Saturday, March 7, 2009

I have some good news and some sad news. The good news is that the lump is not cancer. The doctor called with the results and totally took alot of weight off my shoulders. Thursday I went to see my primary doctor. He took more blood to check my sugar level. And he discussed with me about whether or not I would consider having a Gastro Intestinal Bypass. Now that is something I really have wanted to have done for quite a while. So he gave me the name of someone in Elkins Park, Pa. I called them gave my insurance info and they will send me a bunch of forms to fill out, send back to them and then they'll set me up with an appointment for a consultation. Please keep your fingers crossed the insurance approves it for me. Ok now some bad news. It is official. I am a diabetic. I am now on a pill I take at dinner time for the diabetes. But my doctor said I get the surgery to lose weight and the diabetes could go away.
Now I have sad news. At 3:30am this morning my father in law Walter M. Sawn passed away. Jim's mom is ok, she has family at the house with her. Jims talked with her on the phone. The funeral is going to be private, a gravesite viewing and burrial. Jim and I and Dan and Emma will attend the funeral. Dan's brother Walt and his Mom will be here to watch the kids. We're leaving the girls home from school on tuesday, so they don't have to worry about going to get the kids. Jim wants to talk so I am going to go now. Keep us in your prayers ok.


  1. Dear Cindy, well good news about the cancer...just as I predicted, I just knew that this tiem all would be ok with you. Prayers do work sometimes even as quickly as we would like them ! I am sorry about the diebetis part although one pill a days is not to bad a burden (my wee great Niece has 6 injections a day and has been deibetic sinse she was 7 she was 16b last week and also has you can imagine what her diet is like)
    Now my thoughs love an dprayers are with you all on the death of Jims Father. I will especially be thinking of you all on Tuesday. Give Jim an extra hug from me please x
    Lots of Love Sybil xxx

  2. I am sorry to hear of your loss ,but am delighted your lump isnt cancer ,and please God if you have the surgery the diabetis will go away Jan xx


    but then I also want to say...

    I am so sorry for your loss. I know how hard it is to lost a parent and I am sending you lots of ((hugs)) and prayers....

    So I guess this is a happy and a sad comment.


  4. What a bittersweet time. I am so happy for you that this is benign, esp with your cancer history.

    And now I am so sorry for your loss...

  5. Cindy, please accept my sympathy on the loss of your father in law. Prayers being sent for your family.

    Congrats on the all clear test results. That is fantastic.

    Good luck on the G.I.B....

    Hugs, Sheri

  6. Cindy, great news about no cancer, but I am so too for your loss, Love Ya Lisa XO

  7. so very sorry to hear about your father in law. My prayers are with all of you.

    and thank goodness about the GOOD news. I want to have that surgery too. maybe someday I can. But you don't have cancer, and if you have the surgery and lose weight, you probably won't have diabetes anymore either!!

  8. accept my condolences on your loss, please give jim a hug for me.
    happy to hear the lump is not cancer. woo hoo.
    seems you've been losing weight of late with your diet, can you not keep that up? gastric bypass is really a major surgery with lots of side effects. did you think about a lap band surgery, it's less invasive.

  9. That is good news about the cancer. I hope the surgery/weight loss takes care of the diebetis.
    My condolences to your family on the loss of your Father-in-law.

  10. Congrats on the good news about the cancer!! Very sorry about Jim's dad. My prayers go out to his family.

  11. My condolances to everyone on the sad loss of your FIL.ay perpetual light shine upon him Cindy.Great news and made my morning knowing your lump wasn't Cancer Yeeeeeh!! Diebetis is very common nowadays .Keep taking the pill for now and our prayers your surgery is approved if thats what you want and hope it will take it way with time.Take Care God Bless Kath xx




  13. I am glad that you have good news but sad for the loss of Jim's Dad. May God be with the family during this sad time. Helen

  14. Thank God it's not cancer!!!! I'm so sorry for your loss though. I'll be praying for strength & comfort for you all.

  15. Oh thank God it is not cancer!!! Praise YOU Jesus!
    I am sincerely sorry for the passing of Jim's daddy...Please let him know that I will be praying for his mama and him and you all. God bless,

  16. Very thankful and prayers answered that it was not cancer..and my prayers too, going up for sorry for his Dad's passing...many hugs to you both...

  17. Dear Cindy

    Sorry to read about Jim's dad. May God bless him!
    What a sad time for you all.
    However the news about your breast is wonderful!! Thank you God!
    What a worrying and stressfull time you have had. Such a positive outcome for you too.
    I am diabetic and have to take a pill in the morning and one in the evening after food. I am slowly loosing weight and hope that this will lower the meds eventually.
    That operation sounds so drastic. I hpe all goes well.
    Much love and hugs
    Jeanie xxx

  18. So sorry to hear about your loss!

    on another note glad the lump is not cancer!

  19. Cindy,
    I'm pleased for you that you don't have cancer. My condolences on your loss; all strength to your husband, yourself and all the family at this sad time.

  20. I can't believe I just made it here. Your journal doesn't show on my dashboard. I'm so glad you don't have the big C. What a blessing! Sorry about the diabetes, though. Think about the surgery. You might feel a lot better!
    Sorry about Jim's Dad. Give him my best.
    Love ya. xoxox

  21. I am so happy this was not cancer. THe Dr. is right that sometimes the diabetes goes away with weight loss. Sometimes the weight loss surgery is very successful. I hope that your insurance covers it. I would do it in a heartbeat if I was eligible. My heart goes out to Jim and his family because of the loss of his Mom. And the grandmother situation is tough too. She's made it so long to get that sick. I'm glad you all are going to get to go to the funeral.
    Very thrilled the lump is benign.


  22. awwww....Cindy!!! so glad this it was not cancer and the gastro oper is great to have! I have a friend who had it done a few years ago...she has lost a lot of weight!

    Sorry to hear about your father in law.....

    boy I must check my blog site more often...I have just got back to getting into writing in it. I have been on FACE BOOK alot.

    love ya' gal!!!!!

    once again sorry for not checking in sooner


  23. Cindy, praying you feel better soon, Love You Lisa XO