Thursday, August 31, 2006

He's My Hero

The above picture has alot of meaning to me. She is called the USS KITTYHAWK. It is an aircraft carrier that could hold up to 109 planes on it at one time. It has meaning to me, because my husband Jim was on this beautiful vessel during the Vietnam War. Yep, I'm married to a vietnam veteran, and I am proud of that fact as I am proud of him! The USS KITTYHAWK was built in Camden, New Jersey. The cost to build it was 400 million dollars. This aircraft carrier is 273 feet wide and 201 feet high. It can house 5,500 military personal. It has 4 catapults that launch and stop the aircraft leaving and entering from her deck. My husbands job on this carrier was the catapults.

She has 8 steam boilers, 4 propellers, which by the way are 21 feet wide, and it can hold 4 million gallons of fuel. There are 4 doctor's, 65 hospital beds, 5 dentists, 2 lawyers, 3 chaplains, 4 ship stores, 2 barber shops, 1 postoffice, and 2400 telephones. During the breakfast hours they serve anywhere from 9600 to 12,000 eggs and 400 to 600 gallons of milk. Everyday bread is baked, about 800 to 1,000 loaves a day. And that one post office handles about 1500 pounds of mail each and every day.

Like so many other veteran's, my husband Jim was treated like crap, from so called american's. He was put down, spit on, made fun of, yelled at by people who supposedly cared about life and our country. Well, if they cared so much why were'nt they in line to enlist, where was their uniform, what ship, vessel or carrier were they on? What branch of the military were they in? I'll tell you where they were, standing like a coward in a group of other cowards making fun of our men and women who were proud american's and doing their duty for a country. Every veteran in this country from WW1, WW2, KOREAN WAR, VIETNAM WAR, and all other wars deserve to be respected as the proud hero's that they are. Because without their love and respect and the devotion they had, we would not have a country today. Our veteran's and all the men and women in the military now deserve some kind of recognition for their time they gave up for us. And to all of them I salute you! And to my husband, my friend, the father of my children, you are my hero!!!!!!!! I love you Jim.


                                               GOD BLESS AMERICA


                                              GOD BLESS OUR HERO'S



How Ignorant!!!!!!!!

