Sunday, January 28, 2007

Superbowl party?

Just a few snack idea's for anyone who wants them. They'd make great snacks for a SuperBowl party. These are all my favorites.

Pizza cups

2 packages bisquits 10 in a pack

1 cup pizza sauce       1  8oz bag shredded mozzerella cheese

olive oil        1 pound ground beef cooked and drained

grease muffin pan with a little olive oil. place on bisquit in each cup and form to make a cup. mix sauce and ground beef together, and fill each cup 2/3 full, top with mozzerella cheese and bake til bisquit is golden brown. 350 degree oven


my nacho's

1 bag corn tortilla chips

1 pound ground beef cooked and drained

8oz bag shredded cheddar cheese  1 pint sour cream

2 cups favorite salsa     1 cup sliced black olives

1/2 cup diced sweet red peppers

in large baking dish or cookie tray place chips evenly. top with ground beef, then cheese, then diced red pepper. heat until cheese is melted. remove from oven top with salsa evenly. add black olives, top with drops of sourcream all over and serve. bake at 350.


lil wraps

1 pkg lil smokey sausages

4 rolls crescent rolls,

hot pepper cheese slices cut into wedges

dijon mustard

separate crescent rolls, smear with a dab of dijon mustard, place a pieceof hotpepper cheese then a lil sausage, roll. bake in a 350 degree oven til golden brown.

deviled eggs? try adding a half teaspoon dijon mustard and 4 to 6 drops tobasco sauce to yolk mixture. mmmm is it good.


sandwich wraps

orange and the green tortilla wraps, favorite cold cuts, i use turkey and roast beef along with provolone cheese. shredded lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoe's. lay out all ingredients on wraps, roll and cut into 2 inch slices. serve cold. for a dressing i use one or more of the following, ranch dressing, dijon mustard, honey mustard or mayo with a little dijon mixed in it, or for roast beef i use mayo with horseradish mixed in it.

Well, there ya go, just a few idea's for entertaining those hungry men watching the game, lol.

Hope you find something you like here.



Friday, January 26, 2007

Can't sleep

2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. So, I thought I would sit up for a bit at computer and put a little entry in. I tried to put one in this morning but a certain 5yr old would not get off of the computer. She stayed on the computer for 4 1/2 hours this morning. So, I just relaxed and watched my Walker, Texas Ranger.

Well, thursday night Jim wanted Pizza for dinner. I wasn't in the mood for this pizza made here in Philly, it sucks. They are all using a tomato paste like sauce and I think it is totally gross. So, I fixed my own pizza here at home. Well, let me tell you, it turned out fabulous. I made my own sauce too. Jim loved it, he ate 6 slices. Glad I made 2 of them, lol. Rebecca ate 2 1/2 slices. I took pictures of it to show you what it looked like before it went into the oven and after it was cooked.

Tomorrow, well actually today (saturday) Jim is taking Rebecca and I to a place called Berlin Auction. I love it there. It's like a giant indoor/outdoor flea market. We'll be indoors though, I am not walking around freezing in the cold, no way no how, lol. I want to look for a couple pairs of overalls for Rebecca. Her's are too small, and she wants more. Kids grow so fast. Well, gonna put the pics in now. First one is Rebecca at the computer all morning, second one is the unbaked pizza, last one is the baked pizza. Have a great weekend all.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

I thought I'd better make an entry. I haven't been feeling very well. I called my doctor and he says I have an infection in my shoulder and chest. I am on Ciprofloxicin 750mg, for the next 10 days. I have to use an ice pack 3 times a day and heating pad 3 times a day, because it seems there is alot of swelling around shoulder area. Lovely, like I need more medical problems. He said he knew this may happen because I haven't been able to use this arm in 2 years. I have no strength at all in it.

Well, I added some pics I wanted to share. I love this camera, and so does Rebecca. I have found pics in the memory of things I know I didn't take a pic of, like the trash can, empty plate from dinner, lol. Gonna have to hide my camera. Well, I been trying to get caught up on journals, but I start typing and arm gets to hurting so I stop. But I promise I will read your journals and leave a comment. I haven't even gone and made an entry in my diet journal or recipe journal. Man, I must be slipping. Anyways, this isn't a big entry. Gonna go put ice pack on shoulder. I sit in kitchen to do that. I can look out window and watch the world go by, lol. Take care have a great day.

Love you all,

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's snowing again, grrrrrrrrr

This picture was taken yesterday. It was the snow we had from the night before. This is Cheltenham avenue here in Philadelphia where I live. Rebecca of course thought it was just enough snow to go out and play in. So I dressed her up warm and took her out to play in it. Of course the only two things she wanted to do was make a snow angel, which she tried and there wasn't enough snow, and throw snow balls at me, which she managed to get enough snow to make, lol.

This kid loves the snow. And guess what? This morning it is snowing again, grrrrrrrrr. I am so ready for spring. I have had enough of the winter weather already. I have to get to the store today. It is snowing pretty good out there now. It figures, another day messed up. I need to move to a warmer climate, lol. I am not a cold weather person. Well, shoulder is feeling a little better. Just a tiny bit of pain now. Heating pad and the ice packs are doing the trick. Thank you for advice on that. Well, gonna go. I haven't had coffee yet and I do need a cup.

I just want to say........................

