Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For Rebecca
My Fasination of this

I know I just showed my little video clip yesterday, but my daughter Rebecca spotted a few pictures that she really liked, and I promised her I would make one for her. She picked out all the pictures and even the song. Her favorite picture is of the turtle, being she's so fascinated with turtles. Rebecca has two pet turtles. The smallest is a Map Turtle, his name is Joey. Then there's the big guy who is a Red Earred Slider, his name is Rocky. She got Rocky 2 years ago for christmas from her godfather, Uncle Joe. Last year her sister Emma gave her Joey. Let me tell you, taking care of 2 turtles can be a real hassle. The tank has to be drained and clean at least twice a month. Even the 2 huge filter systems on this 30 gallon tank don't keep the water clean and clear. There is also 4 goldfish in this tank and an algae eatter. There was 2 algae eatters, but I think Rocky ate one, being he is such a pig. I swear this turtle can eat. As soon as you walk over to the tank, he's right there with his head sticking out of the water and mouth open, lol. Rebecca loves her pets though, so that's all that matter's. Hubby says we'll soon have to go to a 50 gallon tank, because Rocky will soon outgrow this tank. He outgrows a 50 gallon tank, and that's it. His butt will get donated to some Aquarium. Oh well, like I said this was for Rebecca. She sometimes takes over my computer to play her Noggin or watch National Geographic video's, and I think now she wants my journal, lol. I don't think so Becca, this is mommy's place!!! Later today, I will post a recipe that I found that is so tasty. It's pork tenderloins in a plum sauce. Wow, is it ever good, too! Have a great morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. wow! have a good hump day:)


  2. Very Nice!  Have  good day.

  3. at least the recipe isn't for turtle soup. Have a great day.