 GrrrI am so dam mad today. My daughter calls me this morning, tells me she is on her way to work and will be walking by my house, and to let her sister look out window at her so she can wave hello. Then I hear a man's voice and my daughter Emma saying, I'm married, I'm not interested, go away!!!!! I ask her who she is talking too. She says some guy who is driving really slow, following her saying, Get in my car baby, I'll give you a good ride. Come one you sexy thing, I want you to get in my car. I can hear this asshole yelling this, cause she's on her cell to me. I'm looking out the window and I see a silver Nissan Maxima going slow and I ask her if the car following her is silver, she said yes, well, in my night gown, hair all wild I ran down stairs out the front door, no shoes on either, and their that idiotic moron is, still running his mouth. So I say to him, you gotta a problem asshole, cause if ya want one, I'll for dam sure help you out. So he pulls up on corner and says I just wanna give the sexy mama a ride, oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I blew my stack then, I headed for his car, my knife in hand and said Mother "F" er you got about 2 seconds to leave or I'll show you the way to hell. Then I showed him the knife, and said you like your balls asshole? He says, OH, me do nothing, I wanna give her ride, still he wants to argue. So, I make like I'm dialing 911, hand Emma my cellphone and towards his car I go showing my knife. I looked at him and said did you kiss your wife, momma, or girlfriend goodbye this morning, cause if ya did'nt it's too late now!!!!! Guess he got the hint, cause the dumbass took off. So, Emma says, Mom, what am I going to do, I gotta get to work. I tell her to get into the house. I quickly dressed while she dressed Rebecca, and I walked her to work. My health is'nt that great, I have one lung damaged from radiation and it makes it hard to breathe when I walk to far. My left leg goes numb if I stand too long and my right hip grinds due to an accident in 1994. But, would'nt you know half way to her work, here he comes again, waving and beeping his horn. I looked him dead in the eye with the worst look I could muster up, and he continued on his way. Mess with my kids and I get evil, I will literally hurt someone. My kids are my life and I will fight teeth, nails, fangs and whatever else to protect them. Man, he pissed me off big time. He just would'nt take NO for an answer. With all the women missing and the abductions in this city, I ain't taking no shit from some idiot as him. All my life I grew up around violence, and I learned how to protect myself and what is mine. What really made me mad was, it's after 10:30am and this idiot is driving around trying to get my child in his brand new car, well why ain't he at work? Who's paying for the car? The occupation that came to mind was, DRUG DEALER............Yep I can spot them a mile away. In this city they walk around in colors, long white tshirts, black paints for coccaine and crack, blue pants for marijuana, and they all carry these glow in the dark blue cellphones. I can sit in my livingroom in the dark and see them walk by, cars pulling up to them, and then leaving, having made their little sale. It's SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A REAL JOB YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr, I am so mad I could spit fire. Bet my blood pressure sored to space today. And tomorrow, I'm walking her to work again, I dare him to say one word, make one jester, cause I will be all over his sorry ass. I'm sorry for ranting like this, and I hope it does'nt offend anyone, but I needed to rant and vent. I told my husband what I want for christmas this year. I want a handgun and a permit to carry it. I know how to use guns, grew up all my life using one. I even had the opportunity to shoot once in the air to run off some jerk who was on my property hiding behind a tree when I got home. I ran him off, called the cops, showed him my gun and the permit for it. This happened in Onancock, Va on the eastern shore. Guess what the cop said? He handed me his card, and said next time shoot him and call me I'll handle the paperwork. Whoa, don't wanna get into trouble in that town, lol. After that I let my Rottweiler, "SHY" lose in the yard ( I lived on a huge property in middle of no where with no neighbors for miles. My husband was still working here in Philadelphia and came home on weekends. So all week I was alone in a huge 3 story house that sat in the middle of 55 acres of woods. Ok, I got off the subject here of that idiot who tried to get my daughter in the car. I have his tag number, description of his car. Tomorrow my knife and cell phone will be in hand and I will be walking Emma to work again. And it's a long walk,taking alot of my energy, but to make sure my oldest baby girl is ok, I will do it. I'd better go now, I think I'm gonna lay down for a while. My body is throbbing like a migrain all over. Later on I hear a long hot shower calling me. Again, sorry if this entry upsets anyone, I did'nt want to upset anyone.



Monday, August 28, 2006

A Pic of the beach and more wedding photo's

I added a few more pics today for to share with everyone. The first is a pic of Rebecca and Elvin at the beach. Elvin is the sweetheart who picked up those delicious jersey tomato's for me. The next pic is of my niece Katie. She was Emma's maid of honor. She looks so beautiful in the outfit she chose to wear, but of course I think she's beautiful anyways in whatever she wears. The third pic is of Rebecca, Kaylei and Marissa. Kaylei is my great niece, daughter of Katie. The 4th pic is of Uncle Joe and Rebecca. Uncle Joe is Rebecca's godfather. The fifth pic is of Dan's brother Walt holding Daniel. Walt is one of Dan's 9 brother's. Yep Dan's Mom Liz had 10 kids, and all were boys, God Bless her. Last but not least is Uncle Walt with Daniel, Rebecca and Marissa. I was so happy I could enhance these pics of the wedding and brighten them so they could be seen. I thought they were all ruined, cause my camera died on me. Needless to say, I will be getting a new camera. Well, that's about it. I hope your all having a great day.


My Wonderful Sunday

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Lots of food and family here to share it with. My guests were Poppop Bill, Dan and Emma, Marissa and Daniel and Dan's brother Bill, and of course Jim, Rebecca and I. I baked a ham, and fixef potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, corn on cob, salad, and dinner rolls. I kept promising Poppop Bill I'd fix him a ham dinner, and finally I did. Everyone had a great time. It was so nice having Poppop Bill here. We don't get to see him as much anymore since Emma and Dan and Poppop Bill moved to different places. I miss the morning coffee we all had together, and I know he misses seeing the kids each morning. Marissa and Rebecca love their Poppop Bill. Well, I have a few pictures to share with you. Two are from Rebecca's vacation, and the other one is a picture Dan and Emma went and had done of their family. It's called Vintage Style. I just love the way it turned out. The first one is Rebecca at the beach, the second is her smiling face at the beach and the third is Dan and Emma.