Monday, January 22, 2007


Woke up this morning and what did I see? Snow, snow, snow!!! Man I hate winter. Totally ruined my day and plans for today. I was gonna go to grocery store, dollar store, thrift store, and maybe stop by Emma's so the girls can play for a while, but nooooooooo it snowed, and I do not drive in snow. I never have and I never will. I have had my driver's license for 29 years and I haven't driven in the snow yet, yep call me Big Chicken, lol. It's not my driving I worry about because I am a good driver, no tickets or anything, it's the morons out on the roads who just don't care or have respect for the priviledge of driving and the kids who are allowed to drive at such a young age, with no experience driving in winter weather. We have so many young teenagers here in Philadelphia getting into accidents. They talk on cell phones, blast music, run stop signs, red lights, they just don't care, or their showing off. So, in bad weather, my butt does no driving.

I wanted to take a picture of the snow, but when I tried to, it says my memory is full. Guess I better go get the pics developed on it soon so I can delete them all off my camera. I'll try to do that this week.

Well, this is day 4 with shoulder pain. I can't take this much longer. I took Sugar's advice and am using my heating pad. Right now as I sit here at the computer, my heating pad is on my shoulder with the temperature on as high as it will go. As long as there is heat on my shoulder, the pain doesn't hurt as much, but as soon as I take it off pain comes back big time. Since this surgery I had on my neck for the cancer, I have so many more problems. And I'd like to go back to that doctor I saw for soc sec and smack him a good one. My shoulder didn't hurt this bad before I went there. Now the pain is not just in my shoulder, it traveled the whole length of my arm now. And what sucks is it is my right arm and I am right handed, so I have to do everything with my left hand and man is that hard and frustrating.

Well, I really don't have much more to write about. Hard to think when pain is shooting through my arm. Grrrrr, where's my saw, lol. I guess I will go now. Hope everyone is well and didn't get muchsnow. I know Sugar did, I had to really look at the pic she posted to see her car. Sugar you stay indoors girlfriend, that weather looks nasty, and we don't want you falling and getting hurt again. Have a great day everyone, stay safe, stay warm.

Love you all,

Saturday, January 20, 2007

The past 2 days


Last night I was just too tired to make an entry, and also in so much pain. I had that physical for social securitym and man was he rough on this aching body, lol. Told him I cannot lift right arm over my head, what's he do, grabs right arm and lifts. Well, I screamed as though I was being killed, face got red, started sweating, gasping for air, he knew then I was right. I had gone their with a bad pain in my right shoulder already and he made it worse. Now all day today it has been hurting nonstop. I hate pain. Anyways doctor said for a woman my age, I am in very poor health. I asked him what he meant by that and he said, well let's see you've had cancer, you got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe arthritis, and possibly a shoulder cup replacement will be needed and you may need oxygen eventually, plus your entirely too heavy. Well, duhhhhhhhhhhh like I don't already know that. Told him I am working on the weight thing now. Then he says ok, thank you, we are done and he leaves the room, huh, that's it? I guess now I just wait to hear from social security office.

Well, Jim was a man of his word today. He took me out to lunch. We took Rebecca with us of course. He took me to my old bosses restaurant. I was so happy to be there. Not only is the food absolutely fantastic, but the atmosphere is just so relaxing. My old boss wasn't there, he would be in for the dinner crowd. I was sad I didn't get to see him, but it was nice to go there. I took a couple of pictures of the dining area to show you how nice it is. Here is Dangelo's dining area.

And another photo of the art he had painted on the walls for it decor which gives it such a wonderful atmosphere.

We sat at this table today, right under this painted wall.

After we had our lunch, we went to Payless Kids. Rebecca needed boots to go with her new coat and snow pants she got for christmas. We found a pair she liked and they were on sale too, we got them for 10.00. She also wanted a pair of work boots like her daddy, lol. So we went to the boys isle and found her a pair of workboots, we got them for 13.99 on sale. Can't buy new shoes and not have new socks to wear with them, so 6 pr of socks, 4.99. Then we came home and I cleaned my livingroom, cause Rebecca refuses to do any picking up of her toys. I swear she's gonna wake up one morning and find that her toys are gone from the livingroom and put away. Anyways here is a pic of her snow boots, I couldn't get one of her workboots, she wouldn't let me take a picture of them yet, lol.

Don't know if I ever showed you, but this is her new coat from Uncle Joe.

Well, this is Rebecca being silly. She wanted my camera which is why her arms are up, lol.

See all that metal in her mouth from her dental work? I just love looking at her eyes. She has her daddys color eyes.

Last but not least, here she is practicing on her new guitar. Kid loves music just like her dad. Oh yea and computer's too. He works on computer tower, she has her face right in there watching and asking what he is doing. A mini Jim, lol.

She looks like a pro at this guitar thing, lol. But she's happy and enjoys that guitar, so that's all that really matters, right?

Oh one more thing, someone asked what I did at the restaurant. The correct answer is, what didn't I do, lol. I was cashier, waittress, cook, asst manager, all in one. I fired people, I hired people, I even made deliveries to the bad area when our drivers refused too, yep I sure did. I worked long hours cause people would call out. There was weeks at a time I worked 7 days a week. sun 11am to 10pm, mon to thurs 10am to 10pm, fri and sat 10am til 11pm. I worked those hours for weeks at a time, I didn't mind, I loved my job, I was friends with all my coworkers and I even liked my boss. LOL.

Well, that's about it for now. I am tired and I am in so much pain right now all I want to do is lay down. So hope your all having a good weekend.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

It showed it's ugly face today

Yep, it sure did. Old man winter done went and showed his ugly face here in Philadelphia. But it didn't last long, cause it turned to rain and melted it away, yippeeeeeee!!!!

