Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Thought's for the day

3rd Anniversary - AOL Journals 


Hello, my J-Land friends. The date is getting closer to AOL Journals 3rd anniversary. I've only been here a couple month's, but just in that time I have learned so much, and met so many wonderful people all over the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sugar of http://journals.aol.com/sugarsweet056/SUGARSLIFE/  for her help in showing me how to add graphics and photo's to my journal. Thank you so much. She emailed me step by step directions and it was so easy. Sugar your the best!!!

I feel really great being a part of J-Land, and being allowed to read all your entries and see your photo's. I feel really welcomed here. I use to spend hours on hours playing on line games, or just emailing people with jokes and stories. Now I spend more time here in J-Land than I do anywhere else. And I love every minute of it too. You are all really awesome people!!!

Also want to add a note about the 9/11 Tribute that will be happening on the anniversary of when that tradgedy happened 5 years ago. Please sign up and pay tribute to one of the lost souls who lost their life at that time. I signed up today, it's free and it's easy.

Now as for the gown I chose to wear, I visited another site that had some really awesome gowns and I seen a few I just loved. So, don't be surprised if I change my mind, lol. hey, I'm a woman, I'm entitled to change my mind right? LOL Maybe I'll wear the red one and bring a spare incase someone else is wearing the red one I chose, lol. That can happen.

Well, take care everyone. Gonna go for now, but I may be back!!!!!!!!! LOL


  1. AWWWW, no thanks needed...that's what we're here for, to help one another! I'm sure you'll be beautiful in no matter what you wear!!!
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. You are SUCH a lovely person. I'm so glad you're involved with J~land!
    I think you're gonna be one popular gal!!

    Lv Stevie

  3. I love J-land too!  No better place to hang around!  Have a good one.

  4. Jland is the place to be!  I spend more time here than anywhere else, it seems!  Of course, I live alone..and am currently not working, so Jland is my life line (so to speak). The people here are awesome!


  5. You know, when I was on vacation, I missed J-land terribly, I am blessed to have found all of you :)

  6. I have really enjoyed j-land and it's so nice to have you a part of it.

  7. i love jland too
    i started with 80 alerts and i'm down to like 44 now
    i read a lot of journals
    hope you have a good one.  and oh i'm so like you i change my mind all the time too
    <3, emily

  8. Awww... how sweet. If it hadn't been for Jland I would have never talked to a sweet person as yourself. It's funny I don't even remember know how I came to your journal. I feel like I been talking to you forever and I know it can't be because I'm new too.
    Take care, Chrissie