I just love this little frame added to the pic, thanks cuz'n Carmen, it's adorable. Carmen took this next pic also.

And here is the Vintage picture of Dan and Emma and the kids. I love the old style clothing they wore for the picture. Dan hated the hat, but I think he looked great.

Are'nt they just adorable? well, there ya go. Just some of the people who mean the world to me. Have a great day all.

And a special thank you to Missie for my cute little name tag.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

In Memory of my Mom


                           It's been many years, since I saw you last

                           the memories I once had of you

                           one by one their fading fast

                            A few remembered memories

                           ones I hold so dear

                            are the ones I sit beside you

                          and your holding me so near

                           Why did you have to leave me

                            I really want to know

                            I was too young to be alone

                            Why did you have to go



In memory of my mother who passed away on this date August 27, 1970, thirty six years ago. I love you Mom and miss you.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tomatoes, Clown, Cookies, Postcards

I finally got it all organized so my hubby could take a picture of it all. There's all my postcards I received from my dear Jland friends. Thank you so much everyone who sent one, I love them. I still have 10 more postcards of scenes of Philadelphia Pa, if anyone wants one. Just drop me an email and send your address, I'll send you mine also, and a postcard will be on it's way to you asap. Now see those beautiful red tomatoes in the bowl. They are jersey tomatoes. My favorite. My cousin Carmen's wonderful boyfriend Elvin picked them up for me in New Jersey on their way here to bring Rebecca home. And let me tell you, they are absolutely delicious. I was in pure heaven when I sliced one up on a plate, sprinkled some black pepper on it and some balsomic vinegrette dressing. Yep, I was in heaven!! And do you see the little plate next to the bowl? That is just a few of the wonderful delicious cookies Carmen and Rebecca baked for me. Mmmmmm, they are good. My cousin is awesome to do that cookie baking thing with Rebecca. The clown doll is from Carmen also. She gave it to Rebecca. And let me tell you this child is watching it like it's gold. She got mad when I went in the bedroom to get it so I could take it's picture. She told me, "Be careful Mommy, don't break it's face." She loves that clown doll. She has matching book stands on each end of her bed and has it sitting right next to her on one of them. And she keeps closing the bedroom door so no one can go in there and touch her new doll, lol. She calls it her vacation doll.

Rebecca is doing great being home again. And yes, she has trashed my clean house. But ya know what? I don't even care. I'm happy she's home, I missed her. Well, guess I'll go now. I need to clean up Rebecca's mess and figure out what I'm making for supper. Have a great day everyone.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Thank you and more

Thank you my dear friends for the lovely comments about my great-nephew Bryant. He is missed each and every day that goes by. And I truely believe my niece is caring for him along with my grandson Michael Josseph who passed away on Dec 17, 1998. He was born stillborn. I know in my heart those two beautiful babies are in Sandys arms. God Bless Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See that little girl in the purple dress? Guess what? She's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohoooooooooooo and mommy and daddy are thrilled. My cousin and her boyfriend Elvin brought her home today. She missed her mommy, awwwwwww. And my cousin brought along two nice bags of cookies she baked, yummy and let me tell you they are fabulous. Thank you cuz, your the best. And Elvin stopped and got me my jersey tomatoes that I love so much, yummy, Elvin your a sweetheart. Guess whats for lunch tomorrow, all sliced on a plate with a dash of pepper? You got it, a jersey tomatoe, lol. Of course I had to give up a few, but only 1 bag of 4 tomatoes to my son in law. He was like oh man mom, nothing beats a jersey tomatoe sandwich with mayo, salt and pepper, lol. I swear he can eat!!!!!!! Of course I'll have to give Joe a few and Poppop Bill also. Can forget them! Poppop Bill is coming over sunday for a Ham Dinner I been promising him. I'm so glad, cause I miss him and so does Rebecca. And Poppop I know your gonna read this, so you better be here. Don't make me sick Becca and Rissa on ya, lol. Emma and Dan and the kids are coming also. Our little family reunion, with all the people I love dearly. Yep Poppop Bill your included, we love you very much.

