Thursday, August 17, 2006

Can it be happening?

Is it for real? Is my little Rebecca going on vacation without Mommy & Daddy? She just might be!!!!!!!!!!!!! My very dear cousin Carmen called me yesterday. She asked if she could keep Rebecca for a week. HUH???????? You want Rebecca??? Talked it over with Daddy, asked Rebecca if she wanted to go and emailed my cousin told her it was yes!!!!!!!!! Secretly doing happy dance, heehee!!! A week of no kids for me, yea right too good to be true. My daughter Emma calls me this morning at 8:am, I tell her Rebecca may be going to cousin Carmen's for a week, she's oh ok, so you'll have free time to keep Daniel, grrrrrrrrrrrr, there went my quiet time. Emma knows I won't give up a chance to keep my lil man. I love that baby. As Emma and I were on the phone this morning, my lil man was in background laughing, while his big sister was crying. He was smacking her with a set of keys his Uncle Mike (Dan's brother) gave him, lol. He is such a stinker. Marissa was yelling, Mommy get him off of me, lol.

Well, I've been doing some research for my 9/11 Tribute. I have so many wonderful pictures to add to it and I finished my poem yesterday for it also. I hope it turns out ok and I don't botch it up somehow, and I really hope AOL behaves itself and lets the pictures show. The past couple days, I've seen people say they can't see a picture, or AOL ate their entries. So, AOL, behave yourself, don't make me come kick yer a$$, lol. Anyways, I've been reading your journals and checking out your gowns, and oh my your all gonna look just beautiful. Oh yea and by the way I have decided to wear the red one, but I'm also bringing another gown, along with my bedroom slippers, lol.

My daughter Rebecca has just walked into the livingroom carrying her choice of what she is wearing today, lol. A purple short sleeved shirt (cotton) and a pair of black slacks with a bright pink belt, (all polyester). Why did'nt I hide those pants, lol. I told her she can't wear those, she says but I'll look like a beautiful little girl if I wear them. So as we speak she is putting them on, lol. Yep, I gave in, again.

Well, I'm waiting to hear from my cousin Carmen to see if it's a definate go on Rebecca staying with her for a week. Then if it is, I'll have to get busy packing Rebecca's bag and getting out toys and books and her toiletries she'll need, and make a definate list of Rebecca's favorite foods and her habits. I have one picky child. I hope Carmen has the energy for this kid, cause she will keep her busy, lol. Carmen has a great son named Christopher. He is thrilled about his 3rd cousin coming to visit. Rebecca and Chris get along so well. Carmen was really blessed. Her son is such a great kid. Very devoted to his Mommy. I have no doubt Rebecca will be well cared for and will enjoy her vacation with her cousin's. I think the one it's gonna be hard on is me, lol. I go nutty and worry about her when she spend's one night at her big sister's, but this time she'll be gone a week. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think while Rebecca is away I am gonna paint my bedroom or the bathroom. I have'nt decided yet. I've been wanting to get one room done, but I did'nt want Rebecca breathing in paint fumes. I guess I'm just being over protective in that.

Rebecca has informed me that when she is with Carmen, that she wants to bake chocolate chip cookies with her cousins. She said cause their her favorite cookies and she wants to help stir up the ingredients, more like pick out a chocolate chip or two or three or four, lol.

Well, that's it for now, a certain little girl is waiting patiently for breakfast, so I'd better get it for her. Take care everyone and have a great day.



  1. Cindy,  what a nice posting today. I hope you get the needed vacation you deserve.  Love reading your journal.  Good luck and have a great day.


  2. sissy i really hope you get your much needed relaxing vacationso you can work on the 911 tributeyouwanna get done....tyso very much for letting others know about MY own journal ...I already had some very nicecomments on them and about Paul too

    Take care of yourself and I will see you later tonight on here....I loveyou sissy ya know this
                                                  muahhhhhhh .....Nancy Lou

  3. i hope rebecca has a great time..i hope you and your husband have an even better you deserve a vacation as well

  4. WOw, her first trip without mom & Dad,,,,,,your lucky, but I know in some ways it tugs your heart :)  Okay, I'm a bit lost on this whole anniversary thing, I'm trying to get my brain back after vacation. WHere do I get my snazzy dress and go chat at on Sunday?????

  5. Good for you, Cindy!  I hope she doesn't get homesick.  When they are little like that the thought of going away isn't "real" to them.. they don't realize they actually won't "see" you everyday.  Hopefully she will be cool with it all! :)


  6. Wish my two could go away with a cousin for a week! LOL

  7. what fun a week vacation :) hope you can paint while rebecca is gone:) enjoy your friday


  8. OH whatever will you do on YOUR vacation without Rebecca?  Hmmmm, paint, crafts, cook, veg out, paint your toes?  Me too!

  9. I hope Rebecca goes and has a great time. You'll get a little quiet time. How nice. Enjoy yourself.

  10. You need to kick back and enjoy the time...she is so adorable by the way.  Enjoy some time to some fun things...she must be such a joy in your life. Hugs and love,

  11. WOW... it'll be so quiet. Hope you take advantage of your time and get some rest. Hope she has a great time.
    Take care, Chrissie