Sunday, June 25, 2006

What a Boring Day

Today was such a boring day. I don't know why, but it was. I did the usual cleaning and cooking, picking up after Rebecca, went to the store for diet pepsi. I was on computer for just a little while today and usually I'm on it for hours. I just did'nt feel like sitting here at this desk today. Maybe it's all the rain and storms we've been having. Sometimes that can put a damper on things. I cooked a nice dinner tonight, of baked ham, scalloped potato's, steamed brocolli and baked beans. And would you believe I just picked at it. I did'nt even feel like eatting, but I forced myself or hubby would be on my butt about it. I never did get to do the things I wanted to do today. Just did'nt feel up to it. Maybe I have'nt caught up on my loss of sleep yet. Anyways, I just tried to call my daughter Emma. Dan answered the phone. he said Emma needed to go do laundry and go grocery shopping so he came over to babysit and let her use his car. I'm really glad their being civil when their together. Marissa is at an age now where she picks up on everything. And she knows if something is wrong and it upsets her. She is a very emotional little girl. A raised voice and she is in tears. Daniel I think will be the same way. If one of the girls is being scolded he starts crying. Hard to believe I have 2 grandchildren. Even harder to believe I have 2 kids who are 22yrs apart. I never expected it to happen, I thought I had a bad flu or something. Some flu huh? It produced a 7lb 6oz, 19 inch long baby, lol. But I am truly happy about it. rebecca keeps us young, or is that totally tired out, lol. She is so full of life, always busy playing, singing or dancing. She is very much into guitar and harmonica playing. She gets that from her daddy. She loves to draw, and build things just like her daddy also. No girlie things for this child. She's happy learning about turtles, snakes, lizzards, and dinosaurs. She can name every dinosaur. She loves the computer. Her daddy has been teaching her about the computer since she was 2yrs old. My daughter Emma, she says it's not right her 4yr old sister knows more about the computer then she does, lol. Rebecca shows Emma how to turn it on and connect to internet, lol. Rebecca has her own homepage, and favorites listing. For a child who can't read yet she sure knows how to get to her sites. Well, sounds like another storm is coming. I can hear thunder off in a distance. I checked the weather map a little while ago and there is a storm coming.

Well, I want to thank everyone who posted comments on Daniel's missing and his return. Thank you everyone for showing your love and concern. It really meant alot to me knowing I had so many friends praying for his return. You guys are the best, muahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, I know I promised the pork tenderloin recipe in a plum sauce. I promise I will have it posted tomorrow. It is very delicious. Well, gonna go now all, have a great evening. ((((HUGS))))


  1. well as long as everyone is civil and save thank heaven. Your youngest daughter sounds so smart. I thought I had the flu too and I had twins. LOL.

  2. Dinner sounds wonderful!  Wish I'd been invited over <smile>.
    Your daughter sounds like a joy.  Such a smart little girl!  I'm sure you are so proud of her.
    I had to laugh when you said you went to the store for diet pepsi.  I do that too! I HAVE to have it in my house....ALL the time LOL!  
    Stay dry.~~~Pamela

  3. somedays are just like that blah! lol hope you have a good week:) glad they are being polite to each other for the kids sake:)


  4. ally123130585918June 26, 2006 at 5:25 AM

    I am glad Emma and Dan are being civil to each other it makes it so much better for the children ~ Rebecca sounds like a lovely child being so full of life always singing and dancing ~ wonderful how much she knows about the computer guitar playing and the harmonica all taught to her by her daddy ~ hope that storm isn't too bad  Take care and keep safe ~ Ally