I wish you could of heard all the laughs and giggles coming from Rebecca and Marissa when she got home. They were so happy to see each other.

Rebecca came home with the cutest clown doll with a porceline face. She loves it. She said no one can touch it cause if they drop it, it will break. She said Carmen will get mad if it gets broke. Awwwwwwww a little protector she is..... Thanks Cuz, she is loving the doll and she is happy to be home. A great big thank you going out to you and Chris and Elvin for showing her such a great time, you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little girl is all tucked into her SpongeBob bed and fast asleep right now. So is her daddy. She has given so many hugs and kisses to us tonight. Since she is missing her 4 front teeth she has a hard time pronouncing words, so she says I misted you, did you misted me, lol. How cute is that, lol. I'll have Jim take a picture of Rebecca with her clown doll, it is so cute, and I'll post it soon. Good night all, have a great evening.

An Angel Again

Last April I was'nt a member of JLand and could'nt do a memorial tribute for my great-nephew who returned to heaven just 5 short month's after his birth. He was born in November of 2004, but was'nt expected until February of 2005. He had three surgeries in those short 5 months. Was in and out of the hospital, for all sorts of things, fevers, breathing problems, colds. For a while he was kept on oxygen while at home. His doctor took him off the oxygen a month before he passed away. He was scheduled for a 4th surgery, but this sweet little baby dies a week before that surgery was to take place. His name was Bryant Aiden Turner. The son of Danny Ray Turner and Donna Lee Szymankiewicz. Bryant also had a big brother named Anthony.

I am paying this small but loving tribute to Bryant, because when he went to be with the Lord, I was'nt able to attend his funeral. I was very sick with Cancer and was doing the chemo treatments. If I were able to I would of went, but a 4 hour drive mixed with chemo just would'nt allow it. It was so hard on his parents losing their precious baby boy. Danny tried to give the baby cpr but it did'nt do any good. Bryant had passed away during his sleep. The medical examiner placed as cause of death on the certificate as: SIDS.

So, to this little angel Bryant Aiden Turner I say sweet dreams baby boy. You are in heaven now in god's arms, and being cared for by your Aunt Sandy who passed away in September of 2003. Sandy was Donna's sister. She was 18 when she went to heaven, just 12 days after giving birth to her own son.

Bryant Aiden Turner Nov 04 to April 05

We love you sweet baby.......

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Decision is made!!!!!!!!!!!

I have made my decision with your help. Thank you everyone for your opinions on the christmas dress for Rebecca this year. I am happy to say that on a vote of 2 to 14, the results show the white dress with red bows as the winner. So the white one it is. I also like the white one too. Now I have to get the accessories for the dress, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I already have the frilly skirt to make it flow outwards, so I don't need to order another. But I will order the large hair bow, gloves and two bowclips for the socks, plus the frilly socks and frilly lace panties. And yes I will get her picture taken and post her pic for you all to see.

I'm having a nice day today. My grand daughter Marissa is spending the day with me and possibly the night too. Her Poppop is gonna stop off at KFC and bring home chicken, mashed potato's and gravy, coleslaw and bisquits, yummy. I love their coleslaw. We have'nt eatten from there in ages. So this will be a real treat.

Marissa and I went for a walk today. It was'nt too hot, so that was good. On the way home we stopped at the deli down the street and I bought some american cheese. Marissa wanted a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup for lunch, so that's what I fixed her. She said, Mmmmm mommom, you make the best lunch, awwwww she's mommom's girl. Right now she's watching a show called Lazy Town. It's one of her favorites, along with SpongeBob and the Backyardigans.

I mailed Krissy and John a postcard today. I let them know I was praying for them both. Please keep them in your prayers.

On a happier note, thank goodness their done paving my street. They finished the job earlier today. I swear if that red tow truck comes back again he is gonna get it. Three mornings in a row yelling over that microphone to move your vehicle or it's getting towed. And saying this before 7:am. Let me tell ya, he's got some nerve doing that in my neighborhood, lol. Now I suppose they'll be painting the lines next. But that's ok, at least we won't smell burned tar, yuck, I hate that smell.

