Sunday, August 13, 2006

What a weekend

What a weekend this has been. I am so exhausted. I should be in bed, but I am so wound up by stress, I know I'll toss and turn before I go to sleep. So, I thought I would just pop on into JLand and attempt an entry. I hope the link above works. Stevie has done an awesome job with the video. I saw all the beautiful pictures of all of you, yes your all beautiful. Sugar has done an awesome job also, with the Pet Memorial. And so many other's have helped also. Please forgive me for not posting everyone who is doing something for the celebration. My brain is'nt working too well tonight, and I forgot how to add journals to an entry. I know I could figure it out if I was'nt so tired and did'nt have a hyper child bothering me constantly. Anyways to everyone who is doing something for the 3yr celebration, I say Thank you so much, you are awesome!!!!!!!!! If you have'nt seen the video yet, please do so. I loved it and had tears in my eyes. The music is absolutely wonderful.

I wish I knew how to tag and make graphics but I don't. That's why I use my cute little smileys. By the way I still have'nt found those other kodak cd's to add more pics to my entries. But I have'nt given up on the search. By the end of next week, I will have Dan and Emma's wedding pics on line for you to see. By the way, the happy couple are just great. Today they spent the day together with Marissa and Daniel at the park. Emma said Daniel was frustrated cause he could'nt climb up the slide like his big sister, lol. So, Daddy put him on slide and he slid down laughing the whole time. He does'nt like the swing, it seems to take his breathe away with that tickle feeling you get when swinging in your stomach.

Well, it's back to work tomorrow for Jim. And I think he's happy about it too, lol. Rebecca was a real pistol today. She did nothing but complain and get into things. Playing in the water in the bathroom sink is her number one thing to do, and flooding my floor. She wanted her way today, no matter what. And she got it too. We did get a break when she went down for a nap. And at 10:pm tonight she finally went to sleep. Jim is in sleeping too. She wore him out. He's 51yrs old with a 4yr old child, so he tires easy. Well, he did get up in the middle of the night last night and cleaned the turtle aquarium. It looks great, everything is so clean and shiney and water is crystal clear. Of course Rocky has knocked over the tank ornaments already. lol.

Well, gonna walk to Emma's tomorrow. I've been trying to get a smuch walking in as I can. It's helping me in losing weight, and it helps burn some of Rebecca's energy. Weather man says it's gonna get hot again, grrrrrrrrrr. I hate that, cause then I have a hard time breathing when I walk. I take my time, and sit if I need too.

Well, I guess that's about all there is to write about. Hope you all have a great evening and new week. (((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) to all.






  1. i really hope you are able to get some much needed rest tonight
    i hate when i am so stressed out i cannot sleep
    that happened a lot to me before my husband left for iraq.
    i dont think i have slept well since
    i cannot wait until he gets home
    anyways this isnt about me sorry.
    maybe if you try reading or watching some infomercials that will help...thats what i do, lol
    take care

  2. Cindy... try and get some rest tonite..

    I enjoyed the video Stevie put together too!  It made me get all teary watching all the beautiful faces of our little Jland community.  The music he played with it was perfect!  Everyone has done such a wonderful job putting together JLands 3 Year Birthday celebration.  I was really in awe of that video, though!


  3. I wish I knew how to make tags and graphics too. Of course there's never stuff with my name.
    Hope you sleep well.

  4. Sounds like you are busy busy!!  Those little kids have soooooo much energy huh? Sugar and Stevie and Donna are real go getters and doing an awesome job making the 3 yr thing special.
    HUGS. lisa

  5. Stevies video is good I enjoyed watching it ~ Dan and Emma seem to be enjoying life ~ lovely to hear about them ~ hope the walking helps with your weight loss ~ Ally

  6. Wow, sure sounds like a busy weekend...time for a Calgon moment for you!  Yes, Sugar has done one awesome job on the Pet Memorial...I loved seeing my little Charlie and her kind words about him...loved it!  Everyone connected with the celebrations, all over j-land, have done a great job.  Take care and enjoy the week ahead...hugs and love,

  7. All I've done is put in a wording idea for the official 3yr tag. I didn't get my pic in the video. I want to sign up for the 2996 project, but am scared my computer is gonna go out and I don't wanna fail someone special.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. sounds like you had a busy weekend. I hope you got a good nights sleep. I'm happy that Emma and Dan are doing good. That's so nice to hear. I checked out the video and just loved it.

  9. Sounds like you are pretty tired..........hope you get some rest. Hugs, B. Lynne