Friday, June 2, 2006

Why Me????????

 DoctorWell, I am totally convinced I have been voodoo'd by someone or something. There's just too much bad luck flowing in my direction. Is God testing me, cause if he is I sure hope the tests are over, lol. I don't know how much more bad news I can take. I go to the dentist yesterday. Yea, I was gonna get the rest of the teeth pulled, and finally be able to get my dentures. Well, he gets those 2 teeth to numb finally, woohooooooo. But before he starts to pull them out, he has to check blood pressure. (I've never had a blood pressure problem) Well, he puts me on the BP machine, and walks away. In about a minute the alarm on BP machine goes off, he comes back in room and says ok Cindy, I ain't pulling no teeth today,grrrrrrrrrrr. I said what's wrong, he says your blood pressure is too high. He waits a few minutes, turns on BP machine again and it's 174/110. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, he says no teeth pulling can be done today. He asks me if I drove there or was I dropped off. I told him my daughter had my car and dropped me off. So, I called her to come get me. The dentist said go directly to my family doctor. When my daughter Emma got there, she drove me to my doctor, which was 2 blocks from my dentist. They take me in right away. Another BP check and it's now 180/110. He put me in a room and gave me an EKG, the results were not good he says. So they did blood work, and he wants me to go have a Nuclear Cardio Stress tests. I am scheduled for that next wednesday and thursday. It's apparently a 2day testing thing. He put me on a blood pressure pill called LOTREL 5/20mg. I have to take 1 a day. He wants me to come back in 2 weeks. He said I cannot go back to the dentist until he finds out what is going on with my heart. I told him about the light chest pains I sometimes get and the 2 black out spells I've had, he knows about the cancer and being in remission now and I told him I have a very hyper 4 yr old daughter. He says Cindy, with all you've gone through and now your BP being so high, you are a walking time BOMB!!!!!!!!! He says take the BP medicine and try to avoid stress. LMAO, yea right!!!!!!!!!              Huh? 2So, now I have to wait for dentures, wait for tests, wait for results, and he said avoid stress!!! How much more can I be given to handle? I keep saying, Why me?? Why do I have to deal with all this? Like I said I'm either being tested by God or I've been voodoo'd by someone, lol.

I tried to write in my journal last night but my DSL would'nt connect. I think it had something to do with the really bad storms we had last night. A whole lot of lightning, wind and heavy downpours all through the night. I finally gave up after an half hour of trying and I went to bed. I'm glad it's back up and running now, cause man would I be stressed if it were'nt, lol. Well, gonna go now, take care all and have a great day. 


  1. I know how you feel!!  I'm only 39 and my blood pressure problems started right after my son had brain surgery.  It wasn't because of weight either.  I still have problems with my pressure.  The docs tell me to avoid stress.  How do you do that when your a mom??????  I hope you have a good Friday.

  2. WOW what a turn of events for you!!!  I hope all of your tests come out good, though.  Maybe it was just a bit high from visiting the DENTIST?? That would make mine skyrocket!!! Maybe next week with the medicine it'll come back down.  I hope so.

  3. Jeez sis, you DO seem to be having quite the luck, huh? Rest, take it easy and take care of yourself sis..hope you can get your dentist work done soon. Love ya! :-)

  4. i will put you in my prayers:) i hope you figure out what is wrong


  5. omg I'm so sorry. Please hurry up and get better. I'm sure they'll figure out what's wrong. I will be praying.