Guess I will go now. I want to teach Marissa to play on the NOGGIN site. So take care all and have a great day.

LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Prayer and more.......

Sad news has been given to our Jland family that Krissy's husband John's condition has taken a turn for the worse. Please pray that God touches John with his healing hands. Also pray he gives Krissy the strength she needs. We can form a giant prayer circle here in Jland, which I'm pretty sure is already happening. Prayer is a powerful thing, and I do believe God will hear us asking him to help John and Krissy. God Bless them both!!!!!!!!

 Limo Jlands party celebration is over now. Sugar's limo has dropped off the last of the party go'ers and is on it's way back to the garage, lol. Thank you Sugar!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I fell asleep and missed the celebration, grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

 BackhoeThis morning at 6:25am I am awakened by sirens, loud voice speaking over an intercom, and the sound of bulldozers, jack hammers. Hellooooooooooo you morons making all that racket, people do sleep ya know!!!!!!!!!! Their paving my street and being it's on street parking the sirens and loud voice yelling into that dag on microphone were telling people to move their cars off the street or they will be towed. And the vehicle all this noise was coming from was a tow truck, lol. Yesterday I watched him tow 7 cars away. The signs posted on the tree's along my street say no parking from 7:30am to 5:pm, and he's yelling at 6:25am? Either his watch is the wrong time, or he does'nt have a watch or can't tell time, lol. All day the noise was awful and the smell of burnt tar from the road being paved was just sickening.

I want to thank you for your help in giving your vote on the dress selection for Rebecca's christmas dress. So far we have 2 votes for the red one and 5 votes for the white with red bows. One of the comments left about it said it reminded them of a square dancing dress. And you know what? I looked and oh my, it does look like a dress worn in square dancing, lol. My MIL wouldlove it I bet, being she and my FIL love to square dance.

Well, 4 more days and my baby girl comes home, yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I miss my baby. She's gonna get lots and lots of hugs and kisses from daddy and I for sure. And her big sister too!!!!!! My cousin Carmen said their gonna bake cookies today. Oh boy Rebecca is gonna be all smiles today for sure. She is a little cookie monster, lol.

Well, today my lil man, Daniel is gonna spend some time with me. He'll keep me busy for sure, lol. I'm gonna take him for a walk. He loves being outside and looking at everything. He's such a little sweetheart.

I guess I will go now. Take care all and have an awesome day today. And please, please pray for John and Krissy. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Lazy Day and a Big Decision

Well, I went to the store today, and got me a few paint brushes. Never did get to the painting I wanted to do. Just felt lazy after I came home. I guess I had a case of the Mommy Blues, lol. I spoke with my cousin Carmen tonight. She said they all went to the beach today and Rebecca had a nice time. She would only get her feet wet, she was afraid of the waves. That's because when she had gone to the beach with her sister Emma a wave knocked her down and she got water in her mouth and did'nt like it. She played in the sand, which I know she loves doing. What kid does'nt love playing in dirt, lol. I never met a kid who did'nt like digging in the dirt. Carmen ordered Rebecca's favorite pizza tonight for supper. A cheese pizza with ham. That kid loves ham on her pizza. Me, I like pepperoni, green peppers and black olives, mmmmmmmm. And my favorite is white pizza, with garlic, roasted chicken and roasted red peppers with ricotta cheese, yummy. I better be quiet about food or I'll make myself hungry, lol.

Well, I know Christmas is 4 months away, but I'm having a little bit of a dilemma here. I can't make up my mind what dress I want Rebecca to wear Christmas day. Her Daddy loves her in the color red, and so I found 2 red dresses. I love both of them but I can only get one. I'll enclose pics of them, maybe you all can help me decide.

Here is the first one I chose:

And here is the second one.

 Ok, so what do you think?

I order them from a place on line. I love their dresses for little girls. The link to the company is posted in a back entry in my journal, if you'd like to check it out. But do you see the problem I am having? They are so cute!!!!!

Well, I guess I will go now. My hands seem to be aching tonight for some reason. They feel like they've been run over or beat with a hammer. I keep rubbing lotion on them to massage it in, but it just ain't working, grrrrrrrrrr. It usually does work. Have a great night all, and an even greater tomorrow.

