Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The rain has finally stopped. For days it rained and rained and I thought we'd never see the sun again, but this morning the sun is shining. It won't last long though, weather says rain and maybe snow mixed tomorrow into friday. Lovely, and I have a doctor's appointment for my social security disability claim on friday. It's ok though, cause my daughter Emma is going to drive me there and pick me up afterwards, I don't drive in snow or ice. Emma does, she is a dare devil like her Dad, those 2 are so much alike it is scarey, lol.

I want to thank everyone for all your nice comments and thoughts and prayers for Joe's Mom. She is doing great, and looks so much better with her energy back. She's been eatting really good, and drinking plenty of water now. She had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Joe said his Mom weighs 104 lbs now. That is awesome, cause she was 95lbs. Her doctor wanted her to gain some weight, and she is. It was cute yesterday, with Rebecca watching over Mommom I. Uncle Joe had asked Rebecca to make sure his mom eats and drinks her water, so every half hour or so, Rebecca would hand mommom I her bottle of water and say, I think you should drink some more water. Mommom I asked Rebecca what's gonna happen if she don't drink it, teasing her. Rebecca said I'm gonna tell Uncle Joe you were bad and didn't drink your bottle of water, lol. The lil rat. Mommom I slept til 10:am yesterday, so I am giving her some time this morning before I go downstairs this morning.

Well, Jim left for work this morning without saying goodbye to me. We had a small argument last night. I was making dinner and cleaning the kitchen and he comes home at 4:55pm, well at 5:05 he is out the door again. Taking Joe for a ride to store in the van cause Joe hasn't been in it yet. The store is 3 blocks away he wanted to go too, but it took 2 hours to come home. Store my butt. Then he comes up here, and says Joes cooking dinner. Um, hellooooooooo I have dinner cooked already. So he gets mad at me. I didn't do anything wrong, I was cleaning and cooking, he's the one who came home and left 10 minutes later and didn't come back for 2 hours. This morning he gets up and instead of making coffee he goes to WaWa and buys himself a large container of coffee and comes home to drink it. Instead of throwing the empty cup in the trash it is left on the counter near the coffee pot, like he was teasing me or something with it. He leaves me a note on board in kitchen, clean this dump up also. I clean and I clean, and it seems I am the only one cleaning. I have Rebecca trashing this apartment and refusing to pick up her toys, Jim leaves clothes laying all over, he'll make himself breakfast and leave the mess for me to clean up, and when it comes to me wanting 5 minutes alone, it's like why what are you doing? I can't go pee without Rebecca opening the door to come in. He says I stay up all night, well at night after Rebecca and Jim are in bed, that is when I get my "Me" time. It ain't like anything is gonna happen when I go to bed, cause with Rebecca sleeping in the same room, we don't have sex. I couldn't even tell you when the last time it was when we were intimate. It doesn't bother me though, I can live without it. I actually wish we had 3 bedrooms, that way I could have my own room also, lol. Well, all I know is his mood had better be alot better when he gets home tonight or I will open a can of whoopass on him for sure, lol.

Anyways, today is a nice day and I am going to enjoy the sunshine while we have it. It's cold though. The temperatures have dropped about 30 degree's since the other day, what a difference. I am thinking Spring warmth already. In the next couple weeks I'll be starting on my search of finding a bigger place to live. This 1 bedroom apartment is really getting on my nerves now. No room to move around, no storage, no bedroom for Rebecca of her own, no washer and dryer hookups so I can use my own, and all these stairs to climb all the time. And with my breathing problem the stairs don't help.

Guess I will go now, it is 9:40am, and I am going to start getting ready to head downstairs to take care of Joe's Mom. I may have her come up here later, and sit while I clean up a bit. Hope you all enjoy your day. Keep warm, cause it's cold outside, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.



  1. Glad to hear MomMom is doing better! :)
    Sorry about you & Joe being in an argument, hope things get better fast. {{{ }}}
    Have a nice day my friend.
    Hugs, Sugar
    (saw you left group?)

  2. So do you have that ARK buit yet??? can I get a room in it?? I am a hard worker! I'll even clean out the poop!

    enjoy  the break from the rain!!!!!


  3. OMG Cindy..No offence but Jim should NOT be treating you like that! Why should you clean up all the mess, because you're a woman?? That's horse crap!!

    *HUGS*...I don't know what to say 'cos I don't wanna offend, but I think he should have respect for you!

    Hope you're ok,

    Love Ste

  4. Boy do I know what you mean about doing it all and them not understand that not only do we NEED alone time but DESERVE alone time. You will also find with weight loss the breathing will become easier, but with radiation, you know it will never be the same to. But it will improve.  If I were you, I would keep the cup Jim left, hide it and tonight when he goes to bed, put the cup out where he usually goes for his cup of coffee with a House Cleaning Bill on it and says DUE ON RECIEPT, enjoy your coffee.
    I love ya

    LIZ IN VA.

  6. I'm so glad that Joe's mama is doing better, that is great news :)

    I'm sorry that you and Jim had a small arguement. I think it's about the same in most marriages when it comes to household chores. I know Ben and I have had our rounds about it from time to time. After 16 years of marriage he's getting better,lol.

    Stay warm,

  7. I'd give Jim a big kick in the pants!  J/K....he's probably stressed out, guys have a different way of showing it than women.  ALL men are the same though, they won't lift a finger to help you, even though half the mess is theirs, but when you decide to rebel and not clean, OMG all hell breaks loose.  Hope all is better tonight!


  8. Hi Cindy...
    Why do men think that when they end their work day, their work is done for the day??????
    A woman's work is never done.
    I think you ought to leave his coffe cup out in the morning for him...empty.
    Take care,

  9. he sounds frustrated, as you are. Maybe you two can find time for sex when she is not there..when she is visiting someone else. It is so cold in Ohio now but no snow yet.

  10. men....can't live with them, can't live without them and you sure can't shoot em.....gotta love them.  Mine can be the same way yesterday after I worked 8 hours and came home to.....what's for dinner????? whatever....just keep smiling! xox Barbara

  11. men are such babies sometimes!! Love the graphic..

  12. Must be something in the air, I had a fight with Barry too !!
    Rebecca is so cute with drinking the water ! She's a little mother hen !

  13. cold hands,warm heart?....I haven't heard that one since the last time my grandmother said it to me before she died.
    I don't blame you for giving jim a section of your mind ( he needs it!)you work your butt off cooking cleaning taking care of becca ( picking up the messes that she puts down) and taking care of mommom1 and I ( for 1) think you deserve some praise for all you do....
    I know i appreciate you being my sissy...and sis in lawsoon
    take care love you muahhhhhhhhh

  14. i totally forgot we still need to teach me the snagging technique because i love thes name tags

  15. Excuuuuuse me?!?!? "Clean this dump up?!"  Who the hell does he think he is to talk to you like that? He should be kissing your feet for everything that you do!!! Honey, you need a bat to hit him with! Geeezzzzzzz, all you do is cook and clean, cook and clean, and he doesn't appreciate it. You deserve more respect than that, and you definitely deserve more "ME" time. Kick his ass Cindy! Make sure you have extra cans of Whoopass at home always, LOL.

    I certainly hope you can find a bigger apartment, you really need it and 3 bedrooms would be perfect!

    Love ya, Mandy ~