Friday, August 25, 2006

Thank you and more

Thank you my dear friends for the lovely comments about my great-nephew Bryant. He is missed each and every day that goes by. And I truely believe my niece is caring for him along with my grandson Michael Josseph who passed away on Dec 17, 1998. He was born stillborn. I know in my heart those two beautiful babies are in Sandys arms. God Bless Them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See that little girl in the purple dress? Guess what? She's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohoooooooooooo and mommy and daddy are thrilled. My cousin and her boyfriend Elvin brought her home today. She missed her mommy, awwwwwww. And my cousin brought along two nice bags of cookies she baked, yummy and let me tell you they are fabulous. Thank you cuz, your the best. And Elvin stopped and got me my jersey tomatoes that I love so much, yummy, Elvin your a sweetheart. Guess whats for lunch tomorrow, all sliced on a plate with a dash of pepper? You got it, a jersey tomatoe, lol. Of course I had to give up a few, but only 1 bag of 4 tomatoes to my son in law. He was like oh man mom, nothing beats a jersey tomatoe sandwich with mayo, salt and pepper, lol. I swear he can eat!!!!!!! Of course I'll have to give Joe a few and Poppop Bill also. Can forget them! Poppop Bill is coming over sunday for a Ham Dinner I been promising him. I'm so glad, cause I miss him and so does Rebecca. And Poppop I know your gonna read this, so you better be here. Don't make me sick Becca and Rissa on ya, lol. Emma and Dan and the kids are coming also. Our little family reunion, with all the people I love dearly. Yep Poppop Bill your included, we love you very much.

I wish you could of heard all the laughs and giggles coming from Rebecca and Marissa when she got home. They were so happy to see each other.

Rebecca came home with the cutest clown doll with a porceline face. She loves it. She said no one can touch it cause if they drop it, it will break. She said Carmen will get mad if it gets broke. Awwwwwwww a little protector she is..... Thanks Cuz, she is loving the doll and she is happy to be home. A great big thank you going out to you and Chris and Elvin for showing her such a great time, you guys rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My little girl is all tucked into her SpongeBob bed and fast asleep right now. So is her daddy. She has given so many hugs and kisses to us tonight. Since she is missing her 4 front teeth she has a hard time pronouncing words, so she says I misted you, did you misted me, lol. How cute is that, lol. I'll have Jim take a picture of Rebecca with her clown doll, it is so cute, and I'll post it soon. Good night all, have a great evening.


  1. I'm glad she came home.  I know you were missing her!!

  2. When they are little like that they have a hard time staying away too long... especially from mommy.

    Glad your angel is home with you.. :)


  3. it sounds like she had a great time but missed her mommy and daddy. Yum on the cookies.  Have fun seeing the family. It's always so nice to have a little get together.

  4. Happy Happy!!!
    Hugs, Sugar

  5. Glad she is home safe and sound ~ I know how much you missed her as she missed you ~ Loved the photograph it is lovely to have the family all together ~ Ally

  6. Ohhhh I LOVE them dresses!!! I'm so happy your baby is home tucked away fast asleep :) You survived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Yay..I'm so glad she's home hun!! Hope you can rest now!

    Lv Stevie

  8. so glad rebecca is home:) and she had fun:) enjoy your weekend


  9. Yeppers sissy she was tucked in her spongebob bed but i don't hardly think that Jimmy was in aspongebob bed.....can't quite see him sleeping in a spongebob squarepants anything'revery very very welcomesissy ....i really meant what i said about bryant he and michael are having the best of times now and i truly believe that we will see them again one sweet day.....have iever seen a photo of michael?......muahhhhhhhh love you sissy ..... Nancy

  10. So glad your baby girl is home and safe.  Love those dresses on the girls. They look SO cute!!  
    Enjoy your weekend.
    Hugs to you.......Pamela

  11. Glad shes home!! love the pic....i want some tomatoes too!!! lol

    XO lisa

  12. good to hear she is home
    i never did like tomatos :(
    <3, emily

  13. YIPPY she's home!! So glad you're back to normal now. Glad she had a great time.

    I love tomotoes too. Kyan calls them balls...LOL. I got him to eat a couple of chopped pieces one time. But he hates everything so I thought he was doing good.

    Take care, Chrissie