I posted some recipes tonight in my diet journal. The diet shake Angie/CanyonSun04 told you about, plus 3 recipes I got from the weight watchers magazines my mother in law sent to me. I found like 50 recipes that sound so good that I will put in my diet journal. If you don't have the link or have it on your alerts it is:

Tomorrow is my last day of caring for Joe's mother. She will be going home to her daughter's house saturday morning. She hasn't been home in 2 month's. Before she came to Joe's house, she was in Pittsburgh at her oldest son Mike's house. Joe and his Mom found out last night that Mike is getting married next week on friday afternoon. It's just a small simple ceremony, but he wants his Mom and his brother Joe to be there. This is Mikes 3rd marriage, and his fiance's first. They own a horse farm, where they raise/board/and stud horses in Pittsburgh. I wish the 2 of them all the best. Mike had dinner with Joe, Mommom I, Jim, Rebecca and I last night. He looks great and happy. He has beat death 3 times already, and wants to marry his fiance, so there is no fighting in the family in case something happens to him again. He had cancer and beat it, heart attack and beat it, and a brain anorism (spelled wrong).

My daughter Emma came over today and cleaned for me. I only wanted her to do the kitchen and bathroom, but she did the livingroom and bedroom too for me. What a sweetheart she is. Let me tell you I now have the cleanest walls in Philadelphia now. Wow are they clean. Now I can hang all my rooster pictures and clock Emma gave me, cause the walls are done, finally.

Tomorrow at 1:pm I go to that doctor appointment that was set up for me from social security office. I'm going to have Emma use my van and drop me off there, then I will call her when I am done and have her come pick me up. It's meter parking there, and if meter runs out you better believe your getting a ticket for 100.00, and I don't want that. So it is best she drops me off.

I am really proud of my son in law Dan. Today marks the 5 year anniversary of him being clean and sober. I am so proud of him. He is doing great at not drinking or using anymore. All he cares about now is taking care of his wife and kids and his job. I'm very lucky to have him as my son in law. Jim and I think he is a wonderful man for Emma.

Jim's been real nice the past 2 days. He is taking me out to lunch saturday. He said think about where I wanna go. I already know where. I want to go to an italian restaurant my old boss owns in Cinnaminson, New Jersey called Dangelos. His food is awesome, and I really liked him as my boss when I worked for him years ago. I walk in the door of his place now and he yells, CINDY and gives me a big hug. He told me I was very honest, hard working and caring when I worked for him. He's even asked me if I want a job, but I told him I can't work anymore. Lifting, walking and standing without getting out of breath are hard on me now. I wish I could go back to work for him, he was the best boss I ever had. He'll be surprised to see me saturday.

Well, guess that's about it for tonight. I am gonna check my email for a few minutes, then I am going to bed. I am tired, it's been a long week for me. Hope your all warm and cozy in your homes tonight and have a good night's sleep.

Love you all,


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The rain has finally stopped. For days it rained and rained and I thought we'd never see the sun again, but this morning the sun is shining. It won't last long though, weather says rain and maybe snow mixed tomorrow into friday. Lovely, and I have a doctor's appointment for my social security disability claim on friday. It's ok though, cause my daughter Emma is going to drive me there and pick me up afterwards, I don't drive in snow or ice. Emma does, she is a dare devil like her Dad, those 2 are so much alike it is scarey, lol.

I want to thank everyone for all your nice comments and thoughts and prayers for Joe's Mom. She is doing great, and looks so much better with her energy back. She's been eatting really good, and drinking plenty of water now. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Joe said his Mom weighs 104 lbs now. That is awesome, cause she was 95lbs. Her doctor wanted her to gain some weight, and she is. It was cute yesterday, with Rebecca watching over Mommom I. Uncle Joe had asked Rebecca to make sure his mom eats and drinks her water, so every half hour or so, Rebecca would hand mommom I her bottle of water and say, I think you should drink some more water. Mommom I asked Rebecca what's gonna happen if she don't drink it, teasing her. Rebecca said I'm gonna tell Uncle Joe you were bad and didn't drink your bottle of water, lol. The lil rat. Mommom I slept til 10:am yesterday, so I am giving her some time this morning before I go downstairs this morning.

Well, Jim left for work this morning without saying goodbye to me. We had a small argument last night. I was making dinner and cleaning the kitchen and he comes home at 4:55pm, well at 5:05 he is out the door again. Taking Joe for a ride to store in the van cause Joe hasn't been in it yet. The store is 3 blocks away he wanted to go too, but it took 2 hours to come home. Store my butt. Then he comes up here, and says Joes cooking dinner. Um, hellooooooooo I have dinner cooked already. So he gets mad at me. I didn't do anything wrong, I was cleaning and cooking, he's the one who came home and left 10 minutes later and didn't come back for 2 hours. This morning he gets up and instead of making coffee he goes to WaWa and buys himself a large container of coffee and comes home to drink it. Instead of throwing the empty cup in the trash it is left on the counter near the coffee pot, like he was teasing me or something with it. He leaves me a note on board in kitchen, clean this dump up also. I clean and I clean, and it seems I am the only one cleaning. I have Rebecca trashing this apartment and refusing to pick up her toys, Jim leaves clothes laying all over, he'll make himself breakfast and leave the mess for me to clean up, and when it comes to me wanting 5 minutes alone, it's like why what are you doing? I can't go pee without Rebecca opening the door to come in. He says I stay up all night, well at night after Rebecca and Jim are in bed, that is when I get my "Me" time. It ain't like anything is gonna happen when I go to bed, cause with Rebecca sleeping in the same room, we don't have sex. I couldn't even tell you when the last time it was when we were intimate. It doesn't bother me though, I can live without it. I actually wish we had 3 bedrooms, that way I could have my own room also, lol. Well, all I know is his mood had better be alot better when he gets home tonight or I will open a can of whoopass on him for sure, lol.

