Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Good Morning

Good Morning all!!!!!!!!!!!

It is 9:13am here in sunny Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It's 73 outside right now, ahhhhhhhhh. Am so glad our heatwave is gone. It's suppose to go up to 84 today. I turned off my airconditioning and opened up the windows. It's so great to be getting in some fresh air. Rebecca woke up this morning and changed herself out of her pajamas into a pair of dark blue pants and a light blue shirt. She's getting better at dressing herself. She learning how to match her clothes better. Now if she'd only learn how to brush her own hair and wipe her own butt after she does her business in bathroom, lol.

Well, last night 10:30pm, I'm in the kitchen cooking and baking. I cooked some chicken to make Jim chicken salad sandwiches for work today. Then I baked some banana bread. It turned out beautiful. I put a piece in Jim's lunch for him. I'll be going downstairs to Joe's place soon. Gonna have coffee and banana bread with his mother, Mommom I. She's a sweet lady and I really enjoying visiting with her and hearing stories about her life.

I got the most beautiful postcard yesterday from Lyn. A postcard with a bunch of sites in England. Lyn did I get your address to send you a postcard? If not email me and I'll send you one from me.

Anyone else wanting a postcard, please do the same. Sending out another postcard today. It's going to Barbara in Texas. Having lots of fun with this postcard game for sure.

Well, guess I'd better get ready and go downstairs to see Mommom I. Have a great day all.



  1. Our heat wave is BACK! GRRRR
    I got a lovely card from Lyn too. :)
    Have a good day.
    Smooches, Sug

  2. it is nice and cool here in jersey also. my son will scream from the bathroom mom come wipe my butt!!! it is so funny, he is dressing himself also but not always matches the clothes but he tries!
    have a great day

  3. Rebecca will soon be doing every thing for herself ~ then you will miss the things you do for her now ~ well nearly all the things you do for her lol ~ that banana bread sound delicious ~ have a nice visit to Mommom 1 ~ Ally

  4. I want some coffee and banana bread! Yummy!  

  5. well you hope you had a great time visiting mommom. She sounds like a lovely person.  The banana bread sounds so good. YUM

  6. Coffee (yucky.. I like more milk and sugar so why drink it, UNLESS you're in Vegas hehehe), but I love banana bread.
    Take care, Chrissie