Friday, January 12, 2007

Winter, yuck.


I don't know why it is, but winter is so depressing. So, for this entry I am filling it with flowers and pretending it's Spring, lol. I love these first graphic. Not only is it just beautiful, but the flowers happen to be my favorites. So, thank you Cab for the beautiful work you put into this.

Well, let's see where do I start? Yesterday morning I was downstairs sitting with Mommom I, while Joe ran to do some errands. He had to go to the bank, Walgreens and HomeDepot. He didn't want to leave his Mom alone for a very good reason. It seems wednesday morning she blacked out and fell on the kitchen floor while making pancakes. Joe was in the shower and never knew about it. His Mom had come too before he was done showering. She never told him what happened. He didn't find out until later wednesday evening when his Mom announced she had a lump on the back of her head. He asked how it happened, if she had bumped her head, and she says maybe it happened when I woke up on the floor this morning. Oh my was Joe upset. He told his Mom from now on if anything like that happens, she has to promise to tell him or anyone else. She promised to tell him, but will she? I don't think she will, because this lady does not like anyone fussing over her, she is so stubborn. Now I know where Joe gets his stubborness from, lol. So, Joe leaves for his errands yesterday morning and right away Mommom wants to go take laundry from washer and put in dryer. Hellooooooo, I don't think so. I made her butt stay put on that couch, and I went down to the basement and put her clothes in the dryer. I also folded the ones that were in the dryer, so she had no excuse to go down there. She mentioned her sugar was high, 184. Yep definately too high for her. Joe said his Mom had Raspberry cheesecake wednesday when he took her to visit her SIL. So thats where the high sugar level came from. So, while I was caring for her while Joe was running his errands, her doctor called. Seems Joe told his sister about their Mom's blacking out, and she was worried and called Mommom's doctor. He wanted her in his office at 2:30. Mommom tried to make excuses, her son was doing errands had a busy day planned, she didn't know if she could make it. Well, thank goodness I carry my cell with me. I called Joe, told him doctor wants his Mom in his office at 2:3o today, he said she'll be there. So with a loud voice I said tell your doctor you'll be there, lol. The doctor heard me too, cause mommom said ok see you at 2:30, heehee aren't I a stinker? Mommom says, it's gonna be a long day since I have to go to doctor's. She was mad I think. I told her well you got 2 choices, go to doctor's and make sure your ok, or sit here and deal with your 4 children and me, lol. She says, I think I will go see the doc, lol. I know her kids, Mike, Joe, Lucy and Tony would not leave her alone if she didn't go. All 4 of them are just as stubborn as she is, lol. Plus her grand daughter is in her 3rd year of nursing school and she would of been all over Mommom if she didn't go. They didn't get home til late, so I don't know yet what happened or what doctor said. I will find out later and let you know.

Well, I got a call from my sister Helen in New Jersey. Her second son Brian was arrested and put into jail with no bail. She was upset but she agree's with me that maybe it will change his ways. You see he got caught in school 2 yrs ago with marijuana. He was expelled and had to do 500 hours community service, pay 1000.00 fine and be put on probation for 5 years. Well, he never went to probation meetings the past few times, and when he finally did call and go, the probation officer had the cops there waiting for him, and he was arrested. Now he is crying help mommy. She told him judge said no bail, your in here til court Jan 19th and then he might even make him finish his time on probation in jail, according to the lawyer. It just makes me so mad, that these teenagers nowadays think they know everything and can get away with it, that the grownups are stupid or something. Guess Brian learned the hard way who the stupid one is. Helen has 4 son's, 19, 18, 16, 14. Beings Brian got in trouble, it scared the 16yr old who was trying to follow Brian, right into going to school everyday, doing his homework and listening to his parents. I am so glad he changed his ways. Helen works 2 jobs and her husband works full time for the city, so they don't need to be at work and worry about what the kids are doing. Those kids are old enough to know better.

Well, as for today, woke up at 6:30 with horrible ripping pains in my stomach. Went to use bathroom and got me a bad case of diareha. Always happenswhen I diet. Been in that bathroom 3 times already this morning. Hope it doesn't last all day, because Rebecca and I have alot to do today. We are going to laundry mat, bank, grocery shopping. Jim carried all the baskets and laundry bags of laundry down stairs and put them in the van for me before he left for work this morning and took out the trash too. He's such a good hubby, I am so blessed having him for my husband, even though every once in a while I could just smack him, lol. But I don't smack him, cause he says he might like it, the perv, lol. But I love him.

Well, it's cloudy and cold today. No sunshine, grrrrrrr. I hate winter month's. And now there saying we may get snow on tuesday. Noooooooooooo, I don't want it. I don't like winter, snow, ice, cold arctic winds. I need to live in a warmer state, lol. I'd better get my butt in gear and get my day started or I'll never get it all done. So take care all and have a wonderful day.


  1. I agree Winter Yuck!
    Got you & your family in my prayers.
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. I agree with ya.  Florida looks better and better every day.

  3. I hate this miserable weather as well.  Glad Mommom went to the doctors, glad she did not do more damage in the fall, it must be such a worry.

  4. Hope you feel better and get all of your errands done.

  5. you said it all...winter yuck!  i agree it is very depressing.  i would much rather take the kids out to the park then sit there and freeze inside with the heat on  or shovel snow!

  6. Cindy I am glad Mommom is going to see her Doctor ~ it must be a worry for you all ~ Hope Joe got all his errands done ~ Hope your sisters son learns his lesson by being put in Jail ~ that is so sad ~ Ally

  7. yep winter yuck LOL we had snow again last night and its starting to snow again ugh have a good weekend


  8. I'm glad  Mommom went to the doctor. God Bless her !
    Sorry your not liking the cold, just send that snow to NY if ya get it.

  9. stand your ground did right by momom1 and i'm so glad you were there with her .
    LMAO,girl you got one of those too huh?...I think Jimmy and Paul are exactly alike far as being perverted goes...that's ok tho because they are our guys and we love them ( JUSTTHE WAY THEY ARE! Right? )
    speaking of our guys.....I guess i'll go write mine now....he's probably wondering where his letter have a good day kiss becca for me  luv you both muahhhhhh nancy

  10. Glad she is willing to listen to you, they can be stubborn, god knows my grandparents are right now.  Sometimes a radical change in diet can do that to us :) Isn't it fun. I still haven't ate enough today, between having no appatite and the kids driving me nuts fighting I can't imagine trying to eat. <sigh>


  11. I hope things went ok at the doctors for you MIL and she ok. She sounds stubborn all right, lol. geesh.  I hate winter months too but I must say this winter is not that bad right now. Hopefully it will be mild the whole  winter. Hope your feeling better.

  12. Oh, Cindy.. so sorry to hear about your MIL!  So lucky to have you, who is always willing and ready to help others, especially those you love.  I will keep her in my prayers..