Anyways, today is a nice day and I am going to enjoy the sunshine while we have it. It's cold though. The temperatures have dropped about 30 degree's since the other day, what a difference. I am thinking Spring warmth already. In the next couple weeks I'll be starting on my search of finding a bigger place to live. This 1 bedroom apartment is really getting on my nerves now. No room to move around, no storage, no bedroom for Rebecca of her own, no washer and dryer hookups so I can use my own, and all these stairs to climb all the time. And with my breathing problem the stairs don't help.

Guess I will go now, it is 9:40am, and I am going to start getting ready to head downstairs to take care of Joe's Mom. I may have her come up here later, and sit while I clean up a bit. Hope you all enjoy your day. Keep warm, cause it's cold outside, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Monday, January 15, 2007


Today I think was a day of inspiration. I witnessed a very sick woman just a few days ago make a complete turn around and was back to her old self again. The strenghth she shows on a day to day basis is just amazing. There has been quite a few times where she was literally on her death bed, but because of the love for her family and from her family she survived. In 1972 the vehicle she was in with her husband was hit by a drunk driver. She was in the hospital for 14 weeks, her arm, 2 ribs, and leg broken, her jawbone crushed and the loss of sight in her right eye, in a coma for 12 weeks. She said she seen a bright light and when she felt at peace to walk into it, an angel took her by the hand and stopped her. Told her to go back, it wasn't her time yet, she was still needed on earth. She was soon well enough to go home. Home to a place where her 4 children were waiting for her along with her husband. She could no longer work to help her husband support the family they made together. She was smart enough to have a special fund when she was working that helped with the bills. Later she was able to collect disability. Three years after the accident she lost her husband. He died of heart disease. Together they had shared 30 years together, and made 3 sons and 1 daughter. She was left alone to raise the 2 youngest on her own. She had rough times, had to really stretch her money, but she did it. Her handicap of being blind in one eye did not stop her. She helped in raising quite a few of her grandchildren also. The other day when she was admitted into the hospital she didn't look good at all. She was weak, grey in skin color and her hands were blue. This morning I go downstairs and wow. She is dressed, cooking her breakfast, color back in her skin, rosy cheeks, full of energy. What an inspiration this woman is to me and those around her. She is just an awesome, amazing lady, and I hope when I am her age I have the spunk, the willpower to be like her. The person is Mommom I, Joe's mother. Her name is Evelyn Ianovale. She is 78 yrs old and full of energy today. She ate real good today too. Scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast, along withcoffee and juice. 2 bananas, crackers, strawberry's, cantelope. For lunch I made her an grilled cheese sandwich with tomato on sugar free bread I bought her. She loved it and ate the whole sandwich, drank a bottle of water too. Her sugar level was great this morning, 119. Tomorrow she has 2 doctor's appointments. Joe is working half a day then coming home and taking his Mom to see the doctor's. Rebecca kept an eye on mommom I all day today. She was told by her Uncle Joe to make sure his mommy eats and drinks plenty of water, and that's exactly what she did too. She would tell mommom I, I think you need more water and would hand her the bottled water to drink, then she shared her fruit bowl I had fixed for her to snack on while we were downstairs. She was so proud of herself for taking care of mommom. I am so glad and so honored for the time I get to spend with Mommom I, she is just so pleasant to be with, to talk too. I love hearing her stories about her childhood and about raising her kids. Not anything she talks about is at all boring. What a strong, independent loving person she is. Rebecca and I will be with her tomorrow until Joe gets home, and each day until she is able to go back home to her daughter's house. Her doctor told her she can't right now, because if she catches pnuemonia it will not be good for her at all. So she will be at her son's house until her daughter is better. Which is fine by me, I enjoy spending time with her.

Made my entry in the diet journal tonight also. If you haven't got the link it is:

Guess I had beter go to bed now. I am exhausted and have to get up at 6am. I promised Jim I would fix him a mushroom omelet for brekfast and fix him a thermos of hot soup for lunch tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful monday, and hope you have an even better tuesday.

Love to all,

Sunday, January 14, 2007

What a weekend

This has been a long weekend. I hurt all over, I'm tired. Saturday was a major cleaning day. I was in the bedroom from 11:am until 9:pm. I moved furniture, cleaned out closet, threw out a bunch of junk, went through papers, dusted, vacuumed, hung curtains, changed linens. Jim said if I ask him to move one more piece of furniture or carry one more bag of trash down the steps and out back to the trash cans, he's gonna tie me up, lol. By the time I was done last night, I was just too worn out. I took a hot shower, watched the Eagles lose an important game then I went to bed. Rebecca woke me up at 3:30am cause she was thirsty and had to go potty also. So, took her to go potty, gave her a drink of water and back to bed we went. She woke me up at 8:am again, and said Mommy it's daylight, get up. Why me????????? But I got up, gave her a glass of milk, made a pot of coffee, and relaxed for a while. After Jim got up around 10:30, I went back into the bedroom, cleaned out his dresser, and put away all his clothes, put all mine away, made the beds, gave Rebecca a bath and washed her hair. Got her dressed and hair done. What did she do all day today? She was on computer all day. Would not let Jim or I on it, lol. She's such a computer hog, lol. The kid is just too good on the computer. Fixed a nice dinner tonight. I needed some energy, protein, so I made steaks broiled in the oven, Jims was topped with sliced mushrooms and onions, mashed taters and gravy, and a big salad. I ate half the steak, man was it good, 2 tablespoons mashed taters, about 1/3 cup gravy, and a big bowl of salad. I was so full afterwards, and I'm still full. I did feel better eatting that steak though, lol. I usually don't eat red meat cause my cholesterol is so high, but today I needed it for the extra fuel. Tomorrow I am making chicken veggie soup. I love soup.

