Friday, August 18, 2006


Thank you everyone for your lovely comments about Dan and Emma's wedding. I guess I should of added to that lst entry all the details. So here goes, they were married on Monday, July 24th, 2006 at 7:30pm at a small synogue in Medford, New Jersey. The Rabbi who likes to be called Pastor Mike owns 2homes which he had adjoined. In the center of those 2 homes he had the little chapel made. Some of the pics were taken in the other part of one of the homes.

And the little guy who is having pasta and chocolate pudding is my little man Daniel James. Is'nt he adorable? I just love his curly brown hair and big brown eyes. He melts his Mommom's heart for sure.

Yesterday Dan and Emma came over and gave me some pics they had done at KMart. They are family pics done Vintage style. Emma and Dan and Marissa and Daniel are dressed up in very old style clothing, it looks great. I so wish I had a scanner so I could post it in an entry. Anyone got a scanner? I'll mail you the pic and you can email me with the scanned pic and then I can post it. LOL. No really I'm serious.

Well, today is a nervous day for my granddaughter Marissa. She is having dental surgery. They are putting her under general anesthisia because she is terrified of dentists. So while my lil angel sleeps, they will be pulling teeth and crowning others. Yesterday she told me, Mommom I really don't wanna go, my teeth don't hurt no more. I like to of cried, but I stayed strong and said, honey you won't know they are fixing your teeth, you'll be night night, and when you wake up your gonna have such a pretty smile to match your pretty face. And if your a good girl, mommom is gonna buy you a special gift. And I did, I bought her a brand new Barbie toothbrush. She loves toothbrushes with characters on it.

I went to the store last night and got Rebecca some things she'll need for her little vacation to her cousin Carmen's house. I can't believe she is really going. OK, let me warn you, I might be in Jland alot, due to the fact I'm gonna be bored crazy, lol. Gonna go now, I have 62 alerts to go through. You guys have been busy, lol. Take care and I will post another entry later and let you know how Marissa is doing. Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Bless lil Marissa!!! She'll do fine, I went through this with several of the foster children I problems (except when first waking up...they were scared & cried a lot till fully awake).
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. Poor little Marissa.  She'll be ok though.
    As Dan and Emma if they gave them a CD with the pics on it. I usually get a CD done when having pictures developed.  You can upload the pics to your computer using the CD.  
    Have  a great day....Pamela

  3. Cindy, thanks for the additional info on the wedding.

    I don't have a scanner either, so I would be of no help to you!

    I can relate to poor little Marissa and the dentist.  I go once a year, but man I hate it!  I have always feared the dentist because of one that yanked a tooth out of my mouth when I was about 5, and didn't use any anesthesia.  AH!  

    I hope Marissa doesn't have too much pain after her visit!

    I know what you mean about having tooo much time on your hands.  Since I lost my job, I am actually able to stay on top of my alerts!  That's because I live on this darn computer! :(   Not a good thing, I guess... but it does keep me from being depressed about the things going on in my life!


  4. I understand about Marissa, my son Bradley had 2 teethe pulled at age 7, and since has had caps and filling and all sort.  These dentists that do this are WONDERFUL with children, but it's still nerve wracking. Hope she feels better soon after they are pulled :) Bradley loved milk shakes after his extractions :)


  5. Both my kids had a lot of dental surgery over the years.  

  6. i hope that rebecca has a wonderful time at carmen's and i hope that rissa's dental appointment went you sissy.......Nancy muahhhhhhh

  7. awww ouch on the dental surgery. Poor thing. The chapel looked so cute.  Yes Daniel James is adorable.

  8. I hope all went well for Marissa and the dental surgery...please keep us have a nice weekend...hugs,

  9. somehow i missed that entry so i went back and looked at all the pictures.
    weddings always make me teary eyed in pictures even.
    wish me luck i'm in one sept 3rd and i dont want to ruin my makeup!!!
    <3, emily

  10. Hey Cindy,

    Now that the computer is fixed I'm trying to catch up as you can tell.

    We took vintage style pics as a family too. Maybe I'll share it one day.

    I have a scanner and would have been glad to help you out if I had known.

    I'm sorry Marissa is having to go through that. I'm glad that she'll be "asleep" when they do all that work. My friends daughter was so scared of dentist she used to throw up if she knew she was even going there. It was awful. They had to knock her out for even simple stuff.

    Take care, Chrissie