Monday, August 7, 2006

Practicing from a 4yr old cd

Ok, here it goes, I hope I did this right. The pictures are of Rebecca and Marissa as babies. We lived in Virginia at the time. Marissa was living with us, until her Mommy got her life together. She was with us for about a year. It was like having twins, yikes!!!!!!!!

Had to make, clean, diaper, bath two of everything, lol. But I loved it. Jim and I devoted all our time in taking care of these two babies. He worked from 6am to 6pm, then he was home helping me with the girls. They were such happy well behaved babies, god I miss that, cause now there growing up and will be 5yrs old soon, and wow what attitudes. We call them Drama Queens, lol. But we love them. I promise this is my last entry today>unless I find the other 3 CD's, heehee. Hey, what can I say I'm having fun with this.



  1. i love all of the pictures:)


  2. I love the pics. Thoses babies were so cute!

  3. Real cute pictures ~ thanks for sharing ~ Ally

  4. They are soooooooooocute!!!!!where in Va. did you live? I live near Reston,Va..
    but I would love to move to Savannah, Ga. that is a pretty town!


  5. yep great pictures and how cute.

  6. Hey Cindy,
    Thanks for sharing. I loved it. As you can see I'm catching up.
    Take care, Chrissie