Well, my daughter shared a bit of scarey news with me. It seems my grand daughter Marissa has taken to climbing out the window, before sunrise, taking her pillow and blanket, and a back pack stuffed with all sorts of things and going camping in the yard, by herself. I told Emma she is lucky none of the neighbors witnessed this and called the police. She's also lucky Marissa didn't just take off and get lost. Marissa said she just wanted to go camping. I told Emma she better keep all the windows securely locked, even those tabs where you can only open window a couple inches should be out so if she does get window unlocked she won't fit out it cause that tabs are out. She has grounded Marissa for 1 week, no tv, no walkman, just sit in your room.

Well, tomorrow I start going downstairs all day to sit with Joes mom and make sure she is ok. Joe has to go back to work tomorrow, so I know he will be worried about her, but not if I am down there. She gets up about 8:30am, so I will make sure I am down there then, to help her. So, since my day is gonna be a busy one tomorrow, I will say goodnight to you all.



Friday, January 12, 2007

My day and about Mommom

Well, I just got home. All day it took me to do my errands. And dragging Rebecca along made it seem even longer. Ok, Rebecca's orders today, buy juice, Capri Sun bags, cherry flavor, got em on sale, 1.68 for a box of 12. A yellow plastic fish flip top container so she can carry around her cheese nips in it, which she calls them crunchies. She wanted strawberries, well at 3.99 a pint I had to say no no no. So we got grapes instead, 68 cents a pound. She was happy and so was my wallet, lol. Got my laundry done, yippeeeeeeeeee, won't have to run around naked now. Believe me it wouldn't be a pretty sight. Last but not least the bank. Circled the block and parking lot 3 times before I finally found a parking spot about a zillion cars away. Got my excercise in there though, cause it's uphill to the bank. I have done so much walking, lifting, carrying, bending today, and believe me I am feeling it too. My back feels like a baseball bat has been slammed against it a few time, and leg pain, oh my god. I got the groceries carried up and put away, but the laundry will wait until Jim gets home. I did find something I think I will like to eat on my diet. Food basics had a wheat and oat sugar free bread. They have their own bakery there, so it was fresh baked. There was 2 loaves, I bought them both at 1.38 each.

Ok, now as for Mommom I. Joe said she was admitted last night. She was very dehydrated. This morning around 11am doctor calls and says I am going to release your Mom in a couple hours. Joe says ok he will be there in 1 1/2 hours. He got her a change of clothes, hairbrush, tooth paste and tooth brush, her purse and headed to the hospital. He is 4 blocks away and gets a call from doctor on his cellphone. He is keeping Mommom in the hospital, her red blood cell count is dangerously low, and he wants her to get blood. He will call tomorrow to let Joe know if she can come home or not. Joe's sister Lucy had to go to doctor's, she has pnuemonia. And now Mommom I can't go home until Lucy is better. So she will be staying with Joe another week. Joe has to go back to work monday, and he is afraid to leave his Mom home alone. So he asked me if I could home sit for him and take care of his mom while he is at work. I told him no problem. I love Mommom I very much and I am more then happy to help care for her. He is going out and buying a shower chair for her. I told him it is a good idea, so she can sit in shower and have less chance of falling. I am to make sure she eats breakfast and lunch, takes her medication and drinks plenty of water. Well, that's about it for now. Hope your all having a great day.


Love to all,


Winter, yuck.


I don't know why it is, but winter is so depressing. So, for this entry I am filling it with flowers and pretending it's Spring, lol. I love these first graphic. Not only is it just beautiful, but the flowers happen to be my favorites. So, thank you Cab for the beautiful work you put into this.

Well, let's see where do I start? Yesterday morning I was downstairs sitting with Mommom I, while Joe ran to do some errands. He had to go to the bank, Walgreens and HomeDepot. He didn't want to leave his Mom alone for a very good reason. It seems wednesday morning she blacked out and fell on the kitchen floor while making pancakes. Joe was in the shower and never knew about it. His Mom had come too before he was done showering. She never told him what happened. He didn't find out until later wednesday evening when his Mom announced she had a lump on the back of her head. He asked how it happened, if she had bumped her head, and she says maybe it happened when I woke up on the floor this morning. Oh my was Joe upset. He told his Mom from now on if anything like that happens, she has to promise to tell him or anyone else. She promised to tell him, but will she? I don't think she will, because this lady does not like anyone fussing over her, she is so stubborn. Now I know where Joe gets his stubborness from, lol. So, Joe leaves for his errands yesterday morning and right away Mommom wants to go take laundry from washer and put in dryer. Hellooooooo, I don't think so. I made her butt stay put on that couch, and I went down to the basement and put her clothes in the dryer. I also folded the ones that were in the dryer, so she had no excuse to go down there. She mentioned her sugar was high, 184. Yep definately too high for her. Joe said his Mom had Raspberry cheesecake wednesday when he took her to visit her SIL. So thats where the high sugar level came from. So, while I was caring for her while Joe was running his errands, her doctor called. Seems Joe told his sister about their Mom's blacking out, and she was worried and called Mommom's doctor. He wanted her in his office at 2:30. Mommom tried to make excuses, her son was doing errands had a busy day planned, she didn't know if she could make it. Well, thank goodness I carry my cell with me. I called Joe, told him doctor wants his Mom in his office at 2:3o today, he said she'll be there. So with a loud voice I said tell your doctor you'll be there, lol. The doctor heard me too, cause mommom said ok see you at 2:30, heehee aren't I a stinker? Mommom says, it's gonna be a long day since I have to go to doctor's. She was mad I think. I told her well you got 2 choices, go to doctor's and make sure your ok, or sit here and deal with your 4 children and me, lol. She says, I think I will go see the doc, lol. I know her kids, Mike, Joe, Lucy and Tony would not leave her alone if she didn't go. All 4 of them are just as stubborn as she is, lol. Plus her grand daughter is in her 3rd year of nursing school and she would of been all over Mommom if she didn't go. They didn't get home til late, so I don't know yet what happened or what doctor said. I will find out later and let you know.

