Tuesday, June 13, 2006

What can I say........

Yea, what can I say? Birthday came and went, no different than any other day. Got a couple ecards, and a card from my sister Lucy. That was about it. Spent the day babysitting my grandkids, while my daughter Emma slept. Rebecca and Marissa would not nap yesterday. Daniel fell asleep in my arms as usual. Emma said I'm the only one he does that for. Guess he just feel comfortable in his mommom's arms, lol. Rebecca and I walked to Emma's yesterday morning. It was a nice walk. Only had to stop and rest twice. It's about a nine block walk.

Two more days and I find out results of stress test. I sure do hope it shows nothing is wrong with my heart. I've been doing good on the cholesterol diet, I think. Our friend Joe fixed a Lasagna tray last night for dinner, but I did'nt have any. I had a salad. I'll have my Oatmeal for breakfast this morning, cause I am feeling hungry. I'll go without lunch today and eat dinner. I can't do salad all the time during the day. I'm already feeling like a rabbit, lol. Grilled chicken and a spinach salad is for my dinner tonight.

Well, Rebecca is still sleeping. But I know she'll be up soon. And asking for NOGGIN to be turned on. But not until my Walker, Texas Ranger goes off. I have'nt watched it in a few days, cause of my schedule. I have always been a Chuck Norris fan. Well, guess there is'nt much to write about. Hope you all have a great day.


  1. sorry your birthday wasn't special:( enjoy the week:)


  2. Happy Birthday. I'm happy your doing good with the diet. I hope all your test come out good.

  3. So sorry I missed your birthday sis, I've been so mopey lately that I've been missing things...Happy Belated Birthday sis...sorry it wasn't better for you. My kids love that Noggin channel, that's all they really watch.