Tuesday, March 24, 2009

YEP IT'S ME..............

Yep, it's me. I am back. Feeling so much better. Swelling and redness is gone. Glue is almost off of incision. I go back to see breast surgeon tomorrow morning at 10am and hopefully she releases me. I awakened this morning at 6:30, got the girls dressed and fed and took them to school. Checked my email, read and commented on a few blogs, and at 12:30 my head was pounding and I felt dizzy so I went to my room and laid down. Jim woke me up at 7:pm for dinner. So since I took such a long nap, I thought I'd try to make an entry before I get tired again. But before I say anymore I want to tell you about the pictures above. The first one is of my youngest grandchild, Adrianna. She has grown so much, and is walking now. Her hair is so curly and getting long. The second pic is my grandson Daniel. He took me out on a date last week and he even paid for our lunch. He's eatting his cheeseburger meal with fries and chocolate milk. It was so cute, the cashier looked at me for the money, and he puts the money his daddy gave him 15.00 on the counter and says, "Lunch is on me today mommom." Everyone in line awed, he was so cute. We get our food and go sit down and Daniel says, next time mommom you can use your plastic, lmbo. I cracked up he was so funny cause he was serious. Lunch was delicious but my date out with my grandson was the best part, oh and him paying for it was good too, lol. Next is a pic of my hubby and his brothers and sisters. From left to right we have my sil Janet, then my hubby Jim, my bil Walt, bil Bruce and my sil Barbie. Barbie has a pic of them as little kids in the same order. She's gonna get us all copies made. I ordered copies of this pic as adults for everyone. Next is a pic of from left to right my hubby Jim has a lil boy, his sister Barbie and brother Bruce. They are so cute. Next is a painted portrait of my hubby Jim when he was in the navy. Handsome isn't he? The next one is the genuine navy picture they take. I like the painted one better, lol. Next is my hubby Jim and his brother Bruce. They are just so adorable. Last is my daughter Emma and my sil Dan. Their all dressed up for a union ball. I love the gown Emma wore. She got it at Sear's for 99.99 but on sale for 69.99. She is so tan from the salon. They had a wonderful time at the ball. I was glad to babysit because they needed some time out together.
Well, Jim's fathers funeral was nice. He looked very handsome laid out in his coffin. Jim and his youngest brother Walt helped carry the casket along with their bil Ed, Ed's son Travis and Jim's bil David. Since my fil was a veteran of the USMC he had a flad draped over his casket at the cemetary. Three marines were there. One was off in a distance. He played TAPS. Well as soon as he started I think everyone lost it and was crying. When he finished, the other two marines folded the flag, and then one of them presented my mil with the flag and said, On behalf of the USMC and the president we present this flag to you. Then he stood up, saluted Jims Mom and walked away. We all went to the church to their dining hall for a very delicious brunch given by the ladies of the church. Then we went to my inlaws house and talked, had coffee, and looked at old pictures. The church delivered all the leftovers to the house so we had it all for dinner. It was a sad day, but a nice day full of family tears and laughs. Well, tomorrow is a busy day for me. Doctors, then off to the school to meet with Rebecca's teacher and get her report card. Then to post office and CVS to pick up my Lexapro, afterwards I'll need a nap, lol. I guess that is about all there is to tell. Well, there's probably more but I can't think of it now, lol. Thank you all for staying with me, and for your prayers. They meant alot to me. Oh yea, there was something I forgot to tell you. Today March 24, 2009 Jim and I have been married 30 years. And if I had it to do all over again, I'd marry him again.

LOVE YA..............................CINDY

Friday, March 20, 2009





Saturday, March 7, 2009

I have some good news and some sad news. The good news is that the lump is not cancer. The doctor called with the results and totally took alot of weight off my shoulders. Thursday I went to see my primary doctor. He took more blood to check my sugar level. And he discussed with me about whether or not I would consider having a Gastro Intestinal Bypass. Now that is something I really have wanted to have done for quite a while. So he gave me the name of someone in Elkins Park, Pa. I called them gave my insurance info and they will send me a bunch of forms to fill out, send back to them and then they'll set me up with an appointment for a consultation. Please keep your fingers crossed the insurance approves it for me. Ok now some bad news. It is official. I am a diabetic. I am now on a pill I take at dinner time for the diabetes. But my doctor said I get the surgery to lose weight and the diabetes could go away.
Now I have sad news. At 3:30am this morning my father in law Walter M. Sawn passed away. Jim's mom is ok, she has family at the house with her. Jims talked with her on the phone. The funeral is going to be private, a gravesite viewing and burrial. Jim and I and Dan and Emma will attend the funeral. Dan's brother Walt and his Mom will be here to watch the kids. We're leaving the girls home from school on tuesday, so they don't have to worry about going to get the kids. Jim wants to talk so I am going to go now. Keep us in your prayers ok.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes, that is a pic of my boob where I had the surgery. The ugliest part is way at the bottom which is the swelling and bruising. That's about 2 inches of the incision you can see, it goes lower but it hurts too much to touch it to move it so you can see the rest. I haven't heard from the doctor yet on any test results. Believe me my nerves are on edge waiting. I tried to drive yesterday. I won't be trying that again for a while longer. Pulling the car door closed, hurt.
Well, Jims Dad is home. He was driven by ambulance home. He has a nurse that comes for the next couple days and after that he is on his own. The nurse told Jims mom the doctor said he has 2 to 3 days and it will be over. His dad's kidneys are shutting down and he has a portable pump that pushes medicine into his heart. It can only be used for 2 days supposedly, after that there's no more medicine and just time before he goes into his final sleep. Jim is on eggshells just waiting for the phone call. He went to see his dad yesterday and stayed there most of the day. He then left and went to the hospital to visit his grandmom. She fell a few days ago, and when Jims mom seen her legs she immediately called 911. Her legs were blistard covered and had red lines all over them. She is in intensive care where they can keep a close watch on her due to her age which is 99 years old. Jims mom said she will be 100 on October 22. She was born in 1909.
Well, we got lots of snow last night into today. It totaled about 6 inches. The wind is blowing and it is freezing outside. Last I checked it was 19 degree's outside. It's suppose to go down to 12 degrees tonight. Schools were closed today, but they should be open tomorrow.
I'm sitting here sweating my butt off with major hot flashes. All part of the meno pause or my pain meds. I could sit in an airconditioned room right now. lol As soon as I find out the results of my surgery I will come back here and post the results. Please keep a prayer going up for my FIL, jims Grandmom and myself. I hope everyone is doing well and is warm and safe.

Love to all.....................Cindy xoxoxoxo