Monday, January 8, 2007

Sooooooo tired

      Wow, what a busy night last night and day today I had. My grand daughter Marissa spent the night last night. I put the girls to bed at 9. Did they go to sleep? Nope, cause hubby did a lil too much partying watching Eagles game and had to keep the girls up, grrrrrrrrrr. I had to threaten to do bodily harm to him twice if he didn't stop keeping the girls awake with his silly stories, lol. So he finally goes into kitchen to grab a snack, in the mean time I got into pajamas and went to bed. He comes in room turns on light, I yell, off goes the light. I was just about ready to doze off he sneaks up behind me and says BOO, scares the hell out of me, I almost jumped out of the bed, but instead I told him I will punch you in your fricken head if you don't knock it off and get into this bed and go to sleep. I guess he knew I was mad, cause I don't even know what time he came to bed, I was asleep. I woke up at 6:30 he was still asleep, so I made the coffee and watched the morning news. He got up around 7am, said he was tired, lol. I told him that'll teach him for trying to keep us all awake. Tonight he was in bed at 8pm, old fart, lol. The 2 girls were a big handful today. My god they worked my nerves. They have trashed the house, again. Tomorrow I will clean it before I go out for a walk with Rebecca. Tonight I spent the evening going through emails. I had 195 emails tonight when I signed on. It's showing I have 15 now, whew.

I went to the post office today. Mailed my SIL to be Nancy a big envelope. I found some really pretty stationary at Target on clearance from christmas, and I know she would love it, so I sent it to her. Nancy said I am getting the first letter written with it. Cool. After the post office I took Rebeca and Marissa to McDonalds to get them a Happy Meal. They chose chicken nugget meals with apple juice. Then we went to Emma's for a while. After about an hour Rebecca and I left and we went to the dollar store. Mommom I needed a new magnifying glass so she could read. I got her 3 of them, small, medium and large. Three in a pack for 1.00, can't beat that deal. She loved them. Rebecca seen some nick nacks she just had to have for her dresser. One is a lizzard, a giraffe and a fish. I will take pics of her dresser tomorrow and show you her assortment of nick nacks, she is worse then me when it comes to them, lol.

As I was getting Rebecca strapped into her car seat today, I stood up too quick not realizing how low the van is and banged my head. Talk about hurt, wow I saw stars, I actually had to hold on. Got myself a lump on top my head and a major headache too. I took some tylenol, and I am going to bed in a few minutes. Well, guess that is about it. Hope you all had a great day.




  1. Sorry your head hurts.  Enjoyed this entry.  You sure are a busy lady!!  Hope you are able to sleep tonight without interruptions LOL!
    Love ya...Pam

  2. Dont  ya just love sleep overs? LOL I hope your head is ok...that must have hurt

  3. WOW, that is a crazy day.  SOrr you bonked your head! But least you can smile at you have a car to bonk it on ;)


  4. i hope you dont have a gooseegg on your head now. I hope you got a good nights rest. Sounds like the girls kept you busy. love,lisa

  5. lol husbands!
    I love all of your pictures :)
    I hope you get some rest!


  6. i am sorry you are tired, i am also!  dont ya love those men when they are in football mode?  next time just kick his butt, threatening bob does not usually work so well but when i come at him with a pot or frying pan he starts to realize i mean
    take care

  7. sounds like you had a busy weekend!  Have a great week too! : )  Love, Shelly

  8. Kids are precious but sometimes you just want peace and quiet and a clean house... for Christmas.. You know what is funny about us moms.. As soon as you do get some time away, you cry that you miss them... Im a freak like that.
    Get some rest. And I think its cute that hubby was so playful...
    Love c

  9. My husband did that also when we had a minivan.  OUCH!

  10. Hi Cindy,
    My you are busy...sorry you saw start.

  11. and i meant it too girl

  12. Sounds like the girls had a blast...sleep overs, at that age are always full of fun.  I hit McDonalds a lot with Will.  He always wants the cheeseburger happy meal...
    Hope your head feels better...been there done think you judge things right and then boom, there goes the bump! Feel better...have a great Thursday...hugs,

  13. Sorry about your head. That's funny about Jim. Glad the girls had a good time.
    Take care, Chrissie