Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Got no idea

Now I've heard it all!!!!!!!!   A cemetary under the sea?  Don't know about you, but that is'nt for me. No way do I want my body put in the bottom of the sea. That's just crazy to me. I know there may be others in the world who would think it's a great idea, and would cut down the overcrowding in cemetaries we have now, but still, why under the sea?
I'm feeling kind of sad and depressed today. I guess it's becasue someone I love dearly left JLand. I do hope she returns one day. I know she sent out her email address to all her dear friends here in JLand. Maybe if we all sent her an email, asking her to come back she will. Well, my daughter Emma just called me. Things are strange with her. I can't describe it, but something ain't right. She's not at all heart broken over the breakup with Dan, and he does'nt seem to be either. She said they actually get along better as friends then they did as a couple. But still something is'nt right. I won't ask her about it cause I know she'll tell me sooner or later, but still..........
Why is it when your kids are younger, they do things they know  will upset you, but when they grow up and move out of the house, they still keep that pattern going in one shape or form? You'd think they'd of grown out of it. My daughter is 26yrs old, but in my book she still has alot of growing up to do. I guess what is bothering me the most about Dan and Emma's breakup is the fact there is 2 children to consider. Neither one are thinking about those kids. Sure they tend to the kids needs, spend time with the kids and all, but I know it's gonna hurt the kids somehow. You'd think 2 adults could come up with something better, then what they are doing right now. Dan sleeps at his Mom's now at night, and after work he's at Emma's taking a shower, changing his clothes, eatting dinner, spending time with the kids. And Emma leaves for hours. Like yesterday, I was told she's out doing laundry and grocery shopping. Ok fine, but for almost 6 hours? Please, it don't take that long to buy groceries and do laundry, I know I do it every week. I asked her where she was all that time, and she says is "out". Oh well, I said no more about it. I just want to slap both Emma and Dan back into reality. Emma asked me this morning why I have'nt been coming over since I spent the night there. Well, between phone calls to her home, 3 kids running around, and my health, my nerves can't take it. I get so stressed I get pains in chest and the  side of my neck where I had the cancer surgery tightens up making me feel like I'm gasping for air. It's a bad scar, it goes from behind my right ear on back of head clear around to the front of my throat. Sometimes it is so tight from stress I can't even turn my head. My doctor says it will heal in a couple years and nerves will mend and that feeling will go away. But hey it's been 2 years almost, I sure hope it heals soon. I have no feeling in the right side of my head and neck at all. It's totaly numb. I hate that feeling too. Oh well, life goes on right? Anyways, guess I'd better go and get some kind of work done today. I have'nt had any energy the past couple days to do anything. Have a great day!


  1. I don't care how crowded it is, I don't wanna be put in the water.
    I think you're talking about Susan leaving. I'm gonna miss her too. I haven't been talking to her long, but will miss her wit and the stuff she had to say. Hopefully, she will come back when she feels comfortable to do so.
    Hopefully, your daughter will tell you what she's up to exactly on those 6 hour trips. It sounds like to me she found a friend to spend time with. IDK, I guess we should just be glad that Dan comes over after work to see the kids. It's better than some dads do.
    You better take care of yourself. I can't tell you not to stress because under the circumstances that is impossible at the moment. So just try to relax a little more.
    Take care, Chrissie

  2. Cindy, thank you for your comment in my journal! :)  And, for leaving the link to yours!  
    So, after reading your side bar,  I see that you too, are a Cancer surviver. So am I!!  I was 10 years cancer free as of this past March!    I had ovarian cancer, went through 6 months of chemo and a couple of surgeries.  But, I'm doing fine now!  I feel very blessed, as I'm sure you do too!!

    God Bless you Cindy!

    Stay healthy


  3. no thanks on the underwater thing nope not for me:) i hope emma and dan know what they are doing and no one gets hurt! enjoy your day


  4. Wow! Just when I thought I've heard it all...a cemetary under the sea is just beyond comprehension. And how would one go about visiting their loved one? That is too funny :)

  5. I love the water but don't want to be buried under the sea. I read about your daughter in the last entry so I know what's up.

  6. It's so weird about the cemetery under the sea.  I don't THINK I'd go there....!!  I already own real estate at Forest Lawn cemetery....guess I'll be buried there when I'm done.

    I'm also sorry Susan left us.  I wish her good luck.

    I hope you don't get too stressed out and make yourself sick over your daughters shenanigans.  You've got to take care of yourself and the little one.  If you need anything, let me know.