Monday, January 15, 2007


Today I think was a day of inspiration. I witnessed a very sick woman just a few days ago make a complete turn around and was back to her old self again. The strenghth she shows on a day to day basis is just amazing. There has been quite a few times where she was literally on her death bed, but because of the love for her family and from her family she survived. In 1972 the vehicle she was in with her husband was hit by a drunk driver. She was in the hospital for 14 weeks, her arm, 2 ribs, and leg broken, her jawbone crushed and the loss of sight in her right eye, in a coma for 12 weeks. She said she seen a bright light and when she felt at peace to walk into it, an angel took her by the hand and stopped her. Told her to go back, it wasn't her time yet, she was still needed on earth. She was soon well enough to go home. Home to a place where her 4 children were waiting for her along with her husband. She could no longer work to help her husband support the family they made together. She was smart enough to have a special fund when she was working that helped with the bills. Later she was able to collect disability. Three years after the accident she lost her husband. He died of heart disease. Together they had shared 30 years together, and made 3 sons and 1 daughter. She was left alone to raise the 2 youngest on her own. She had rough times, had to really stretch her money, but she did it. Her handicap of being blind in one eye did not stop her. She helped in raising quite a few of her grandchildren also. The other day when she was admitted into the hospital she didn't look good at all. She was weak, grey in skin color and her hands were blue. This morning I go downstairs and wow. She is dressed, cooking her breakfast, color back in her skin, rosy cheeks, full of energy. What an inspiration this woman is to me and those around her. She is just an awesome, amazing lady, and I hope when I am her age I have the spunk, the willpower to be like her. The person is Mommom I, Joe's mother. Her name is Evelyn Ianovale. She is 78 yrs old and full of energy today. She ate real good today too. Scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast, along withcoffee and juice. 2 bananas, crackers, strawberry's, cantelope. For lunch I made her an grilled cheese sandwich with tomato on sugar free bread I bought her. She loved it and ate the whole sandwich, drank a bottle of water too. Her sugar level was great this morning, 119. Tomorrow she has 2 doctor's appointments. Joe is working half a day then coming home and taking his Mom to see the doctor's. Rebecca kept an eye on mommom I all day today. She was told by her Uncle Joe to make sure his mommy eats and drinks plenty of water, and that's exactly what she did too. She would tell mommom I, I think you need more water and would hand her the bottled water to drink, then she shared her fruit bowl I had fixed for her to snack on while we were downstairs. She was so proud of herself for taking care of mommom. I am so glad and so honored for the time I get to spend with Mommom I, she is just so pleasant to be with, to talk too. I love hearing her stories about her childhood and about raising her kids. Not anything she talks about is at all boring. What a strong, independent loving person she is. Rebecca and I will be with her tomorrow until Joe gets home, and each day until she is able to go back home to her daughter's house. Her doctor told her she can't right now, because if she catches pnuemonia it will not be good for her at all. So she will be at her son's house until her daughter is better. Which is fine by me, I enjoy spending time with her.

Made my entry in the diet journal tonight also. If you haven't got the link it is:

Guess I had beter go to bed now. I am exhausted and have to get up at 6am. I promised Jim I would fix him a mushroom omelet for brekfast and fix him a thermos of hot soup for lunch tomorrow. Hope you all had a wonderful monday, and hope you have an even better tuesday.

Love to all,


  1. So glad you are enjoying your time with mommom.  Older people have such good stories if we just take the time to listen.  Have a good day tomorrow.

    LOVE YA,

  3. whata wonderful entry and i wish you would pass on to my niece that i am very proud of her for taking care of mommom1 like she promised joe she would....if i had a reward to give her ......I WOULD
    Don't tell her about this but i'm going to get busy tomorrow making some valentine's with my colored construction paper and one of them will be coming Rebecca's way.

  4. God Bless her !! What an amazing woman!

  5. She is one very amazing woman...wonderful entry...hugs and love,

  6. The spirit of some people is just out of this world, the determination, the love and passion of life.  Just amazing!!!

  7. She sounds like a wonderful lady. She reminds me of my grandmother that just past away. We thought we were going to loose her many many times, then she would amaze us all and bounce back. Grandmothers are angels on earth.
    Have a nice day.
    God Bless,
    Liz in Va.

  8. i love reading about such an inspirational woman!

  9. I'm glad she is doing well.  She has been through so much!  God bless her and you. : )  Love, Shelly

  10. I'm so glad she's doing well.  She must be one strong woman!  Have a good day.

  11. Glad to hear that your MIL is doing better!  Amazing what the mind can do, and how it can make the body better.  I'm a firm believer in that.  She sounds like a remarkable woman, and she is very fortunate to have you for a DIL..

    Sleep well..


  12. Hi Cindy,
    Nice entry.
    The omellette sounds good.

  13. Hi Cindy, what a lovely story, and a true inspiration. Mommom is so lucky to have you there. Rebecca is so grown up and responsible to take care of her Mommom, may God always protect and watch over your little princess.

    Hugs, Mandy ~