Monday, January 1, 2007

I totally forgot

   I am just so mad at myself. I was sitting here looking through all the graphics I have now thanks to so many of you wonderful artists, and friends, and I came across this tag by Roxy made in memory of my mother. December 26th was my mother's birthday and I totally forgot to pay her tribute. How can I of forgotten such a thing as this. I am usually the one in the family who remembers everything, dates, times, etc, and now I go and forget my mother's birthday. I know she is gone from this earth, and it shouldn't matter that much that I forgot, but it does matter to me. My mother was born December 26, 1937 and she went to be with our lord in heaven on August 27, 1970. She left behind 6 children and a husband. I remember the night she died, I was 9yrs old, the oldest of her kids. My Dad had carried all our mattresses from our beds upstairs and put them downstairs on the diningroom floor. I put on the linens, got all of us tucked in, Paul was a baby so he was in his crib near me. As I lay on that mattress, I watched my father sit quietly with just the light of the television lighting up the livingroom. I fell asleep finally. It was 1:10am when I heard a knock on the window next to the chair my Dad was sitting in. He walked to the front door and opened it. Our neighbor next door, had received the call from the hospital. We had no phone, so my Dad gave her number as an emergency contact number. The words that came from her mouth I can still hear as plain as day. I remember them word for word. Those words were, The hospital called, I'm sorry Norman, she's gone. My Dad closed the door and went back to his chair, where he sat and cried and cried. I knew my Mom had died. I quietly cried myself back to sleep that night. For a long time I was mad at the neighbor for bringing such bad news to my Dad. I was only 9 so I didn't know better. In my eyes I thought she was just a mean hurtful woman who made us all sad. I know better then that now. So, even though it is late, I dedicate this entry to the most loving caring beautiful woman I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, my mother Emma Marie Williams Smith.

I love you Mom!!!

I want to thank Debbie for adding my mothers name to this tag for me.


  1. what a great entry about your mom:) have a good week


  2. what a wonderful tribute to your wonderful mother.

  3. Awwww Honey,
    I see now why your such a wonderful Mother.  You had a great teacher.  I'm so sorry you lost her at such a young age.
    I can understand how you may forget, I remember reading your entries before Christmas and you were so sick and making dinners and doing so much, I was tired for you after reading.
    Cut yourself some slack hon, that's what your Mom would want you to do.

  4. Your mama wa so young when she died.....Bless your not worry...she knows you love her have had a lot on you lately...God bless you,

  5. my thoughts are withyou and your brothers and sisters ....don't feel so bad sissy ( like carlene said) you've had an awful lot on you the last few days and you can't be expected to remember's just impossible to do....goodness knows to remember the things you do with all you have on you is a task in and of itself
    But you can be reassured that mom is watching over you smiling saying "that's my oldest baby....she's my rock & i'm eternally proud of her"....god bless you my sister i love you....don't be so down on yourself ....muahhhhhhhh nancy

  6. As  I read this, my heart skipped , today is MY mothers birthday , or it would have been.    Happy birthday to both our moms in heaven.

  7. she knows how you feel and that you love and miss her. I am sorry you were so young when you lost your mom.  My sister left two children ages 6 and 9 behind when she died of lung cancer.  So I kinda know how you feel watching her two children.  God Bless you Cindy.  Barbara

  8. i am so sorry for the loss of your mom. Your dad must have been overwhelmed as you were so confused and alone without her. She is still with you, as long as you keep her memory alive.

  9. Your Mother was young when she left this world. That was a lot of children to have to leave behind. You yourself was very young to have to face losing her. You are so busy that time of year it was only natural to forget her birthday. Helen

  10. What a sad entry.  I can imagine how awful it must have been for you.  It was my late mother's birthday on Christmas Day.

  11. i am so sorry, it is ok to forget sometimes because no matter what little detail you have forgotten she will never be gone from your heart or memorie.  your mother lives on in you not the things you  remeber or forget.  this is a sad entry but a beautiful one.  thank you for sharing you pain with us

  12. This saddened me so much...but you are one special daughter who more than made it up, the tribute in this entry...many hugs and love,

  13. I am so sorry you lost your mom at such a very young age.  That must have been terribly difficult for you.  I lost my dad when I was 39 and that was hard enough...I was grown, married with kids of my own.  You were so young.  

    You will never FORGET your mom.  EVER.  I know you are upset that you forgot her birthday, but I know she lives in your heart every single day.  That is what's really important.  That you keep her memory alive....and I know you do!


  14. You know somethin?  I forgot the anniversary of death of my dad last month.  I remembered it the day after.  What a beautiful tribute to your mother.  With love, Shelly

  15. I'm so sorry you lost your mom so young!
    Beautiful tribute!


  16. Happy Birthday mommy!!!!