Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Grrrr Whoopy Cushion

All curled up in my bed, airconditioning on, fan blowing cool air onto my face, sound asleep and all of a sudden I hear BLHHHHHHHHHHHH. I open my eyes and what do I see, my darling angel of a child (yea right) holding a whoopy cushion and squeezing it in my face. And she says, "How'd you like that waking up Mommy?" The kid is brave, lol. She usually wakes me up by flicking my face with a finger. Her Dad came home yesterday with that dag on whoopy cushion for her. And he taught her how to use a straw to blow it up more quickly. This kid thinks that thing is just the greatest.

Anyways, yesterday I was so tired. Only room I cleaned was the livingroom, until..............my darling little girl went into the bathroom (she's supposed to be napping in her bed) and decides she's gonna paint the bathroom with a brand new tube of red toothpaste. I mean it was everywhere, vanity, vanity cabinet, toilet tank, shower curtain, door knob, radiator, my clean towels, and shower curtain. I paid 4.99 for that tube of toothpaste just the night before, grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I had to clean her up, get her back to bed, then scrub down the bathroom. Well, when I opened the vanity doors to get the cleaner, I noticed they had toothpaste around the edges. This child tried to glue the doors shut with toothpaste, lol. It took me about 20 minutes to clean that bathroom. I was so tired, (still getting over the weekend of babysitting) that I went in to take a nap too. But I knew she'd get up after I fell asleep, so I took my wooden back scratcher to bed with me. I showed it to her and said you get up out of that bed, and your gonna get this on your butt. I just laid there for about 5 minutes, she did fall asleep, so it was safe for me to take a nap. I woke up at 6:pm, guess I needed that sleep. Jim got home at 4:30pm, he said we were both sleeping. Rebecca woke up at 5:30pm. I got up threw on my shoes and walked two blocks to the Deli and got a bottle of diet pepsi and a loaf of bread. It was so hot outside, I had to actually gasp for air. GO AWAY HEAT WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cook a big dinner when I got back? NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I threw some Celeste frozen pizza's in the oven and wulahhhhhhhh there's dinner, lol. After they went to bed I fixed myself some dinner. A round roll with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and hotpeppers with olive oil. I did'nt feel like putting any meat on it. It was actually pretty tasty. Rebecca wanted to walk to Emma's today. But it is just too hot outside. And it's somewhat uphill and a very hard walk for me. I did it a couple times last week and thought I'd pass out. Emma had a tall glass of iced water waiting for me when I got there. Well, today I have to get some housework done. This child has trashed it. I'm keeping both airconditioners on HIGH today. Suppose to be 100 or more today and tomorrow. I am so looking forward to FALL, that is my favorite season.

I got an awesome postcard yesterday from Linda in Michigan. (sangriatimes) It had the Disney scene Lady and the Tramp, sharing a plate of spaghetti. I really loved this postcard, cause as a child it was my favorite disney movie, and it still is, so thank you Linda, you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. I have 2 more postcards I'm sending out on saturday. They are going out to Lisa in Ohio, and Bambi in Florida. I am so loving this postcard game. I have received 7 cards so far, I mailed out 16, and mailing 2 more saturday, like I said.

Well, my nephew Eddie just called me. Sounded really depressed. He has a girlfriend Chrissy who has just found out she's 1 month and 1 week pregnant. Eddie tells me their not ready to have a kid. Eddie already has a beautiful little girl named Kaylei from a previous girlfriend. Well, I told him you wanna play now you gotta pay. Chrissy is against abortion, and says as for adoption, she can't carry a baby for 9 months and then give it up. So, No pitty party for them with me. I told him you both now have to get your act together, and stop all the stupid crap they do and start thinking about that innocent baby that is now made. I also told him not to be like his father, (a lowlife) who fathered 17 kids and never paid or raised any of them. He lives in Ohio, thank god. Away from my great-niece Kaylei, she does'nt need to know about him at all. My nephew Eddie has his name. Well, guess I will go now. Rebecca and I are hungry. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! And STAY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. hoping you get some relief from the heat soon


  2. It has finally cooled down here in Southern Cali!  We were suffering with triple digit temps for over a month!  I am so sick of summer, and so ready for winter!  Winters in California are PERFECT!

    That is so not funny, but funny, at the same time, about your daughter and the toothpaste!  It's amazing where their little minds go when they are doing stuff like that.  I really think their imaginations take over and they don't think about the fact that they are wasting or doing something wrong.  

    Hope it cools off for you!


  3. it is finally cooler here in Colorado:) drink lots of liquids and try and stay cool


  4. You know, I was laughing at the toothpaste, mostly because I don't feel alone in those situations now! Boy have I been in your shoes. You MUST give her credit, gluing the cabinets shut with toothpaste was a good idea, would have worked had you not checked!!!!! HA HA HA HA <still laughing here>  Well, don't know what to say about your nephew, I agree with you, you play you pay, and the baby shouldn't have to pay the price for it.  Time to grow up.  I need to find that link and get into the post card game. I really would love to do that!

  5. I would like to  apologize to openly to CINDY {of  http://journals.aol.com/emabecmar/CindysLife} for not sending a postcard to her when I said I would. Sorry Cindy  I have been busy { with Sarah, with having knee problems and also I have had the chance to get one but I forgot to get one}, I know that is not an excuse ...so I am asking your forgiveness.

    I am truly kicking myself for forgetting. I WILL get one out to you ..I just don't know when and I'm not going to tell you a date just to have something else come up.

    Please forgive me. I know this is not how you start out a friendship and not how you keep one.


  6. the toothpaste is something my son would do, thankfully no one has showed him that  trick yet..it is so hot here also they said our heat index is 108 today...yicky!

  7. The toothpase episode has me laughing!!

  8. I am so glad I found your journal. You are like a breath of fresh air!!B. Lynne

  9. kids, lol the things they do so there mom's can clean some more. I remember my kids with crayons, don't think they ever did the toothpaste thing. My son once when he was little. In diapers when he got up from nap. He drew on my walls with poo from his diaper. Little brat didn't even know he was up. Guess he was having fun. LOL. Gotta love em.  I do hope Eddie and his GF get there act together for the baby. Have a great day. Hopefully you will cool off a bit.

  10. See?  It doesn't matter whether you're big or small.....you play yer gonna hafta pay.  It's a vicious cycle!

  11. You are very welcome for the post card.  I just love Disney movies!  That set of post cards were Disney romances!  Linda