Sunday, June 11, 2006

Getting over the ordeal

 Well, tomorrow is my 45th birthday, and I'm truely thankful I'm here to see it,  after all that stress I had last week with the stress test and then the hold up at the grocery store. My nerves have settled down some. I did'nt have any nightmares last night thank goodness. I was actually able to get a good night's sleep for a change. Which is something I really needed. I woke up just in time to take the medicine's my doctor prescribed. I've been staying away from the cholesterol foods. I use Tortilla wraps now, they have no trans fat and no cholesterol. So, I made myself a roasted turkey, romaine lettuce with fat free ranch dressing wrap for lunch. I only ate half of it. I'll eat the other half for dinner along with a salad. My hubby watches me like a hawk. He stands there and says nope, if I happen to reach or look like I'm reaching for something that is'nt healthy. I took a bottle of mustard from fridge and he says mustard is good. I told him yep I know and pretended I was gonna squirt him with it, he ran, lol. Teach him to hover over me. My daughter called me about 20 minutes ago. She said she and Dan just got home from their night out alone. I was like ummm Emma it's after 12 noon and you just got home? She said they went out to a club called Shampoo, but it was Gothic night so they went to another club. Danced all night together and then got a motel room and made love for hours until they fell asleep. They were still asleep when the maid walked in, lol. They quickly showered, dressed and came home. Dan's brother Walter babysat the kids all night. He is very good with children, never had any of his own, but to look at him with kids you'd think he did. He watches Rebecca sometimes also. They love their Uncle Walter. I'm glad Emma and Dan had this time alone. They really needed it. They seem to be getting along alot better now since they talked. I'm really happy they are working out their problems. Well, yesterday hubby Jim and Rebecca and I spent the day over my sister Helen's. She and her hubby live in New Jersey. We had a great time. Rebecca had run of the yard. She played so much, poor thing was tuckered out. She fell asleep in car on the way home, and slept right through putting her in pajamas, and hubby carrying her to bed. She slept til 8 this morning. Where we live in Philadelphia, I have no yard, so she's in the house most of the time. We take her to the park so she can ride her bike and play. But it's not the same as having a yard to play in everyday. Hubby says next year we can look for a house and she can play in yard. I am so looking forward to it. Living in this city actually scares me. So much crime with drug dealings and murders, drive by shootings, robberies, people running red lights and stop signs. I actually think this city is full of people who are color blind when it comes to traffic lights and illiterate when it comes to reading stop signs. I actually wanna yell at them....HELLO PEOPLE RED MEANS STOP, GREEN MEANS GO!!!!!!!!! Geeeze they get on my last nerve. Sorry I'm ranting on so much, but there's been so many people run over lately from irresponsible people behind the wheel all in a hurry to get to know where. Well, guess I'll go now. Have a great day. 


  1. Happy early birthday to you!! Hope you have something relaxing planned after all the stress you've been through.
    Take care, Chrissie

  2. Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day. I'm happy your stress level is down a bit you did have an awful week. I hope your daughter and Dan can work it out. Someone has to watch what you eat, geesh. LOL. They all care about you.

  3. Glad you're not having any more nightmares sis, gosh that was a terrible experience you had. Those wraps sound good, I love tortilla wraps. Glad to hear that Emma and Dan are doing better. Love ya! :-)