Love ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brought to tears

Last night I got a phone call that my Rebecca was very upset and crying. So when she was put on the phone to talk to me, I could barely understand what she was saying cause she was crying so bad. I did manage to hear the words, "I miss you Mommy" between the sobs. It brought me to tears also. My baby does'nt cry like that unless she is really really really upset. It took all I had to tell her, she's ok, mommy misses her too, and that she's gonna have lots of fun at the beach today. She says ok, and hangs up on me, lol. After I got myself pulled together, I called my cousins cellphone. Rebecca was still somewhat upset. I told my cousin Carmen to put Rebecca on the computer. Let her play NOGGIN, it always helps to calm her and take her mind off of things. And if that does'nt work, icecream will. I really hope she is ok for the rest of her vacation. I told her Daddy what had happened. He was so upset and worried, but I said she's on NOGGIN now, and he knew she would be ok. It's amazing how this child has picked up the computer as young as she is. Jim started teaching her when she was 2years old, and in that time she has learned so much. Jim is planning on building Rebecca her own computer, maybe for christmas. He could go out and buy one already done, but he is also very good at computer's, and wants to build her one. He built the one I'm using now. Guess we know where Rebecca gets computer knowledge from, huh?

I just spoke with Carmen on instant message. My baby is ok this morning. Their going to the beach today. Carmen's boyfriend Elvin is going and also Carmens Mom, my Aunt Nora. Elvin is gonna get Rebecca a sun hat and a bucket and shovel for the beach. He'll be Rebecca's best friend then, lol. Carmen is getting ready to make sandwiches for the beach trip. I feel better now, knowing Rebecca is ok.

On another note: I mailed out a postcard yesteday to Krissy, in Altoona, Pa. If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know. I went and bought some more nice scenery postcards so I have plenty to send out. So, if ya want one from me please let me know. I found a few new ones, so I got an assortment now. I've received 13 postcards now, woooohooooooo, lol. Hubby said he'll take a pic of them for me, so I can post them in an entry. Whata man!!!!!!!! We've been spending some nice much needed time together. We watch movies, have quiet dinners at the table, instead of in livingroom cause becca loves her cartoons when eatting. I made a nice spaghetti dinner last night and Jim came home with a loaf of fresh baked italian bread, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After dinner I cleaned up the mess, did the dishes, made him tuna salad with 6 grain bread for his lunch today at work. Then I put on a pot of coffee cause Dan and Emma and the kids were coming over. Dan needed to use my computer to do his tests for work. There's alot of tests, but last night he did 7 of them and passed all 7. Dan will come over again tomorrow night and do some more tests.

Well today I am gonna paint the bathroom and the doors in hallway. Also gonna paint the woodwork. Joe gave me a gallon of paint the color of peanut butter, so I'm painting the trim in that color. Antique white is for walls and doors.

Well, guess I will go now. Have a great day everyone. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

My New Family

I have only been here a few short month's, and I am so happy I joined your J-Land family. I have met so many nice people here. I love how everyone tells stories of their lives, loves, family, and hobbies. As I sit here writing this entry, I think where would I be if I were not here. My answer is probably in pogo. Don't get me wrong, I love pogo, I've been on that site for over 10 years. It's where I met my best friend Nancy, who also has a journal here in Jland. But pogo does'nt compare to the love and warm family welcoming that I feel with reading each of your entries, your comments. It's given me some meaning in my life, showed me there's more to the computer than just games. I've learned so much since I became a part of your family. I never knew how to copy, paste, upload, download, and being here I have learned how to do that. Sugar helped me tremendously, and for that I am so greatful to her. I learned how to snag a graphic by "D" of D's Designs, and I thank her for letting me know how to do that. From my very first entry I ever made here I felt welcomed. Each and everyone of you have touched my life, my soul, my heart in some way. I feel your losses, your upsets, your happiness when reading your journals. You've all made me feel so very welcomed here and for that I say thank you my dear friends, my new family.

 And thank you D for this lovely graphic. It truely says it all.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Second Try

Anyone got a hammer? I'm gonna give this computer a wack or two. I had a nice long detailed entry and off went the computer. Man I hate that.

