Thursday, August 17, 2006

AOL Hell

Some of you are experiencing where you can't see some or all of the pics I enter. When I go to my journal they are there. I've had the same problem with other journals this morning. I either can't see a graphic, or can't post a comment. I have a feeling it is AOL's fault again. Maybe it's our punishment for going free aol, lol. Hey they offered, we accepted, right? Anyways try again later with journals, and if is still wrong, then I will enter the pics again. I have'nt been able to comment on quite a few entries today. I keep getting the dreaded blue page, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But I saved the entry alert as new and I will go back and try again later.


Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok, I have reentered all the pics. At first it did'nt show up just got a box with red x, so i deleted it and retried and got the pic in that time. I do believe it is aol, messing up today, cause I follow Sugars step by step easy directions, and she is awesome in those directions, made it soooooo easy to do. Thanks again Sugar.

So, hey AOL, get her act together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go play elsewhere and stay away from Jland.


  1. All pics are there right now, except the first may need to re enter it. AOL GRRRRRR!
    Hugs, Sug

  2. I can't see any of the pictures will come back later in case they reappear ~ Ally

  3. i can see yours as of now.

  4. I can see um. B. Lynne

  5. I'm checking it out but don't see anything yet. I'll look again.

  6. ....<looking>..nope...can't see any! ;-)