Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Brought to tears

Last night I got a phone call that my Rebecca was very upset and crying. So when she was put on the phone to talk to me, I could barely understand what she was saying cause she was crying so bad. I did manage to hear the words, "I miss you Mommy" between the sobs. It brought me to tears also. My baby does'nt cry like that unless she is really really really upset. It took all I had to tell her, she's ok, mommy misses her too, and that she's gonna have lots of fun at the beach today. She says ok, and hangs up on me, lol. After I got myself pulled together, I called my cousins cellphone. Rebecca was still somewhat upset. I told my cousin Carmen to put Rebecca on the computer. Let her play NOGGIN, it always helps to calm her and take her mind off of things. And if that does'nt work, icecream will. I really hope she is ok for the rest of her vacation. I told her Daddy what had happened. He was so upset and worried, but I said she's on NOGGIN now, and he knew she would be ok. It's amazing how this child has picked up the computer as young as she is. Jim started teaching her when she was 2years old, and in that time she has learned so much. Jim is planning on building Rebecca her own computer, maybe for christmas. He could go out and buy one already done, but he is also very good at computer's, and wants to build her one. He built the one I'm using now. Guess we know where Rebecca gets computer knowledge from, huh?

I just spoke with Carmen on instant message. My baby is ok this morning. Their going to the beach today. Carmen's boyfriend Elvin is going and also Carmens Mom, my Aunt Nora. Elvin is gonna get Rebecca a sun hat and a bucket and shovel for the beach. He'll be Rebecca's best friend then, lol. Carmen is getting ready to make sandwiches for the beach trip. I feel better now, knowing Rebecca is ok.

On another note: I mailed out a postcard yesteday to Krissy, in Altoona, Pa. If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know. I went and bought some more nice scenery postcards so I have plenty to send out. So, if ya want one from me please let me know. I found a few new ones, so I got an assortment now. I've received 13 postcards now, woooohooooooo, lol. Hubby said he'll take a pic of them for me, so I can post them in an entry. Whata man!!!!!!!! We've been spending some nice much needed time together. We watch movies, have quiet dinners at the table, instead of in livingroom cause becca loves her cartoons when eatting. I made a nice spaghetti dinner last night and Jim came home with a loaf of fresh baked italian bread, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After dinner I cleaned up the mess, did the dishes, made him tuna salad with 6 grain bread for his lunch today at work. Then I put on a pot of coffee cause Dan and Emma and the kids were coming over. Dan needed to use my computer to do his tests for work. There's alot of tests, but last night he did 7 of them and passed all 7. Dan will come over again tomorrow night and do some more tests.

Well today I am gonna paint the bathroom and the doors in hallway. Also gonna paint the woodwork. Joe gave me a gallon of paint the color of peanut butter, so I'm painting the trim in that color. Antique white is for walls and doors.

Well, guess I will go now. Have a great day everyone. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I know how that is when those little ones cry...it feels like your heart is gonna break. I did not know about Noggin online. Abby watches Nickleodeon online and elmos world...hope I can find it for her. Thanks for the tip! Sounds like you are having a good time. Hugs, B. Lynne

  2. your dinner sounds great! poor rebecca i do hope she does not cry the rest of her vacation! i am sure she will warm up and be happy with all the things she will be doing, i bet she will be adorable in her sun hat

  3. She'll do fine & have fun!
    Hugs, Sugar

  4. Oh you poor thing, that phone call had to be tough :( But she will be okay, I think it is good for both of you. (easy for me to say though, my kids aren't away, right?? )  Really, she will have a great time! That is awesome about the PC and her playing on , that is really good for them!

  5. Awwww, bless her with that phone call!! *hugs*
    She'll be ok hun...bless her!

    I wish I knew how to build a pc..lol....that's gotta take some brains!!! haha!

    Hope you're well,

    Lv Stevie

  6. Bless her missing her Mum ~ and I know how you are missing her ~ but I am sure she will be OK ~ makes me smile how the little ones get on so well with computers ~ you can always send her a picture of yourself so she knows you are OK ~ glad you are having some quality time together it will do you so much good ~ Ally

  7. Bless her missing her Mum ~ and I know how you are missing her ~ but I am sure she will be OK ~ makes me smile how the little ones get on so well with computers ~ you can always send her a picture of yourself so she knows you are OK ~ glad you are having some quality time together it will do you so much good ~ Ally

    LOVE YA,

  9. awww thats so cute that she misses you but i'm sure she will have a good time
    i'm sure you really miss her too
    hope you have a good day
    <3, emily

  10. Lil Rebecca having a case of Mommy-itis...that's cute.  Now how's Mommy???  Guess you'll keep busy painting and all.  Enjoy the alone time!

  11. aww thats sweet she misses you:) its good that she has time away from you and dad bet when she comes home she will stick to you like glue LOL


  12. Poor little Rebecca misses her Mommy. That's normal. I'm glad they were able to find an activity that she enjoyed to distract her.  Glad you and hubby are spending quality time together.
    Enjoy this time.  

  13. Poor thing!  I hope that once she gets down to the beach and starts having fun, she will be fine! :)  I think the nights are the worse for little ones.  When they get ready to go to bed they get freaked because all of a sudden they realize they aren't home.. that you aren't there.. and this is not their bed!


  14. So sorry Rebecca was crying I know that must have been hard for you. Hopefully she'll be find the rest of the trip. Good for Dan for passing the test on line. Hopefully the paint came out nice.

  15. she will be ok.....muahhhhh loveya sissy nancy

  16. She really loves you. See she missed you too. My youngest daughter who is 16 called me crying that week she was gone. Other than a few nights away from home, she'd never been that far away and with no family. It was nice to know that she actually did miss being home and around her family. Family means everything to me and I'm glad to know maybe that has rubbed off on my kids somewhat. Glad Rebecca got better. She have fun at the beach. Good for you and hubby to spend some time together. You should do some special things for just you two while Rebecca is gone.
    Take care, Chrissie