Monday, January 22, 2007


Woke up this morning and what did I see? Snow, snow, snow!!! Man I hate winter. Totally ruined my day and plans for today. I was gonna go to grocery store, dollar store, thrift store, and maybe stop by Emma's so the girls can play for a while, but nooooooooo it snowed, and I do not drive in snow. I never have and I never will. I have had my driver's license for 29 years and I haven't driven in the snow yet, yep call me Big Chicken, lol. It's not my driving I worry about because I am a good driver, no tickets or anything, it's the morons out on the roads who just don't care or have respect for the priviledge of driving and the kids who are allowed to drive at such a young age, with no experience driving in winter weather. We have so many young teenagers here in Philadelphia getting into accidents. They talk on cell phones, blast music, run stop signs, red lights, they just don't care, or their showing off. So, in bad weather, my butt does no driving.

I wanted to take a picture of the snow, but when I tried to, it says my memory is full. Guess I better go get the pics developed on it soon so I can delete them all off my camera. I'll try to do that this week.

Well, this is day 4 with shoulder pain. I can't take this much longer. I took Sugar's advice and am using my heating pad. Right now as I sit here at the computer, my heating pad is on my shoulder with the temperature on as high as it will go. As long as there is heat on my shoulder, the pain doesn't hurt as much, but as soon as I take it off pain comes back big time. Since this surgery I had on my neck for the cancer, I have so many more problems. And I'd like to go back to that doctor I saw for soc sec and smack him a good one. My shoulder didn't hurt this bad before I went there. Now the pain is not just in my shoulder, it traveled the whole length of my arm now. And what sucks is it is my right arm and I am right handed, so I have to do everything with my left hand and man is that hard and frustrating.

Well, I really don't have much more to write about. Hard to think when pain is shooting through my arm. Grrrrr, where's my saw, lol. I guess I will go now. Hope everyone is well and didn't get muchsnow. I know Sugar did, I had to really look at the pic she posted to see her car. Sugar you stay indoors girlfriend, that weather looks nasty, and we don't want you falling and getting hurt again. Have a great day everyone, stay safe, stay warm.

Love you all,


  1. ((((((((((((((((( Cindy )))))))))))))))))))))) I wish there was something I could help you with or tell you. I just don't know about anything going on with your shoulder :(  Does it feel like a pinched nerve??? Or something more???


  2. Yep, it's messy here in NJ too and I have the same sort of plans on my office, bank, dollar store, Petsmart.  I HATE this mess.  I don't mind driving in it so much....I hate WALKING in it!!  I broke my foot in June and my ankle several years back and I am SO afraid of falling and breaking something again!!!  BUT...I don't like having things hold me back, so I'm heading out in it anyway.  (sigh)  Want me to pick up anything for you??? (lol!!)


  3. I'm not getting out the door (unless I fall out it again) in this weather!
    Don't burn yourself with the heating pad! And try a nice hot Epsom Salts bath & sink down in it to cover your shoulder!
    You need to have the Dr check it ASAP.
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. maybe you should call the doctor who streched your arm, when you told him not too and tell him now your in agonizing pain and he need to prescribe you some pain meds.  Hope your arm gets better.

  5. Hi Cindy,
    I'm so sorry you are in so much pain.  I could kick that Doc for ya!  What an idiot pushing your arm like that.  UGH they are so stupid sometimes.
    I know you don't like to drive in the snow, but if your arm hurts that bad you should go to see your own Doc about it.  At least they can just make sure it's nothing more serious. And maybe give you pain meds.  Maybe Emma or Jim could take you?
    Stay warm sweetie.  
    Love to you, Pam

  6. i agree with your reasons for not driving in the snow.  i my self refuse to drive in the snow either, partly because i am from florida where it never snows.  as safe as i am on the road i would probable cause an accident.  hope all is well

  7. call that doc and tell him how bad he hurt you idiot! hope you get some relief soon:)


  8. Cindy I hope that pain soon goes ~ that Stupid Doctor pulling it about and making it hurt so much ~ Ally

  9. I hope your shoulder starts to feel better soon!


  10. Cindy, I am chicken too, we got just alittle sleet and ice on the roads, barely could tell it was there. I won't drive in that mess.  Schools closed. Haven't seen a kid all day. Mine's at mom's, its been such a nice relaxing day.  And for your shoulder, sometimes rotating from, heat to ice, every 15 to 20 minutes. helps with the pain.
    You are such a strong person, you are an inspiration to me with all you've been through. Just with my little crap goin on, I whine and can't handle it. It's good to be reminded that there are others worse off than you, to make you look at your own life, and say, hey its not as bad as I thought. You take care of yourself.
    Always praying for you.
    God bless,
    Liz in Va.

  11. Call and complain ! And call again and again, ask to speak to a manager.
    I'm sorry , I love the snow...send it this way ! I saw some flurries a while ago but that all.

  12. i have to drive in snow all the time..NOT FUN.
    I hope somehow you get rid of the shoulder pain. You need to call that doctor and make the ass help you since he is the one who did this to you.
    LOVE, lisa

  13. Hi Cindy,
    I like the snow if not too much.
    So far we haven't even gotten an inch in our area, we got some yesterday afternnoon.  It was pretty coming down but wasn't enough if you ask my boy.  He's always hoping that it will snow and school will be shut down. Since I got the job at a school I'll be sitting with him on a snowy morning rooting for a snow day!
    The doctor that bent your arm, sure was an ass.
    I suppose you are reluctant to call and complain as your case lays in his hand.  It makes me mad to think what he did to you.
    Take care,