Friday, June 9, 2006

Part 2 and more........

 Nurse DoctorWell, part 2 of that stress test went exactly like I knew it would. Painful and very stressing. Got 9 more needle marks and bruises on my hands and arms. I told the nurse one more person comes near me with a needle and I'm gonna clock them, lol. Doctor will have those results in about a week. The Doctor did call me last night, he had results of my cholesterol test. And he was'nt happy. Said normal cholesterol count is about 200, mine was 583. So, I am now on CRESTOR 10mg a day. Now I take cholesterol medicine, BP medicine and an 81mg aspirin. What else can go wrong? My daughter Emma is coming over tonight to do a Tarot card reading on me. She is really good at it, and it usually is true, 9 times out of 10. Ok, the stress test and needles were the least of my worries yesterday. I thought yesterday I was gonna die. I even called my daughter Emma and told her to tell Dad I loved him and I loved her and the 3 kids. You see after I was finished with the doctor's I decided to go to the ACME, (our grocery store) to pick up a few things. I was at the Deli counter getting some cold cuts when I heard shouts coming from the front of the store. They were saying, "EVERYBODY DOWN ON THE FLOOR NOW, THIS IS A HOLDUP!!!!!!!" WE HAVE BOMBS AND WILL BLOW YOU UP!!!!!!!! My God, I was terrified. I was out of view of their site so I called Emma and told her what was going on. The deli clerk motioned to me to follow him, and we snuck into freezer closing the door. Another elderly deli clerk was with us. I handed my cell phone to the male deli clerk and he called 911. We told them what was happening and we were in the freezer. About 20 minutes later a police officer came and got us. He said they caught the guy and retrieved a brown bag, I quickly said nooooooooo there's 2 guys and 2 brown bags, we were ordered to stay where we were. OMG, my head was spinning, all I could think about was my family and how much I wanted to be with them right then. A few minutes later, we were ordered to leave the store. They were sending in the dogs to look for the second man and the other brown paper bag. I got outside and I headed for my car. I left that parking lot and did'nt look back. Half way to my daughter Emma's I broke out in deep sobs, crying so bad I had to pull over. Right then I prayed and thanked god for letting me live. When I got to Emma's she was so happy to see me we cried together. She had called her dad to let him know what happened, he was on his way to ACME, but went back to finish his work when he talked to me and knew I was ok. Needless to say I will never shop at that ACME again. I have never been more scared then I was then. I'm still a nervous wreck about it, I tossed and turned all night. I had nightmares, hearing the screams of women and children, and they dreadful voice that said it was a hold up. I just thank the lord I am alive and the police did their job. I am also thankful to my husband for getting me my cellphone last christmas. I put my mood today as happy because I'm happy the test is over and I'm happy I am here to write in my journal cause that means I'm alive. I have'nt stopped hugging my kids, grandkids and hubby yet, and I don't think I ever will!!!!!!!!!! 


  1. ally123130585918June 9, 2006 at 10:23 AM

    Oh Cindy what an awful thing to happen ~ glad the police came quickly ~ and glad you are OK ~ Hope the other results from the tests come back OK ~ Ally

  2. Oh my! I didn't hear anything about this on the news, wonder why? I would think something like this would be on the news. I hope you are OK. I will listen to the news tonight to see if they caught the other guy or any updates.
    Take Care!

  3. OMG!!  I'm sure glad your okay.  How scarry!  I can't imagine the thoughts that were going thru your mind at that time.  Try to have a relaxing weekend.

  4. glad the tests are over with:) and i am so glad God was watching over you and kept you safe:)


  5. Just reading your story about the hold up made my heart beat faster. I am happy that you are ok. I know some of those tests can be very painful. Last year for like 3 months thats all I was doing was going to the hospital to have tests. I had a stress test and then an angiogram. Sometimes you feel like a pin cushion. lol You have a great weekend. Hugs

  6. How scary to be in the hold-up!!  I'd have freaked out!  I'm so glad everything turned out ok.  What a relief!!
    Sorry the test was so awful.  I hope the results turn out ok.
    Keep us posted.

  7. omg that is awful about the store. How scary. I'm so happy you are ok. Wow. I hope they got that 2nd guy. Sorry about the painful test too. With your cholesterol so high you didn't need anymore stress. You poor thing. I'm sorry.

  8. (((CINDY))) I so glad you're okay too.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Wow, I would have been petrified! So glad you're ok sis, wow what an ordeal!