Monday, August 28, 2006

My Wonderful Sunday

I had a wonderful day yesterday. Lots of food and family here to share it with. My guests were Poppop Bill, Dan and Emma, Marissa and Daniel and Dan's brother Bill, and of course Jim, Rebecca and I. I baked a ham, and fixef potato salad, deviled eggs, baked beans, corn on cob, salad, and dinner rolls. I kept promising Poppop Bill I'd fix him a ham dinner, and finally I did. Everyone had a great time. It was so nice having Poppop Bill here. We don't get to see him as much anymore since Emma and Dan and Poppop Bill moved to different places. I miss the morning coffee we all had together, and I know he misses seeing the kids each morning. Marissa and Rebecca love their Poppop Bill. Well, I have a few pictures to share with you. Two are from Rebecca's vacation, and the other one is a picture Dan and Emma went and had done of their family. It's called Vintage Style. I just love the way it turned out. The first one is Rebecca at the beach, the second is her smiling face at the beach and the third is Dan and Emma.

I just love this little frame added to the pic, thanks cuz'n Carmen, it's adorable. Carmen took this next pic also.

And here is the Vintage picture of Dan and Emma and the kids. I love the old style clothing they wore for the picture. Dan hated the hat, but I think he looked great.

Are'nt they just adorable? well, there ya go. Just some of the people who mean the world to me. Have a great day all.

And a special thank you to Missie for my cute little name tag.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome day, bless ya!

    Great pics too, thanks for sharing.

    Lv Stevie

  2. So happy you had such a nice day...loved the pics and the meal sounded yummy!
    Have a wondefful week...hugs and love,

  3. that entry made me hungry!
    i need to start brushing up  on my cooking skills (i've been reading cookbooks!)
    i havent actually made a meal since tony left since i'm at my moms.
    that picture is adorable....where did they have that done at...dressing up vintage style that was a cute scene and adorable!
    have a good monday
    <3, emily

  4. Glad you had a nice day. Great pics!

  5. sissy congrats on another beautiful entry....the picsarebeautiful andagain let me say my neice isgorgeous love you sissy muahhhhhhhh nancy

  6. Sounds like a great day.
    Love the pictures too.

  7. That meal you cooked sounded delicious ~ no wonder your guests enjoyed it ~ I loved those photos especially the family group ~ Ally

  8. The beach picture with the frame is adorable.

  9. Me and Danny and the kids had one of those vintage pictures made back when Amanda was small! I love the pictures of Rebecca !! SHe is a doll!
    http:/ com/tendernoggle/HORSESHOEBEND/

  10. Those Vintage tin type photos are so awesome!  

    Glad you had a nice Sunday, Cindy! :)


  11. love the photos :)


  12. love the pictures. It sure sounds and looks like everyone had a great time. Love the vintage pictures.

  13. I love Rebecca's beach pics!  And the vintage pic is so cool!  They all look so good!  Thanks for posting these.  Sounds like you all had a wonderful day.

  14. Yummy dinner sounded delish...

    Loved the pics thanks for sharing.

    Take care, Chrissie