping. But I know she'll be up soon. And asking for NOGGIN to be turned on. But not until my Walker, Texas Ranger goes off. I have'nt watched it in a few days, cause of my schedule. I have always been a Chuck Norris fan. Well, guess there is'nt much to write about. Hope you all have a great day.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Getting over the ordeal

 Well, tomorrow is my 45th birthday, and I'm truely thankful I'm here to see it,  after all that stress I had last week with the stress test and then the hold up at the grocery store. My nerves have settled down some. I did'nt have any nightmares last night thank goodness. I was actually able to get a good night's sleep for a change. Which is something I really needed. I woke up just in time to take the medicine's my doctor prescribed. I've been staying away from the cholesterol foods. I use Tortilla wraps now, they have no trans fat and no cholesterol. So, I made myself a roasted turkey, romaine lettuce with fat free ranch dressing wrap for lunch. I only ate half of it. I'll eat the other half for dinner along with a salad. My hubby watches me like a hawk. He stands there and says nope, if I happen to reach or look like I'm reaching for something that is'nt healthy. I took a bottle of mustard from fridge and he says mustard is good. I told him yep I know and pretended I was gonna squirt him with it, he ran, lol. Teach him to hover over me. My daughter called me about 20 minutes ago. She said she and Dan just got home from their night out alone. I was like ummm Emma it's after 12 noon and you just got home? She said they went out to a club called Shampoo, but it was Gothic night so they went to another club. Danced all night together and then got a motel room and made love for hours until they fell asleep. They were still asleep when the maid walked in, lol. They quickly showered, dressed and came home. Dan's brother Walter babysat the kids all night. He is very good with children, never had any of his own, but to look at him with kids you'd think he did. He watches Rebecca sometimes also. They love their Uncle Walter. I'm glad Emma and Dan had this time alone. They really needed it. They seem to be getting along alot better now since they talked. I'm really happy they are working out their problems. Well, yesterday hubby Jim and Rebecca and I spent the day over my sister Helen's. She and her hubby live in New Jersey. We had a great time. Rebecca had run of the yard. She played so much, poor thing was tuckered out. She fell asleep in car on the way home, and slept right through putting her in pajamas, and hubby carrying her to bed. She slept til 8 this morning. Where we live in Philadelphia, I have no yard, so she's in the house most of the time. We take her to the park so she can ride her bike and play. But it's not the same as having a yard to play in everyday. Hubby says next year we can look for a house and she can play in yard. I am so looking forward to it. Living in this city actually scares me. So much crime with drug dealings and murders, drive by shootings, robberies, people running red lights and stop signs. I actually think this city is full of people who are color blind when it comes to traffic lights and illiterate when it comes to reading stop signs. I actually wanna yell at them....HELLO PEOPLE RED MEANS STOP, GREEN MEANS GO!!!!!!!!! Geeeze they get on my last nerve. Sorry I'm ranting on so much, but there's been so many people run over lately from irresponsible people behind the wheel all in a hurry to get to know where. Well, guess I'll go now. Have a great day. 

Friday, June 9, 2006

Part 2 and more........