Well, Rebecca left on her vacation with her cousin Carmen. That is my cousin Carmen above holding Rebecca. It was taken today before they left. I feel lost tonight. I did'nt have a child to bathe, dress in PJ's and get her teeth brushed and put to bed. And I gotta do a week of none of this? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss my baby already. I get a lump in my throat as soon as I think about her. I've never been apart from her for more than 24 hours. I'll keep myself busy with painting, and cleaning and my journal.

I know she'll be ok away from me. Carmen is a very good Mom, and she'll take really good care of my child. Her son Christopher will help also. He's always been real good with Rebecca. And there's Scooby, Carmens doggie. He is real good with kids. Well, I'm gonna make this short because I don't want computer shutting off on me again. Have a great night all.

Update on Marissa and then some

 Doctor Marissa had her dental surgery yesterday. She was so nervous going to the dental hospital. She sat in the waiting room with her Mommy and Daddy. She got very thirsty but was'nt allowed a drink cause she was being put under general anesthesia. A nurse came out to see Marissa, and Marissa says, hey you I need a drink, lol. Well, this nurse told Marissa she would go into her lab and fix Marissa a very special drink. Marissa was thrilled. A few minutes later the nurse returned with a small medicine cup, like the size of a cough syrup cup, with a red fluid in it. Marissa drank it right down and swollowed it, then said yuck!!!!! LOL Emma asked what the fluid was and the nurse says, We call it Silly Juice. It helps the child to relax. So about 10 minutes later the nurse returns, and Marissa is all happy and giddy. The nurse says, Ok Marissa you ready. Marissa says, ready for what? The nurse says your an astronaut and we're going to get into your spaceship and fly to the moon, lol. Marissa looks at her parents and says, Bye, I'm going to the moon in my spaceship, and walks away with the nurse. Dan looks at Emma, and says, Wow, what was that stuff she drank? And they both start laughing. About a couple hours later, the nurse returns and tells them Marissa is fine, there all done and shes in recovery room. She said at one point Marissa's blood pressure went up very high, but it quickly went back to normal after some medication injected into her IV was administered. Marissa had her 4 top front teeth pulled, and numerous filling and crowns done. They kept her at the hospital for about 3 hours after surgery to make sure she was ok. She was so groggy on the way home. Soon as she was in her house, she went right to her room and fell asleep for a couple hours. When she woke up her Mommy had icecream waiting for her. The coldness helps the swelling go down. But she's doing ok, and goes back in 1 week to have stitches removed from her top gum where the teeth were pulled.

 Sad My baby girl is leaving today, sniff sniff. Going on her little vacation for a week to my cousin Carmen's house. And is Rebecca sad about going away from Mommy and Daddy for so long, nope she ain't, she's excited about it, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the little stinker. She has been running around laughing, smiling, dancing and shaking her little butt, saying I'm going on vacation and your not, lol

 Wakka Wakka I have her suitcase packed. We just have to pack up her toys, books and her fuzzy ducky blankie that she sleeps with everynight. I put together a little craft box for her. Crayons, colored paper squares, post it note pads, childrens scissors. She loves doing crafts.

By the way I wanted to remind you of those party crashers who just might crash our big anniversary bash. I have here another picture of them. Remember if you see them ignore them, and maybe, just maybe they will go away, lol Here's their picture:

 Stooges Well, I'm gonna go for now. I want to feed Rebecca, get her showered and dressed and go downstairs and visit Mommom I for a bit before my cousin gets here. Take care all and have a great day. Muahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Friday, August 18, 2006

The Wedding Cake

Never again will I use that extra fluffy iciing. I hated that stuff, my cake did'nt come out the way I wanted it too. But anyways, here's Emma and Dan's cake I baked them for the little wedding reception I had for them. The bride and Groom piece on the cake, was on my cake almost 28yrs ago. We used that for the something old.

I'll make an entry tomorrow when Rebecca goes on her vacation, sniff sniff.


