Thursday, August 31, 2006

How Ignorant!!!!!!!!

 GrrrI am so dam mad today. My daughter calls me this morning, tells me she is on her way to work and will be walking by my house, and to let her sister look out window at her so she can wave hello. Then I hear a man's voice and my daughter Emma saying, I'm married, I'm not interested, go away!!!!! I ask her who she is talking too. She says some guy who is driving really slow, following her saying, Get in my car baby, I'll give you a good ride. Come one you sexy thing, I want you to get in my car. I can hear this asshole yelling this, cause she's on her cell to me. I'm looking out the window and I see a silver Nissan Maxima going slow and I ask her if the car following her is silver, she said yes, well, in my night gown, hair all wild I ran down stairs out the front door, no shoes on either, and their that idiotic moron is, still running his mouth. So I say to him, you gotta a problem asshole, cause if ya want one, I'll for dam sure help you out. So he pulls up on corner and says I just wanna give the sexy mama a ride, oh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I blew my stack then, I headed for his car, my knife in hand and said Mother "F" er you got about 2 seconds to leave or I'll show you the way to hell. Then I showed him the knife, and said you like your balls asshole? He says, OH, me do nothing, I wanna give her ride, still he wants to argue. So, I make like I'm dialing 911, hand Emma my cellphone and towards his car I go showing my knife. I looked at him and said did you kiss your wife, momma, or girlfriend goodbye this morning, cause if ya did'nt it's too late now!!!!! Guess he got the hint, cause the dumbass took off. So, Emma says, Mom, what am I going to do, I gotta get to work. I tell her to get into the house. I quickly dressed while she dressed Rebecca, and I walked her to work. My health is'nt that great, I have one lung damaged from radiation and it makes it hard to breathe when I walk to far. My left leg goes numb if I stand too long and my right hip grinds due to an accident in 1994. But, would'nt you know half way to her work, here he comes again, waving and beeping his horn. I looked him dead in the eye with the worst look I could muster up, and he continued on his way. Mess with my kids and I get evil, I will literally hurt someone. My kids are my life and I will fight teeth, nails, fangs and whatever else to protect them. Man, he pissed me off big time. He just would'nt take NO for an answer. With all the women missing and the abductions in this city, I ain't taking no shit from some idiot as him. All my life I grew up around violence, and I learned how to protect myself and what is mine. What really made me mad was, it's after 10:30am and this idiot is driving around trying to get my child in his brand new car, well why ain't he at work? Who's paying for the car? The occupation that came to mind was, DRUG DEALER............Yep I can spot them a mile away. In this city they walk around in colors, long white tshirts, black paints for coccaine and crack, blue pants for marijuana, and they all carry these glow in the dark blue cellphones. I can sit in my livingroom in the dark and see them walk by, cars pulling up to them, and then leaving, having made their little sale. It's SICKENING!!!!!!!!!!!! GET A REAL JOB YOU BUNCH OF LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrr, I am so mad I could spit fire. Bet my blood pressure sored to space today. And tomorrow, I'm walking her to work again, I dare him to say one word, make one jester, cause I will be all over his sorry ass. I'm sorry for ranting like this, and I hope it does'nt offend anyone, but I needed to rant and vent. I told my husband what I want for christmas this year. I want a handgun and a permit to carry it. I know how to use guns, grew up all my life using one. I even had the opportunity to shoot once in the air to run off some jerk who was on my property hiding behind a tree when I got home. I ran him off, called the cops, showed him my gun and the permit for it. This happened in Onancock, Va on the eastern shore. Guess what the cop said? He handed me his card, and said next time shoot him and call me I'll handle the paperwork. Whoa, don't wanna get into trouble in that town, lol. After that I let my Rottweiler, "SHY" lose in the yard ( I lived on a huge property in middle of no where with no neighbors for miles. My husband was still working here in Philadelphia and came home on weekends. So all week I was alone in a huge 3 story house that sat in the middle of 55 acres of woods. Ok, I got off the subject here of that idiot who tried to get my daughter in the car. I have his tag number, description of his car. Tomorrow my knife and cell phone will be in hand and I will be walking Emma to work again. And it's a long walk,taking alot of my energy, but to make sure my oldest baby girl is ok, I will do it. I'd better go now, I think I'm gonna lay down for a while. My body is throbbing like a migrain all over. Later on I hear a long hot shower calling me. Again, sorry if this entry upsets anyone, I did'nt want to upset anyone.





  2. OMG that is so rude... not to mention wrong and totally disrespectful! What is the matter with people?!

    And don't worry about upsetting anyone, we understand your anger completely... well, I think maybe you should have "upset" THAT guy with a smack upside his head!


  3. That would scare the crap out of me.  I'd walk her to work too.

  4. It was like reading something I would have done. When it comes to my kids, look out!

  5. I'm glad you stood up for her. I would have done that too!  Mama Bear protects her cubs, yanno?  
    I got two handguns when I had my son. I always thought if anyone broke in and tried to hurt my family, they'd be dead.  End of story.  
    My mom always had guns in the house, too. She was a tough Army Nurse who was in WWII.  No messing with her!  
    I'd report his license to the police dept and tell them what happened.  Maybe they will patrol and if they see him they'll stop him and have a talk.
    Hope you are able to calm down and feel better.  

  6. Omg, what a tosser!!!!!

    I'm not surprised you're fuming!!

    Lv Stevie

  7. I agree with Pamela, she took the words right out of my all you know, turn him in.  I do hope you feel better soon...get some rest...a long hot shower should help...hugs and love,

  8. Did you get his tag # & call & report him to the police? He might end up getting a woman or child in his car next time. Hope you reported it!
    Hugs, Sugar

  9. make sure you report him to the police and then if he shows up tomorrow call the cops and keep calling. its sad that the sickos are every where stay safe ok i worry about you


  10. Oh, you sound just like me!!! lol I am usually quiet but you mess with my children or someone I care about and you best move on down the road.
    I have a handgun..a thirty eight special which I know how to use and when to use and I WILL use it if I have to. I also have concealed weapons license to carry it.
    If you have not done so yet..please get on your cell phone and report that jerk and his tag number before he ends up with someone else's child in that car...keep bugging the cops til they do something.
    I hate the fact that you have to walk her to work...maybe she can get a ride with one of her co-workers and pay them for the gas, or what-ever...Worth a TRY!
    Please watch out for that idiot...not telling what he may try next.
    love ya,

  11. Hell, you go girl! Call the cops and give them his tag #, the AH. I wish you were my are awesome!
    HUGS, lisa

  12. I just found you over on Jeanette's Jottings and want you to know, I am with you all the way.  I've been in the same situation before as you, I had a break in while I was a young mom at home with four babies.  I stabbed the guy and he ran off.  Prior to that I have had to use a gun to scare off an intruder.  Nothing makes me madder than for someone to threaten my kids, no matter how old they are.  I'm glad I visited you!
    Nelishia in Atlanta

  13. My word!  Remind me to never piss you off~ lol



  15. wow that guy is a jerk. The fact the he would not even stop it when you both asked. How dare he come around again. You are a wonderful mother, walking Emma to work and making sure she is safe. You be careful too.

  16. DARN... glad you were there to help her out. I would have done the same thing.
    Take care, Chrissie

  17. Wow.  I am missing so much not getting my alerts!  Thanks for sending this to me.  I would be mad too!  Stupid jerk!  I would definately keep walking her to work.  I am just worried about it taking too much out of you.  Maybe you could get some Nice guy to walk with her and the jerk will get the hint. Barbara