 Nurse DoctorWell, part 2 of that stress test went exactly like I knew it would. Painful and very stressing. Got 9 more needle marks and bruises on my hands and arms. I told the nurse one more person comes near me with a needle and I'm gonna clock them, lol. Doctor will have those results in about a week. The Doctor did call me last night, he had results of my cholesterol test. And he was'nt happy. Said normal cholesterol count is about 200, mine was 583. So, I am now on CRESTOR 10mg a day. Now I take cholesterol medicine, BP medicine and an 81mg aspirin. What else can go wrong? My daughter Emma is coming over tonight to do a Tarot card reading on me. She is really good at it, and it usually is true, 9 times out of 10. Ok, the stress test and needles were the least of my worries yesterday. I thought yesterday I was gonna die. I even called my daughter Emma and told her to tell Dad I loved him and I loved her and the 3 kids. You see after I was finished with the doctor's I decided to go to the ACME, (our grocery store) to pick up a few things. I was at the Deli counter getting some cold cuts when I heard shouts coming from the front of the store. They were saying, "EVERYBODY DOWN ON THE FLOOR NOW, THIS IS A HOLDUP!!!!!!!" WE HAVE BOMBS AND WILL BLOW YOU UP!!!!!!!! My God, I was terrified. I was out of view of their site so I called Emma and told her what was going on. The deli clerk motioned to me to follow him, and we snuck into freezer closing the door. Another elderly deli clerk was with us. I handed my cell phone to the male deli clerk and he called 911. We told them what was happening and we were in the freezer. About 20 minutes later a police officer came and got us. He said they caught the guy and retrieved a brown bag, I quickly said nooooooooo there's 2 guys and 2 brown bags, we were ordered to stay where we were. OMG, my head was spinning, all I could think about was my family and how much I wanted to be with them right then. A few minutes later, we were ordered to leave the store. They were sending in the dogs to look for the second man and the other brown paper bag. I got outside and I headed for my car. I left that parking lot and did'nt look back. Half way to my daughter Emma's I broke out in deep sobs, crying so bad I had to pull over. Right then I prayed and thanked god for letting me live. When I got to Emma's she was so happy to see me we cried together. She had called her dad to let him know what happened, he was on his way to ACME, but went back to finish his work when he talked to me and knew I was ok. Needless to say I will never shop at that ACME again. I have never been more scared then I was then. I'm still a nervous wreck about it, I tossed and turned all night. I had nightmares, hearing the screams of women and children, and they dreadful voice that said it was a hold up. I just thank the lord I am alive and the police did their job. I am also thankful to my husband for getting me my cellphone last christmas. I put my mood today as happy because I'm happy the test is over and I'm happy I am here to write in my journal cause that means I'm alive. I have'nt stopped hugging my kids, grandkids and hubby yet, and I don't think I ever will!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

The Test Part 1

 NursePart 1 of my Nuclear Cardio Stress Test was a nightmare. It took an hour to find a vein they could use to inject me with some horrible liquid that allows your veins, arteries, etc to expand larger in size. I felt like a dag on pin cushion. I won't count the bruises all over my arms and the top of my hands from needles being inserted to find a vein that did'nt explode, run, collaspe. OK when a vein was finally found and the liquid starting entering my body, my skin turned red and I do mean red. Then it felt like my lungs were being drained of all there air. Afew seconds later it felt like my heart was being squeezed between 2 large hands. Then all of a sudden I felt like someone dropped a 1000 pound cement block on my chest, I was gasping for air. But all that is side effects of the medicine they were injecting into me, all this just to do an EKG and take pictures of my heart. Give me a few bottles of the barium, I'll drink it anytime over that medicine, lol. My God I was horrified having all those side effects. I actually thought I was having a bad reaction and a heart attack. My blood pressure shot up to 190/120, but went down to 167/88, then down to 147/88. Bottom number seems to be staying at 88 now. At one time during the end of the injection it went down to 105/55, but quickly came back up. After the EKG, I had to have pictures taken of my heart, that took about 40 minutes. Tomorrow is Part 2 of this testing. Another injection, an ultra sound, more pictures and another EKG. I will be glad when it's over.

 On The CheekOn a happier note, things took a turn for the better with Emma and Dan. Last night Emma took my advice. And what good advice it was too, heehee. I told her to make up a list......a very long list of errends for Dan to do. So, she made up a list where he'd have to go to 9 places to get the things. Well, he went to leave and she said oh, and by the way Dan your son would like to go bye bye's too. DAYUMM she's good. Needless to say with the driving, Daniel screaming for a bottle, crowded stores, and searching for these items, Dan was not at all thrilled about having to do everything himself, on top of working all day. Sooooooooo, he sat down, they talked and out of the blue Dan hands Emma and 100 dollar bill, keys to car and says Honey go spend this on yourself. After tonight I seen all you have to deal with. He finally woke up and smelled the coffee sort of speaking, lol. So, they have decided to work out there differences, Dan is gonna check into getting some help for his control issues. He actually spoke to a councilor tonight. I am glad their gonna take another try at it. There is the kids to worry about, and all the negative energy that was going around lately, was upsetting my grand daughter. My daughter Emma seems better also. So, let's just hope and pray things work out for them. Well, that's about all there is to write about so I'll go for now. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes with the tests. Good Night!!!!!!!!!  

