Thursday, January 11, 2007

Woke up this morning with a headache, and with me it's a sign for a bad day ahead. I hope not, cause my day is kind of full today. This morning I have to go downstairs and sit with Joes Mom. He has some errands to do, should take about an hour or two he said. Joe only found out last night that his Mom had fallen yesterday when he walked down to the deli for milk. She didn't tell him all day. So, while he is out running errands I will go downstairs and take care of Mommom I. Joe and his 2 brothers and 1 sister really worry about their Mom. She has very poor health. A bad heart, diabetic, high blood pressure, and gallbladder should be removed but since her heart is so bad they said she wouldn't survive having her gallbladder removed. So last year they inserted a tube into her to drain the fluid that build up and causes her to get sick. The tube was clogged and not draining properly, so she had to have it replaced 2 days ago. I think they should of kept her over night at least but instead they released her. Insurance company said it wasn't an emergency for them to keep her at the hospital. Ummmm, hello this is a 78 yr old woman in very poor health and a high risk and it's not an emergency? I swear the president needs to worry about our insurance companies and not about sending 20,000 more troops to Iraq like he wants too. I see no end to this war in the near future. To any of you with husbands, brothers, sons, uncles, sisters, daughters who are serving in the military right now, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Well, I got my kitchen cleaned and organized yesterday. The pantry closet was a total disaster, but not anymore. I threw alot of things out. I have this thing now, where if it ain't being used and I haven't used it in a while, trash it goes. I filled up a 39 gallon trash bag with trash. I did find a couple things I haven't been able to find lately.

Well, I'd better go now. Joe will be calling within the hour to say he wants to go on his errands, so I better get Rebecca and I dressed and fed before he calls. Have a great day all.


  1. Well, I agree, they kick people out of the hospital entirely to quick, and I agree on the war. I do support the troops and I am curious as to what THEY think and what THEY want, I really wish I knew that. My heart goes out to all the serve as well, and to all the wives/husband , mothers/fathers, and children that are seperated as there loved one is serving overseas. Often they become the forgotten.
    I hope Mommom will start looking up.
    Love ya Sis

  2. I hope Joe's mom does ok today.  She's lucky she didn't break a hip when she fell.  That could have been disasterous!  Hope you feel better today.  
    Love ya...Pam

  3. Hope your headache goes away & you have a good day.
    Poor MomMom, I feel for that little lady, I also feel they should've kept her overnight at the hosp, but insursance companys are the pits! Does she not have medicare?
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. They should have kept Mommom in hospital at least for a few days ~ I do hope she will be alright ~ glad you got the kitchen organized ~ hope you have a good day ~ Ally

  5. glad for you that you got that kitchen / pantry cleaned out because from the way you describedit to me girl it sounded like it really needed a really good straightening out...Are those idiots crazy????have they notgot elderly family members? stinks that the hospitals in this country can't keep a person of advanced age overnight just to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong with her
    Medicare sucks too, because what they are designed to do they don't
    and what they ought to cover ,they Won't! It's a stupid and a crazy world welive in today! Give mommom1 akiss from me and tell her i love her and if i could sissy i'd help you take care of her
    ((((((((((((hugs to joe)))))))))) you're a good man ....take care of this sweet lil lady she's the best friend you will ever have when you stop to think.Sissy ((((((((((((((hugs to you )))))))))))))) for being such a wonderful / caring person may god bless you take care and i luv ya sis

  6. I sure hope Joes mom will be okay.  Sounds like she's in good hands though.

  7. 39 Gallon bag?  That's alot of stuff you weren't using.  I like the idea of geting rid of something that isn't being used.  I throw (or give to good will each month or two)  Im not good with clutter.  :)     Tracy

  8. Spring cleaning a bit early? Good for you....hope your headache is better.


  10. I hope your headache got better.  Your cleaning sounds like mine....where do we get all that trash???  I swear I took 2 bags of it out of Miss T's room last weekend!

  11. I'm glad you're there to help Joe out with his mom. That's so sweet of you.
    Take care, Chrissie

  12. Hi Cindy,
    YOU are right about the insurance and the war.
    I guess I shouldn't get started.
    It angers me that he wants to put more troops in...20,000??
    For what?  To get killed?  Why should we care about Iraq.  We have people here, starving, homeless, no insurnace etc.  If he's so pro-war I think he should send his daughters there.
    I have a son and I sure don't want to see him go there.
    I find the whole thing senseless.
    Sorry to go off...
    Hope your day is good, I don't feel good either and have a split shift today.
    I am feeling headachey, sorechest, throat, the startings of something.

  13. I forgot to mention my main point, send all the troop home, please!!
    They belong with their families.

  14. That is so good that Joe and his siblings look after their mom.  There are so many elderly sick folks whose children don't give a crap about them.  Good job JOE!  And good for you getting that kitchen done...I have to do my bathrooms today. pet peeve. lol  Love ya and GBU, Shelly