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Dan and Emma's wedding. I guess I should of added to that lst entry all the details. So here goes, they were married on Monday, July 24th, 2006 at 7:30pm at a small synogue in Medford, New Jersey. The Rabbi who likes to be called Pastor Mike owns 2homes which he had adjoined. In the center of those 2 homes he had the little chapel made. Some of the pics were taken in the other part of one of the homes.

And the little guy who is having pasta and chocolate pudding is my little man Daniel James. Is'nt he adorable? I just love his curly brown hair and big brown eyes. He melts his Mommom's heart for sure.

Yesterday Dan and Emma came over and gave me some pics they had done at KMart. They are family pics done Vintage style. Emma and Dan and Marissa and Daniel are dressed up in very old style clothing, it looks great. I so wish I had a scanner so I could post it in an entry. Anyone got a scanner? I'll mail you the pic and you can email me with the scanned pic and then I can post it. LOL. No really I'm serious.

Well, today is a nervous day for my granddaughter Marissa. She is having dental surgery. They are putting her under general anesthisia because she is terrified of dentists. So while my lil angel sleeps, they will be pulling teeth and crowning others. Yesterday she told me, Mommom I really don't wanna go, my teeth don't hurt no more. I like to of cried, but I stayed strong and said, honey you won't know they are fixing your teeth, you'll be night night, and when you wake up your gonna have such a pretty smile to match your pretty face. And if your a good girl, mommom is gonna buy you a special gift. And I did, I bought her a brand new Barbie toothbrush. She loves toothbrushes with characters on it.

I went to the store last night and got Rebecca some things she'll need for her little vacation to her cousin Carmen's house. I can't believe she is really going. OK, let me warn you, I might be in Jland alot, due to the fact I'm gonna be bored crazy, lol. Gonna go now, I have 62 alerts to go through. You guys have been busy, lol. Take care and I will post another entry later and let you know how Marissa is doing. Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006




AOL Hell

Some of you are experiencing where you can't see some or all of the pics I enter. When I go to my journal they are there. I've had the same problem with other journals this morning. I either can't see a graphic, or can't post a comment. I have a feeling it is AOL's fault again. Maybe it's our punishment for going free aol, lol. Hey they offered, we accepted, right? Anyways try again later with journals, and if is still wrong, then I will enter the pics again. I have'nt been able to comment on quite a few entries today. I keep getting the dreaded blue page, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But I saved the entry alert as new and I will go back and try again later.


Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I have reentered all the pics. At first it did'nt show up just got a box with red x, so i deleted it and retried and got the pic in that time. I do believe it is aol, messing up today, cause I follow Sugars step by step easy directions, and she is awesome in those directions, made it soooooo easy to do. Thanks again Sugar.

So, hey AOL, get her act together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go play elsewhere and stay away from Jland.

Yes another entry, lol

 Took Sugar up on her offer to ride in her sporty Limo. Is it cool or what? Anyone else wanting a ride, just give her a yell and she'll swing by and pick you up. I was gonna bring the hubby along, but shhhhhhhhh>whispers, he can't dance, lol, so I decided to bring along a friend. Her name is Lucy and she lives in New Jersey. She is very popular among the tourists, she is kind of old but hey she can still party with the best, which is all of you in Jland. I've enclosed a pic of her in the gown she will be wearing, is she not purdy or what? LOL

everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting Cindys friends at the galla event. Cindy has told me so much about her wonderful friends. See you all there.

Ok, now here is a photo of the gown I will be bringing to wear, just in case someone has on the red one I will be coming to the birthday party in, lol. A girl has to be prepared right?

Smashing is'nt it? I just love the color. If you have'nt found a gown yet, visit  you will find a smashing gown there.

I have heard rumor there's gonna be a few party crasher's there. Stay away from them! They are a menace and that gorgeous gown you are wearing will probably be ruined by them. They seem to always cause trouble where ever they go. I've enclosed a pic of them, so you know who I am talking about.

 So, if you see them walking towards you grab your friends arms and run, don't look back either, cause those party crashers will think that's a signal to follow them, lol. So, remember walk away!!!

I have also heard that the local town florists has graciously offered to give each lady appearing at this special event a beautiful corsage. Here is a picture of it, pretty is'nt it?

 Ok, I'd better go now, I have so much to do to get ready. Have a great day all.