Saturday, June 3, 2006

Enjoying the Quiet

 TurtleI saw this little turtle in my smileys and I had to add it. My Rebecca will love it, lol. It is 7:40am and my daughter Emma has just called me. She says, "you up Mom?" Well, I answered the phone did'nt I? was my reply. She asked me if I took my BP medicine, told her not yet. I am taking the BP pill and the 81mg aspirin at 9:am each morning. She'll call me again at that time and ask me if I took it, lol. Are'nt I the mom? I swear that girl, keeps up on me like she is my mom, lol. But I really appreciate how she keeps me on my toes. Well, my little one has just gotten up. There goes my quiet time, lol. Cause now the television is on and she's watching Blues Clues.

Well, we got slammed with another batch of storms last night. I had to shut off the computer and television. I already lost one tv cause of a storm we had in 1995, I am not gonna lose another one. Rebecca would'nt go to bed, cause of the lightning and thunder, so she curled up on the couch next to me, and I wrote to my brother Paul. He's 3yrs older than my sister Susie. Finally the storm passed and Rebecca and I went to bed. She fell right to sleep, just before we got hit with more lightning and thunder and a very heavy downpour. I love storms and all, but last night that lightning was really bad. I was waiting for the power to go off, but thank goodness it didn't. I bought a couple of candles yesterday at the store just in case we did lose power. I woke up around 5:am I guess to see my hubby sitting on the edge of the bed getting dressed for work. I don't know why he gets up so early, he does'nt have to be to work until 8:am. And it only takes him 20 minutes to get there. He says he enjoys the quiet there, before the complainers come in to work, lol. Poor man, I feel bad for him. He hates this company he works for. The only reason he has'nt left is because they have great medical insurance, and with my health the past couple years we needed that insurance. Well, I told him after my doctor's give me the ok, he can look for another job, but it has to have a good insurance plan. With a child you have to have insurance.

Well, since I was sent to my family doctor thursday, I was thinking about what I can do to lose some weight. Being heavy puts a big strain on my heart, the doctor told me. So, yesterday I sat with my daughter Emma and together we came upon a few of my faults that I now must reconsider. I am a pepsi drinker, or should I say guzzler, lol. I always have a 24oz bottle of pepsi in my hand. And I can drink 4 to 5 of those bottles a day. There's alot of calories and alot of sodium in them. So, I have given up on the pepsi. I bought bottled water, and 2 big jugs of grapefruit juice, which I love. I bought a bunch of salad fixings also. Beings I live in Philadelphia,(home of the cheesesteaks) I have also given up on fast food and take-out food. I will not eat red meat anymore. Sweets are definately a no no, along with fried foods. I will limit myself on the bread and pasta. More salad and less bread and pasta. My dinner last night consisted of a salad, and some oven roasted turkey breast. It'll be fish, chicken, turkey for me now. I love steak and porkchops, but steak is'nt good for cholesterol and fried porkchops mmmmmmm yummy are'nt good for you either. I will really miss them. But if I want to get better and lose this weight I'm gonna have to do it right? Hearing my doctor tell me about my BP and the results of the EKG, has really scared me. My Dad had 3 heart attacks and I remember seeing what he had to deal with afterwards, I don't want to go through that. Well, I have so much to do today. I think for supper I will make Chicken Caesar Salads for hubby and I. No croutons for me though. I'm gonna be using my daughters George Foreman grill now.  And the food tastes really good, when grilled on it. Hey if she likes it then it has to be good, cause that girl has been a picky eatter since she started eatting as a baby, lol. Well, I'd better go now. I've babbled on enough already. Have a great day!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with the diet....dont restrict yourself from everything you like or you will binge. Trust me, i know!

  2. yep good luck with the diet. How cute that your daughter is always checking up on you.

  3. good luck on the diet:) but try not to make to many things off limits cause then you will want them even more i know i do this so now i just use smaller portions:) enjoy the weekend


  4. My grandfather just lost two tv's this past thursday due to storms.  Also had to get all new cable run thru the house.  What a pain!!  Have a good weekend.

  5. ally123130585918June 3, 2006 at 9:59 AM

    Good luck with your diet ~ smaller portions and exercise ~ I'm told is a good way to lose the lbs.   Hope your hubby can find another job with good insurance ~ as he dislikes the one he has so much ~ Ally

  6. Sounds we like all the same food, although I am addicted to cheese instead of soda! LOL For some strange reason I don't care too much for soda, I drink a lot of ice tea and water. My stomach is weird and soda sometimes gives me a stomach ache.

    Good luck with your diet sis!

  7. Good luck with the diet.  It's a lifelong battle...I know!
    Let us know how you are doing.