Saturday, August 19, 2006

Update on Marissa and then some

 Doctor Marissa had her dental surgery yesterday. She was so nervous going to the dental hospital. She sat in the waiting room with her Mommy and Daddy. She got very thirsty but was'nt allowed a drink cause she was being put under general anesthesia. A nurse came out to see Marissa, and Marissa says, hey you I need a drink, lol. Well, this nurse told Marissa she would go into her lab and fix Marissa a very special drink. Marissa was thrilled. A few minutes later the nurse returned with a small medicine cup, like the size of a cough syrup cup, with a red fluid in it. Marissa drank it right down and swollowed it, then said yuck!!!!! LOL Emma asked what the fluid was and the nurse says, We call it Silly Juice. It helps the child to relax. So about 10 minutes later the nurse returns, and Marissa is all happy and giddy. The nurse says, Ok Marissa you ready. Marissa says, ready for what? The nurse says your an astronaut and we're going to get into your spaceship and fly to the moon, lol. Marissa looks at her parents and says, Bye, I'm going to the moon in my spaceship, and walks away with the nurse. Dan looks at Emma, and says, Wow, what was that stuff she drank? And they both start laughing. About a couple hours later, the nurse returns and tells them Marissa is fine, there all done and shes in recovery room. She said at one point Marissa's blood pressure went up very high, but it quickly went back to normal after some medication injected into her IV was administered. Marissa had her 4 top front teeth pulled, and numerous filling and crowns done. They kept her at the hospital for about 3 hours after surgery to make sure she was ok. She was so groggy on the way home. Soon as she was in her house, she went right to her room and fell asleep for a couple hours. When she woke up her Mommy had icecream waiting for her. The coldness helps the swelling go down. But she's doing ok, and goes back in 1 week to have stitches removed from her top gum where the teeth were pulled.

 Sad My baby girl is leaving today, sniff sniff. Going on her little vacation for a week to my cousin Carmen's house. And is Rebecca sad about going away from Mommy and Daddy for so long, nope she ain't, she's excited about it, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the little stinker. She has been running around laughing, smiling, dancing and shaking her little butt, saying I'm going on vacation and your not, lol

 Wakka Wakka I have her suitcase packed. We just have to pack up her toys, books and her fuzzy ducky blankie that she sleeps with everynight. I put together a little craft box for her. Crayons, colored paper squares, post it note pads, childrens scissors. She loves doing crafts.

By the way I wanted to remind you of those party crashers who just might crash our big anniversary bash. I have here another picture of them. Remember if you see them ignore them, and maybe, just maybe they will go away, lol Here's their picture:

 Stooges Well, I'm gonna go for now. I want to feed Rebecca, get her showered and dressed and go downstairs and visit Mommom I for a bit before my cousin gets here. Take care all and have a great day. Muahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!



  1. That is GREAT news about Marissa!!! I remember my son with that silly juice stuff...WOW, made me want to try it out! lol.  
    Be happy your daughter is so independnant and excited to go, I know you must be, but as a mom it's hard when they don't show that twinge of missing us that we do them! ha ha ha

  2. So glad Marissa is doing well.  Not as traumatic to her as it was the parents/grandparents, huh?  Glad Rebecca is going off on vacation.  It'll be good for her and she WILL miss you!  Don't doubt that!!

  3. have a good weekend:)


  4. FOUR WORDS FOR YA!.......BE STRONG / ENJOY THE you guys muahhhhhhhh nancy

  5. I wish we as parents could sometimes get a swig of that silly juice! LOL
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I'm glad all's well hun!

    Hope you're ok *hugs*  You're an awesome person!!

    Lv Stevie

  7. awww poor Marissa, glad she got it done though. Poor thing. Now what was in that cup. LOL. So sorry your baby girl is leaving for a week. I know she will miss you just as much as you'll miss her. Just hope she has a great time.

  8. Glad all went well with the dentist. Enjoy your time off. hugs, B. Lynne

  9. I remember having to drink that stuff when I was a kid, and that was just for regular dental work.  They called it "Happy Water."  I have no idea if it worked or not, I just know that I was still freaked out in that chair! lol  I still grip the arms on the dentist chair when I go.

    Don't worry... Rebecca will be back before you know it!  I really hope she doesn't get homesick!

  10. glad to hear marissa is doing ok
    when i had my wisdom teeth surgically removed i had ice cream cottage cheese frostys from wendys :) mashed potatos
    hope she gets well soon
    <3, emily

  11. Hey Cindy,

    I really have missed reading about your family. Isn't that silly we don't even know each other, but you get attached.
    I felt lost not knowing what was going on.

    Awww... Rebecca is leaving soon. I know she will be fine and have a great time with your cousin. Mommy and Daddy will be the ones lonely.

    So glad Marissa's surgery came out well. Poor baby having to go through all that. I never had to have teeth pulled, but my youngest did and I was always so upset for her. So I understand what you all were feeling.

    Party crashers? IDK what you're talking about. I told you I've missed alot since I been gone. What's that about?

    Love the name tag. You're getting to be miss fancy pants wth all those graphics. LOL.

    Take care, Chrissie