Sunday, June 4, 2006

ODD's and END's

June 4. On this day in 1974, Mrs Candelaria Villanueva, 52, had been in the sea with a lifejacket for more than 12 hours after the ship she was on, the Aloha, caught fire and sank 600 miles south of Manila, Philippines. A giant sea turtle appeared beneath her and supported her until her rescue by the navy vessel Kalantia. A smaller turtle climber on her back and bit her every time she felt drowsy and was in danger of submerging her head in the water. After the rescue, the bigger turtle circled the area twice before taking off.

Above is a crazy story my hubby found in one of the newspapers on line that he reads. Where he finds these things I do not know.LOL. But since turtles are a big thing in my house I thought I would share this story with you all.

Well, I've been on this BP medicine now for 4 days. I got a few side effects such as dizziness, loss of appetite, restlessness. Hubby has been on BP med's for year's and he says it will all pass after about a week or so. Speaking of the hubby, he went fishing this morning. Finally getting to use the new Rod & Reel he bought a couple weeks ago. Will he catch a fish, lol I doubt it, cause I know fish hide on bottom of water when there have been storms. My Uncle use to tell me that. He never went fishing before or after a storm, cause he said there's no fish. He'd wait for a few days after a storm and boooooooooom here comes the fish one after the other.

I'd like to thank you all for commenting on the few paragraph's of the book I'm attempting to write. One's who have read what I wrote so far, say it's exciting, so that made me feel good. Now if only I can get up the ambition to write some more. I am still searching for a publishing company who would be willing to read it and hopefully publish it, but ones I've found so far, want me to pay for the whole expense, buy anywhere from 500 to 1000 copies and sell them on my own. Are they nuts or what. Are'nt publisher's suppose to get your book published and pay you? I will keep looking for one, whom does'nt make me pay, lol. Alot of them you find on line, don't tell you upfront that it's gonna cost you $$$$ to have your book published. They get you later with literature or call you a hundred times a week. I've actually had to block their emails and phone calls because I felt I was being harrassed into purchasing my own writings. And they call themselves a Publishing Co.? I think it's more like a printing company. You pay them to print out the books, and you pay the postage to have these books shipped to you. One company wanted 2500.00 for 500 copies of a paperback novel, and 229.95 for postage to ship them to me, yea right........forget it. I want to get a check not send one, lol. But as I've learned there's always a catch to something. So, if I don't like what I see then I look elsewhere.

Well, that's about it for now. I know I'll find something else to write about today, lol. My mind is always wondering on idea's. Hope your all having a great day,

Saturday, June 3, 2006

My Book

For the past year and a half I have been attempting to write a novel. It has always been a dream of mine to be a writer. I own 2 books each containing a poem that I had written. I will post them in another entry later today maybe. But as for the book I'm attempting to write, I am working on chapter 8 now. Sometimes, I can sit down and just write and write this book, but then there's times I can't even think of 1 single word to write. I guess that is what they call writer's block. I'd like to be more like my dear cousin Carmen. I swear she can just sit down and whip up a poem out of no where. She writes the most beautiful poems. Also I might add she is a published poet. I don't know how she finds the time to just sit down and write like she does, with raising a son, keeping her house in order, studying for school, and she does alot of cooking for friends who make requests to her. That girl is full of life and energy. And I'm thankful I have her in my life. She's done a great job so far being a single parent and raising her son. He is very well behaved and ever so smart. The love he shows for his Mom is just precious. I adore him, he's such a great kid.

Well, I thought I'd share a couple paragraphs of the book I'm writing, and maybe you could tell me if it's interesting or just plain boring, lol. Be honest is all I ask. I have'nt chosen a title for it yet. I am totally blocked on that one, lol. But anyways here goes:


It was just after two in the morning when the train finally stopped, pulling into the dimly lit station. I was feeling so exhausted, from the five hour train ride to return home to be with my mother. Why I just did'nt take a later train so I'd arrive at a decent hour I did not know. I suppose the telegram I received, saying my brother Tommy had been killed in a hunting accident and my mother had taken to her bed, made me feel like I had to get there right away. As I was standing on the ramp, with my luggage beside me, my mind wandered to the words written on that shocking telegram. Tommy, killed, hunting accident? Mother in bed and not getting up at all. This was all too much.

Suddenly there was a light tapping on my shoulder and I spun around so quickly I almost tripped over my luggage. There standing with a look of concern, sadness was Mr. Jenkins, our long time gardener, groundskeeper, chauffer. Hello, Miss Adam's he said, in a very deep but warming voice. I smiled up at this man whom I had known since I was a small child and said, "Mr. Jenkin's, hello it is so nice to see you again. "Yes, Miss it is, I just wish it was under a happier circumstance. My smile faded and I knodded in agreement. Mr. Jenkin's picked up my luggage and turned towards the car.