Well, I got a call from my sister Helen in New Jersey. Her second son Brian was arrested and put into jail with no bail. She was upset but she agree's with me that maybe it will change his ways. You see he got caught in school 2 yrs ago with marijuana. He was expelled and had to do 500 hours community service, pay 1000.00 fine and be put on probation for 5 years. Well, he never went to probation meetings the past few times, and when he finally did call and go, the probation officer had the cops there waiting for him, and he was arrested. Now he is crying help mommy. She told him judge said no bail, your in here til court Jan 19th and then he might even make him finish his time on probation in jail, according to the lawyer. It just makes me so mad, that these teenagers nowadays think they know everything and can get away with it, that the grownups are stupid or something. Guess Brian learned the hard way who the stupid one is. Helen has 4 son's, 19, 18, 16, 14. Beings Brian got in trouble, it scared the 16yr old who was trying to follow Brian, right into going to school everyday, doing his homework and listening to his parents. I am so glad he changed his ways. Helen works 2 jobs and her husband works full time for the city, so they don't need to be at work and worry about what the kids are doing. Those kids are old enough to know better.

Well, as for today, woke up at 6:30 with horrible ripping pains in my stomach. Went to use bathroom and got me a bad case of diareha. Always happenswhen I diet. Been in that bathroom 3 times already this morning. Hope it doesn't last all day, because Rebecca and I have alot to do today. We are going to laundry mat, bank, grocery shopping. Jim carried all the baskets and laundry bags of laundry down stairs and put them in the van for me before he left for work this morning and took out the trash too. He's such a good hubby, I am so blessed having him for my husband, even though every once in a while I could just smack him, lol. But I don't smack him, cause he says he might like it, the perv, lol. But I love him.

Well, it's cloudy and cold today. No sunshine, grrrrrrr. I hate winter month's. And now there saying we may get snow on tuesday. Noooooooooooo, I don't want it. I don't like winter, snow, ice, cold arctic winds. I need to live in a warmer state, lol. I'd better get my butt in gear and get my day started or I'll never get it all done. So take care all and have a wonderful day.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Woke up this morning with a headache, and with me it's a sign for a bad day ahead. I hope not, cause my day is kind of full today. This morning I have to go downstairs and sit with Joes Mom. He has some errands to do, should take about an hour or two he said. Joe only found out last night that his Mom had fallen yesterday when he walked down to the deli for milk. She didn't tell him all day. So, while he is out running errands I will go downstairs and take care of Mommom I. Joe and his 2 brothers and 1 sister really worry about their Mom. She has very poor health. A bad heart, diabetic, high blood pressure, and gallbladder should be removed but since her heart is so bad they said she wouldn't survive having her gallbladder removed. So last year they inserted a tube into her to drain the fluid that build up and causes her to get sick. The tube was clogged and not draining properly, so she had to have it replaced 2 days ago. I think they should of kept her over night at least but instead they released her. Insurance company said it wasn't an emergency for them to keep her at the hospital. Ummmm, hello this is a 78 yr old woman in very poor health and a high risk and it's not an emergency? I swear the president needs to worry about our insurance companies and not about sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq like he wants too. I see no end to this war in the near future. To any of you with husbands, brothers, sons, uncles, sisters, daughters who are serving in the military right now, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Well, I got my kitchen cleaned and organized yesterday. The pantry closet was a total disaster, but not anymore. I threw alot of things out. I have this thing now, where if it ain't being used and I haven't used it in a while, trash it goes. I filled up a 39 gallon trash bag with trash. I did find a couple things I haven't been able to find lately.

Well, I'd better go now. Joe will be calling within the hour to say he wants to go on his errands, so I better get Rebecca and I dressed and fed before he calls. Have a great day all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007




What You have?
WHat you have Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Oseoathritis, Degenerative spine with spures, possible multiple sclerosis, and stii man sydrome. Bursitis on both hips, Heart palpitations, I kind of forget really what all I do have.
What YOu Can't do?  walk for very far with my walker or cane, I get out of breath, or to walk up the stairs as well. To write, it's very hard. Sit on certain chairs, hurts if I do it anyway, Stretch my arms out all the way, Actually, it would be easier to tell you what I can do. That list would be so much shorter.
What you NEED to live a comfortable life?  Space to get around in my wheel chair, things lower for me to reach as well. A Sleep number bed, my living room furniture to be softer and comfortable for me as well so I can sit in there with my family. The hot tub that my doctor is throwing a fit over. And ramps both front and back.
Please copy and paste in an entry to spread the word. Lisa needs our help, lets join in together and help her.
Copy this entry and mail it to the address enclosed. On the back of the envelope write JLand Angels in big bold black letters. Angie and I both sent in our letter to them, and so is Nancy, my soon to be sis in law. Lets show them how very important this is and also show them how much Lisa needs this.
Lisa's email address to give them is
Send to: Extreme Makeovers (Region05)
                Box 78
                10061 Riverside Dr.
                Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Good Morning

Good morning. And what a cold morning it is too, brrrrrr. I guess winter is showing it's ugly head finally. I was really loving the warm weather until the rain came in and chased it away. Today the high here in Philadelphia will be about 36 degree's. Cold and very windy the weatherman said. I have to venture out this morning and go get some laundry done, otherwise we'll be going around naked, lol. Hmmmm, that won't be a pretty site at all, lol. Jim just left for work. He walks because it is only 2 blocks away. He was all dressed warm, and had his lunch bag in hand. Rebecca is watching NOGGIN. She'll be asking for her breakfast soon, always does when I start something on the computer. Kids, grrrrrrrrrr, lol.

