Saturday, January 20, 2007

The past 2 days


Last night I was just too tired to make an entry, and also in so much pain. I had that physical for social securitym and man was he rough on this aching body, lol. Told him I cannot lift right arm over my head, what's he do, grabs right arm and lifts. Well, I screamed as though I was being killed, face got red, started sweating, gasping for air, he knew then I was right. I had gone their with a bad pain in my right shoulder already and he made it worse. Now all day today it has been hurting nonstop. I hate pain. Anyways doctor said for a woman my age, I am in very poor health. I asked him what he meant by that and he said, well let's see you've had cancer, you got high blood pressure, high cholesterol, severe arthritis, and possibly a shoulder cup replacement will be needed and you may need oxygen eventually, plus your entirely too heavy. Well, duhhhhhhhhhhh like I don't already know that. Told him I am working on the weight thing now. Then he says ok, thank you, we are done and he leaves the room, huh, that's it? I guess now I just wait to hear from social security office.

Well, Jim was a man of his word today. He took me out to lunch. We took Rebecca with us of course. He took me to my old bosses restaurant. I was so happy to be there. Not only is the food absolutely fantastic, but the atmosphere is just so relaxing. My old boss wasn't there, he would be in for the dinner crowd. I was sad I didn't get to see him, but it was nice to go there. I took a couple of pictures of the dining area to show you how nice it is. Here is Dangelo's dining area.

And another photo of the art he had painted on the walls for it decor which gives it such a wonderful atmosphere.

We sat at this table today, right under this painted wall.

After we had our lunch, we went to Payless Kids. Rebecca needed boots to go with her new coat and snow pants she got for christmas. We found a pair she liked and they were on sale too, we got them for 10.00. She also wanted a pair of work boots like her daddy, lol. So we went to the boys isle and found her a pair of workboots, we got them for 13.99 on sale. Can't buy new shoes and not have new socks to wear with them, so 6 pr of socks, 4.99. Then we came home and I cleaned my livingroom, cause Rebecca refuses to do any picking up of her toys. I swear she's gonna wake up one morning and find that her toys are gone from the livingroom and put away. Anyways here is a pic of her snow boots, I couldn't get one of her workboots, she wouldn't let me take a picture of them yet, lol.

Don't know if I ever showed you, but this is her new coat from Uncle Joe.

Well, this is Rebecca being silly. She wanted my camera which is why her arms are up, lol.

See all that metal in her mouth from her dental work? I just love looking at her eyes. She has her daddys color eyes.

Last but not least, here she is practicing on her new guitar. Kid loves music just like her dad. Oh yea and computer's too. He works on computer tower, she has her face right in there watching and asking what he is doing. A mini Jim, lol.

She looks like a pro at this guitar thing, lol. But she's happy and enjoys that guitar, so that's all that really matters, right?

Oh one more thing, someone asked what I did at the restaurant. The correct answer is, what didn't I do, lol. I was cashier, waittress, cook, asst manager, all in one. I fired people, I hired people, I even made deliveries to the bad area when our drivers refused too, yep I sure did. I worked long hours cause people would call out. There was weeks at a time I worked 7 days a week. sun 11am to 10pm, mon to thurs 10am to 10pm, fri and sat 10am til 11pm. I worked those hours for weeks at a time, I didn't mind, I loved my job, I was friends with all my coworkers and I even liked my boss. LOL.

Well, that's about it for now. I am tired and I am in so much pain right now all I want to do is lay down. So hope your all having a good weekend.



  1. sissy i'm saving this entry because i wanna save these beautiful pictures

  2. Hi Cindy. I was wondering why you hadn't made an entry yet.  Sorry that Doc tortured you like that.  I wonder if he'll put you through for Social Security? I hope he helps you.
    Love the pics of Rebecca as always. Her pink coat and boots are perfect! She's a regular little snowbunny!  
    Glad you had a nice time out to lunch. That restaurant looks so pretty!  I'd want to eat there!  Don't you miss certain things about working there?  
    Well enjoy your weekend girl.  Stay warm and give that cutie pie daughter of yours a kiss for me ok?
    Love ya, Pam

  3. Hi Cindy,
    I waitressed and then bartended for 15 years on the day shift at the same spot. I loved it there! You are right, most of the places I worked, we all got along, had fun...good old days, geesh, where does the time go? Then I quit and moved to TN. dumbest thing I've ever done.
    Glad to be back home now for 3 years in Detroit!
    Sorry the dr. was such an asshole today.
    I love Rebecca's pink boots and I love Hello Kitty.
    I think you getting that camera for Christmas was terrific.  You love it and it shows!
    Restaurant looks nice.
    We are supposed to get up to 3 inches of snow tomorrow, if so my son will be thrilled.
    Have a good night.

  4. i do hope the pain stops soon:) have a great Sunday


  5. I hope that pain has eased now ~ hope you get good news from Social Security ~ Loved the pictures of Rebecca and the restaurant I wouldn't mind dining there it looks lovely ~ Ally

  6. What a great looking resteraunt !! I love Italian places like that.....yummy!
    The coat and boots are awesome...

  7. i want to kick that doctors ass. He lost his compassion gene somewhere along the line. LOVE all the may have a rock star on your hands. That restaurant looks gorgeous.
    XO lj

  8. Hope you get to feeling better soon, just take it easy. Can you sink down in a hot tub of Epsom Salt Water? Try a heat pad on that shoulder too.

  9. That Doc could have very well worsened the condition on your shoulder. That was an unnessary thing for him to do. When he saw you were in pain he should have stopped. I have had shoulder surgery and I know how painful shoulder pain is. Your pictures were great. Hope you soon get to feeling better. Helen

  10. Nice restaurant. Why did you leave? Very nice to get taken out for Italian. My hubby doesn't care much for it so we don't go Italian often.
    love the pics.  Those boots are pretty nice. And you never know...she may start playing the guitar by ear.  That's the way my son learned (before he could read music).
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  11. I'm loving the pink Eagles hat!!  She's such a cutie.

  12. such cute pictures! xox and ^^^'s barbara

  13. I'm sorry that doctor was so rough on you and caused you more pain. The restaurant looks great and I'm so glad Jim took you out to eat. You deserved it! Little Miss Rebecca is just so adorable in her coat with her new boots!

    Hugs, Mandy ~