The ride home was a quiet one. I could'nt bring myself to ask if Mother had shown any sign of improvement. I suppose I did'nt want to be any more saddened or disappointed as I already felt. After what seemed like a very long drive, but was actually about twenty minutes, the tall cast iron gate appeared where our driveway to the house began. I remember running to it as a child when Father was arriving home from a long day at his Attorney Law Firm.


Ok, there ya go. Now let me know what you think so far.

Enjoying the Quiet

 TurtleI saw this little turtle in my smileys and I had to add it. My Rebecca will love it, lol. It is 7:40am and my daughter Emma has just called me. She says, "you up Mom?" Well, I answered the phone did'nt I? was my reply. She asked me if I took my BP medicine, told her not yet. I am taking the BP pill and the 81mg aspirin at 9:am each morning. She'll call me again at that time and ask me if I took it, lol. Are'nt I the mom? I swear that girl, keeps up on me like she is my mom, lol. But I really appreciate how she keeps me on my toes. Well, my little one has just gotten up. There goes my quiet time, lol. Cause now the television is on and she's watching Blues Clues.

Well, we got slammed with another batch of storms last night. I had to shut off the computer and television. I already lost one tv cause of a storm we had in 1995, I am not gonna lose another one. Rebecca would'nt go to bed, cause of the lightning and thunder, so she curled up on the couch next to me, and I wrote to my brother Paul. He's 3yrs older than my sister Susie. Finally the storm passed and Rebecca and I went to bed. She fell right to sleep, just before we got hit with more lightning and thunder and a very heavy downpour. I love storms and all, but last night that lightning was really bad. I was waiting for the power to go off, but thank goodness it didn't. I bought a couple of candles yesterday at the store just in case we did lose power. I woke up around 5:am I guess to see my hubby sitting on the edge of the bed getting dressed for work. I don't know why he gets up so early, he does'nt have to be to work until 8:am. And it only takes him 20 minutes to get there. He says he enjoys the quiet there, before the complainers come in to work, lol. Poor man, I feel bad for him. He hates this company he works for. The only reason he has'nt left is because they have great medical insurance, and with my health the past couple years we needed that insurance. Well, I told him after my doctor's give me the ok, he can look for another job, but it has to have a good insurance plan. With a child you have to have insurance.

Well, since I was sent to my family doctor thursday, I was thinking about what I can do to lose some weight. Being heavy puts a big strain on my heart, the doctor told me. So, yesterday I sat with my daughter Emma and together we came upon a few of my faults that I now must reconsider. I am a pepsi drinker, or should I say guzzler, lol. I always have a 24oz bottle of pepsi in my hand. And I can drink 4 to 5 of those bottles a day. There's alot of calories and alot of sodium in them. So, I have given up on the pepsi. I bought bottled water, and 2 big jugs of grapefruit juice, which I love. I bought a bunch of salad fixings also. Beings I live in Philadelphia,(home of the cheesesteaks) I have also given up on fast food and take-out food. I will not eat red meat anymore. Sweets are definately a no no, along with fried foods. I will limit myself on the bread and pasta. More salad and less bread and pasta. My dinner last night consisted of a salad, and some oven roasted turkey breast. It'll be fish, chicken, turkey for me now. I love steak and porkchops, but steak is'nt good for cholesterol and fried porkchops mmmmmmm yummy are'nt good for you either. I will really miss them. But if I want to get better and lose this weight I'm gonna have to do it right? Hearing my doctor tell me about my BP and the results of the EKG, has really scared me. My Dad had 3 heart attacks and I remember seeing what he had to deal with afterwards, I don't want to go through that. Well, I have so much to do today. I think for supper I will make Chicken Caesar Salads for hubby and I. No croutons for me though. I'm gonna be using my daughters George Foreman grill now.  And the food tastes really good, when grilled on it. Hey if she likes it then it has to be good, cause that girl has been a picky eatter since she started eatting as a baby, lol. Well, I'd better go now. I've babbled on enough already. Have a great day!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 2, 2006

Why Me????????