Mommom I had surgery yesterday and when she got home she didn't look well at all. Her color was white as a ghost, her hands were blue and she was shivering so bad she couldn't talk. Joe made her some hot soup and she got sick all over herself. He came running up here for me to help. I told him to stay up here with Rebecca and I would take care of everything and Mommom. So, I went downstairs got her all cleaned up and into a set of warm pajamas, got her settled on the couch, laying down and covered her with 2 blankets. Made her a big mug of iced water, to get her veins pumping that blood and to make those blue hands a normal color again. Made her a cup of Candy Cane herbal tea to settle her stomach and it worked. She fell asleep and slept for 4 hours, Joe said. I cleaned up the mess where she had gotten sick and put her things into the washer she was wearing. Joe was so worried about her, but I told him she will be fine. Her pulse was normal and she had no fever, incision in her stomach for the drain bag from her gallbladder drainage looked fine. I changed the bandage for her. This morning before I go to laundry mat I will go downstairs and help her shower, change the bandage again and get her dressed. Joe knows I love his mom dearly and I would do anything to help her. She is such a sweet  lady. 

Well, yesterday I took some silly pictures of Rebecca. She was modeling she said, lol. Also took one of all her nick nacks on her dresser to show you her collection. This child swears she needs more and can fit them on her dresser, yea right it looks full to me. Well let me get the pics in this entry for you. Hope you all have a great day.

Monday, January 8, 2007

Sooooooo tired

      Wow, what a busy night last night and day today I had. My grand daughter Marissa spent the night last night. I put the girls to bed at 9. Did they go to sleep? Nope, cause hubby did a lil too much partying watching Eagles game and had to keep the girls up, grrrrrrrrrr. I had to threaten to do bodily harm to him twice if he didn't stop keeping the girls awake with his silly stories, lol. So he finally goes into kitchen to grab a snack, in the mean time I got into pajamas and went to bed. He comes in room turns on light, I yell, off goes the light. I was just about ready to doze off he sneaks up behind me and says BOO, scares the hell out of me, I almost jumped out of the bed, but instead I told him I will punch you in your fricken head if you don't knock it off and get into this bed and go to sleep. I guess he knew I was mad, cause I don't even know what time he came to bed, I was asleep. I woke up at 6:30 he was still asleep, so I made the coffee and watched the morning news. He got up around 7am, said he was tired, lol. I told him that'll teach him for trying to keep us all awake. Tonight he was in bed at 8pm, old fart, lol. The 2 girls were a big handful today. My god they worked my nerves. They have trashed the house, again. Tomorrow I will clean it before I go out for a walk with Rebecca. Tonight I spent the evening going through emails. I had 195 emails tonight when I signed on. It's showing I have 15 now, whew.

I went to the post office today. Mailed my SIL to be Nancy a big envelope. I found some really pretty stationary at Target on clearance from christmas, and I know she would love it, so I sent it to her. Nancy said I am getting the first letter written with it. Cool. After the post office I took Rebeca and Marissa to McDonalds to get them a Happy Meal. They chose chicken nugget meals with apple juice. Then we went to Emma's for a while. After about an hour Rebecca and I left and we went to the dollar store. Mommom I needed a new magnifying glass so she could read. I got her 3 of them, small, medium and large. Three in a pack for 1.00, can't beat that deal. She loved them. Rebecca seen some nick nacks she just had to have for her dresser. One is a lizzard, a giraffe and a fish. I will take pics of her dresser tomorrow and show you her assortment of nick nacks, she is worse then me when it comes to them, lol.

As I was getting Rebecca strapped into her car seat today, I stood up too quick not realizing how low the van is and banged my head. Talk about hurt, wow I saw stars, I actually had to hold on. Got myself a lump on top my head and a major headache too. I took some tylenol, and I am going to bed in a few minutes. Well, guess that is about it. Hope you all had a great day.



Happy Birthday to Emma



A first grandchild for Uncle Joe




Saturday, January 6, 2007

I feel old

Tomorrow January 7th, is my daughter Emma's birthday. She will be 27 yrs old, wow. I now feel old, lol. I can't believe it's been 27 years now since she came into my life. The day I gave birth to her, we were having a nasty snow storm. By the time the snow ended, there was almost 2 feet of the white stuff on the ground. Thirty seven hours of labor and finally my baby girl was born. Talk about painful, yikes. Dry birth, breache baby, and no pain killers at all. They had to use forceps to pull her out. While doing so tore me up and I received 36 stitches. Emma was born weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. Full head of dark hair and dark eyes. When they finally would bring her into my room after she was born and cleaned up and checked over, guess who got to hold her first? Nope, not me. Her daddy was right there with open arms ready to welcome his first daughter into his life. He did that with Rebecca also. Hmmmmm, how come I'm the one who carries these girls 9 months, goes through labor and a c section, throwig up the whole 9 months with both girls, swollen ankles, acid reflux and daddy gets to hold them first, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL.

