Thursday, June 22, 2006


 Firehair 1Things just took a turn for the worse with my daughter Emma and Dan. At 6:59am this morning Emma was awakened by Dan literally ripping her engagement ring right off her finger. She jumped out of bed, in which time the baby was crying so, she picked him up. All of a sudden Dan grabbed the baby right out of her arms and took off out of the house. Emma screamed, "where are you going with my baby", and he did'nt answer her. He was out the door faster then lightning. Emma went for the phone and tried to dial 911. The phone did'nt work, she then went to her purse to get her cellphone and it was gone. She checked the house phone to see if maybe the battery pack was lose or something, and there was no battery pack. It was removed. Emma walked to my house, told me what was going on. We called 911 and had an officer come here. She has to go to family court tomorrow and file for custody of the baby and get an order of protection against Dan. The police can only go after Dan for kidnapping if she can prove she has custody. Emma is on medication for her nerves, due to the death of her first born son. It really took alot out of Emma when she lost him. She went to take her medication this morning and it was gone. Dan had taken it. She's so depressed and scared right now, that she's asleep on my couch. Dan called her from her cellphone here at my house. He would not tell her where he was or where the baby is. He only kept accusing her of doing things she was'nt even doing. Dan is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. We have reason to believe he's back on drugs again, because he is becoming violent now with the same actions he had while on this drug. The drug he favored is Crystal Meth, and low and behold one of his brothers is a dealer. Dan has easy access to get it. He's calling up Emma's friends and accusing them of lieing for her and telling them to watch their backs. Lil Daniel can get real fussy, so if Dan is using again, I'm so afraid he can flip out on this baby, my grandson. Please, please everyone, say a prayer for my daughter and her baby son. Please ask God to keep them safe. My hubby just called. He's on his way home now from work. Thank goodness. I'll keep you posted on any details. 


  1. oh man it does sound like he is using again praying for you all


  2. sissy i'll say as many prayersasit takes til lil dan is back in his mommy's arms
    you just take it easy and hit dan with your baseball bat a few dam good times for me and Paul
    we love you....and don't worry i won't tell him nuttin

  3. ((( CINDY ))) My heart just sank as I read your entry. This is one of my worstest fears that Kyan's dad runs off with him. I understand completely his dad has a drug problem too. Usually, when he's with my daughter he is clean, but when he gets around old friends and counsins he's weak to the peer pressure. Yes, I'll be praying that the baby is fine and safely returned to your daughter. Good luck in court I hope you get fast results.
    Take care and God bless, Chrissie

  4. omg I'm praying. I hope that Jerk sorry but he is doesn't hurt anyone but himself. I hope you get that baby back soon. I'm so sorry for all of this.

  5. It does sound like he's using drugs again....I'll be praying for your family.  Pray that the baby is brought home safe.

  6. I am praying the baby comes back...please keep us posted...I am a bit behind...sorry...hugs and love,

  7. OMG!!  What a horrible situation.  Your family especially the baby will be in my prayers.