 DoctorWell, I am totally convinced I have been voodoo'd by someone or something. There's just too much bad luck flowing in my direction. Is God testing me, cause if he is I sure hope the tests are over, lol. I don't know how much more bad news I can take. I go to the dentist yesterday. Yea, I was gonna get the rest of the teeth pulled, and finally be able to get my dentures. Well, he gets those 2 teeth to numb finally, woohooooooo. But before he starts to pull them out, he has to check blood pressure. (I've never had a blood pressure problem) Well, he puts me on the BP machine, and walks away. In about a minute the alarm on BP machine goes off, he comes back in room and says ok Cindy, I ain't pulling no teeth today,grrrrrrrrrrr. I said what's wrong, he says your blood pressure is too high. He waits a few minutes, turns on BP machine again and it's 174/110. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, he says no teeth pulling can be done today. He asks me if I drove there or was I dropped off. I told him my daughter had my car and dropped me off. So, I called her to come get me. The dentist said go directly to my family doctor. When my daughter Emma got there, she drove me to my doctor, which was 2 blocks from my dentist. They take me in right away. Another BP check and it's now 180/110. He put me in a room and gave me an EKG, the results were not good he says. So they did blood work, and he wants me to go have a Nuclear Cardio Stress tests. I am scheduled for that next wednesday and thursday. It's apparently a 2day testing thing. He put me on a blood pressure pill called LOTREL 5/20mg. I have to take 1 a day. He wants me to come back in 2 weeks. He said I cannot go back to the dentist until he finds out what is going on with my heart. I told him about the light chest pains I sometimes get and the 2 black out spells I've had, he knows about the cancer and being in remission now and I told him I have a very hyper 4 yr old daughter. He says Cindy, with all you've gone through and now your BP being so high, you are a walking time BOMB!!!!!!!!! He says take the BP medicine and try to avoid stress. LMAO, yea right!!!!!!!!!              Huh? 2So, now I have to wait for dentures, wait for tests, wait for results, and he said avoid stress!!! How much more can I be given to handle? I keep saying, Why me?? Why do I have to deal with all this? Like I said I'm either being tested by God or I've been voodoo'd by someone, lol.

I tried to write in my journal last night but my DSL would'nt connect. I think it had something to do with the really bad storms we had last night. A whole lot of lightning, wind and heavy downpours all through the night. I finally gave up after an half hour of trying and I went to bed. I'm glad it's back up and running now, cause man would I be stressed if it were'nt, lol. Well, gonna go now, take care all and have a great day. 

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Called the Doctor

I just wanted to add that I called our family doctor. He said Jim should of been given an antibiotic for his injuries due to the fact he works with chemicals and glues when installing windshields. I told him I have about a 3 week supply of 500mg pennicillin's and a 10 day supply of 500mg amoxicillin. He says it is ok for jim to take the pennicillin, 2 a day for 5 days. So, we're in the clear on that. Thank you everyone for your concerns about hubby.


                                                               Thumbs Up 

Update on the hubby Jim

 Clapping HandsI am happy to say, the doctor did a great job on Jim's hand. He had 2 very nasty cuts on 2 fingers of his left hand. Middle finger and ring finger. The ring finger had a huge gash that was able to fold back over and hopefully attach itself back to his finger. The doctor said Jim has a good blood flow, so that will help it heal. They used these strips of sticky clear film on that finger instead of stiches. Then wrapped it in gauze and tape. He has to keep it dry for a few days. The middle finger was the bad one. That one had to be stitched together. I had to put a clean dressing on that one last night, man it looked awful. His hand was still all bloody, so I had to carefully wash his hand and fingers without getting any of the wounds wet. Then I wrapped the middle finger. This morning he said his hand was throbbing. So, I gave him 2 Nuprin and also a pennicillin pill. They should of given him a prescription at the hospital for that. But I have loads of antibiotics the dentist keeps writing me scripts for. He went to work this morning though. He said if he does'nt go, everything gets screwed up and he has to fix all the come backs that come in from the morons he works with. He does'nt like anyone doing the work on his route. Well, he should be ok at work today.



I go back to the dentist today. I sure hope he can get these teeth that are left to numb. I'm am so over wanting this all done. If they won't numb he says I go into the hospital and be put out so they can remove them. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with that ordeal today.

Not much else to write about on my end. It's too early and the day has'nt ended yet. I'll probably have more to write about tonight. Hope you all have a great day. (((HUGS)))