Tomorrow Emma and her family are coming over for dinner. It is a birthday dinner for Emma. I am making Tortellini, meatballs and sausage, a big salad. Emma says no cake mom. Yea right, like I'm really gonna listen, lol. Yep I got a cake and icecream too, heeeheee. Deal with it Emma, lol. Also got some shrimp, cause this girl loves shrimp. And if there wasn't any she would complain. I had no idea what to get her for her birthday. So, we got her a gift card to Target, and 2 birthday cards. One from Jim and I and one from her sister. And yes, I will be taking pictures.

Monday starts my diet. Went to store today and bought lots of fresh fruit and veggies. I am determined to do this. Well, it is late and I am tired. I think I will go to bed now. Jim is asleep on the couch. I will leave him there, he'll get up later and come to bed. Hope your all enjoying your weekend.


Thursday, January 4, 2007

Go ahead and snag

With all the dieting going around here in Jland, I thought I'd share some of the graphics I have found with you all. Also I want to remind you of the new journal I have set up called WE CAN DO IT. I know some of you may not feel comfortable letting the world know your actual weight, so how about this idea. On mondays when the entry is posted instead of putting down your actual weight in the comments, how about just putting your lbs you lost or gained, but I feel we're all gonna put lbs we lost, cause we're determined to lose the unwanted weight. Does that sound like a better idea?

If you missed the entry to WE CAN DO IT that I posted the other night, here is the link.

This journal is public, which is why I think just posting the weight loss and not our actual weight would be a better idea for everyone. Hope you join in on the fun. Go ahead and snag any of the graphics or all of them if you like.








Tuesday, January 2, 2007

photo scavenger hunt 101






LOVE TO ALL.......................CINDY

Past and Present

 The year 2006 is behind us all now. All the hardships, losses, all gone with the passing of the past year. A new year has begun for all of us. A fresh start in making our lives a little better then the year before. A new beginning for memories, for love, and for whatever we want in our lives. I have no new year resolutions, just have things I would like to come about in this new year. One thing I know I really want is to move into a bigger home. Now that my Rebecca is 5 years old she needs her own room. She has slept in the same bedroom as Jim and I since she was born. Yes, I am an over protective Mom. I feel better having her in my room where I know she is safe and I can look over at her during the night and make sure she hasn't rolled out of her bed, or kicked off her covers. I just feel secure knowing she is in my room asleep and safe. People have told me I should of fussed over the 12 day issue of her missing out on going to kindergarten. She missed the school start date by 12 days. But you know what, even though I could of put up a fuss and maybe got her into kindergarten, I am glad I didn't. I am not ready to have my baby grow up. I'm not ready for her to become independent and not be by my side during the day. I enjoy her company, our tea parties and coloring together, or just her sitting on my lap and looking at the computer with me. I enjoy our walks together, and our talks, and just spending time together. I know the time will come when I will have to let go and she will start school, bath herself, dress herself and put on her own coat, but right now I just want to enjoy being her Mommy and doing all that for her. It makes me feel great knowing that this little person depends on me for so much. Sometimes I complain about her making such a mess and not cleaning up her toys, but in my heart I know a few years from now she will be cleaning up her mess all by herself and I will miss doing the little things like that for her. When my Emma turned 6yrs old, she became so independent. She bathed, dressed and combed her own hair, didn't need my help as much anymore. She was 6 going on 16. Rebecca is busy right now playing with her dollhouse that Angie I mean Santa gave her for christmas. She loves it, Santa!!!!!!!! All the stressing I did over the holidays last year, and Jim losing his job really took a toll on me, but thanks to a few of you here in Jland who helped me so very much to give my daughter a wonderful christmas I felt better. Jim's unemployment was approved and we were able to get the van and pay off some bills. We even had enough to pay the entire 6 mos insurance policy off and not have to worry about a payment each month. Income tax refund this year is going to be used to move with only. I want a bigger home, with a laundry room and a back yard. A yard big enough where I can have a vegetable garden and an herb garden. One where I can put up a swingset for Rebecca and my grandchildren to play on. I think I will go to a realtor when the time comes, and let them help me find a home. I want one where after a year or two the landlord isn't gonna tell me he is selling the house and I have to move. I want to be able to live there for many years. And I want a contract that states I can. I just want to be able to feel I am home. And I definately want out of this city. Just too much crime and traffic. The year 2006 we had over 400 murders here in Philadelphia alone. I worry about drive by shootings, I worry about my child and grandchildren having to attend these schools here. I worry about the people who have no respect for the law and run red lights and don't stop at a stop sign. A couple weeks ago Rebecca and I were crossing the street and some jerk, music blasting ran a stop sign and almost hit us while we were crossing the street. What ever happened to giving the pedestrian the right of way? I am holding my childs hand, carrying a store bag and walking with my cane and he's in a hurry and almost runs us over. Ignorant and uncaring jerk, is what he is. I want to lose some weight, but I am not making it a new years resolution to do so. I just know I have to due to my health issues. Having high blood pressure, I know it is dangerous to be over weight. Even if I can lose 1 or 2 pounds a month, I will be happy. I know for a fact trying to lose alot all at once always backfires. I have spent thousands of dollars over the years on diet aids and none of them worked for me. What works is lots of water, staying away from junk food, fast food and fried greasy foods. Adding more veggies and fruits to your daily routine is a big help. You don't have to do strenuous exercises either. Take a walk around the block, or walk in place lifting your legs like your marching while watching a 30  minute tv show. I have done that and it does work. Or put on some music and dance for 15 minutes. As long as you are moving on a regular basis and watching what you eat you will lose weight. I am planning a dieting journal. I am gonna ask my mother in law who was an RN for almost 50 years to help me in getting recipes, tips and exercises that won't kill us doing, lol. I guess I will go now. I have alot to do today. I will make another entry tonight, most likely and tell you about my day.