Sunday, January 14, 2007

What a weekend

This has been a long weekend. I hurt all over, I'm tired. Saturday was a major cleaning day. I was in the bedroom from 11:am until 9:pm. I moved furniture, cleaned out closet, threw out a bunch of junk, went through papers, dusted, vacuumed, hung curtains, changed linens. Jim said if I ask him to move one more piece of furniture or carry one more bag of trash down the steps and out back to the trash cans, he's gonna tie me up, lol. By the time I was done last night, I was just too worn out. I took a hot shower, watched the Eagles lose an important game then I went to bed. Rebecca woke me up at 3:30am cause she was thirsty and had to go potty also. So, took her to go potty, gave her a drink of water and back to bed we went. She woke me up at 8:am again, and said Mommy it's daylight, get up. Why me????????? But I got up, gave her a glass of milk, made a pot of coffee, and relaxed for a while. After Jim got up around 10:30, I went back into the bedroom, cleaned out his dresser, and put away all his clothes, put all mine away, made the beds, gave Rebecca a bath and washed her hair. Got her dressed and hair done. What did she do all day today? She was on computer all day. Would not let Jim or I on it, lol. She's such a computer hog, lol. The kid is just too good on the computer. Fixed a nice dinner tonight. I needed some energy, protein, so I made steaks broiled in the oven, Jims was topped with sliced mushrooms and onions, mashed taters and gravy, and a big salad. I ate half the steak, man was it good, 2 tablespoons mashed taters, about 1/3 cup gravy, and a big bowl of salad. I was so full afterwards, and I'm still full. I did feel better eatting that steak though, lol. I usually don't eat red meat cause my cholesterol is so high, but today I needed it for the extra fuel. Tomorrow I am making chicken veggie soup. I love soup.

Well, my daughter shared a bit of scarey news with me. It seems my grand daughter Marissa has taken to climbing out the window, before sunrise, taking her pillow and blanket, and a back pack stuffed with all sorts of things and going camping in the yard, by herself. I told Emma she is lucky none of the neighbors witnessed this and called the police. She's also lucky Marissa didn't just take off and get lost. Marissa said she just wanted to go camping. I told Emma she better keep all the windows securely locked, even those tabs where you can only open window a couple inches should be out so if she does get window unlocked she won't fit out it cause that tabs are out. She has grounded Marissa for 1 week, no tv, no walkman, just sit in your room.

Well, tomorrow I start going downstairs all day to sit with Joes mom and make sure she is ok. Joe has to go back to work tomorrow, so I know he will be worried about her, but not if I am down there. She gets up about 8:30am, so I will make sure I am down there then, to help her. So, since my day is gonna be a busy one tomorrow, I will say goodnight to you all.




  1. Well, you got a clean house now! :)
    So scarey about Marissa, someone could see her & take her! Hope they get good locks for the windows!
    Trust MomMom is doing better, bless her heart, lucky to have you.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, Sugar

  2. You sure worked your tail off, girl!!  Hope you're not too sore this week from all of that work!  
    Scary about Marissa.  Tell them to take her on a real camping trip sometime!  Really "rough it." LOL!  
    I hope they get those locks on and those tabs you talked about.  That's scary!!
    Good luck tomorrow.  I know Joe will be relaxed at work knowing you are there with mommom.
    Have a good sleep.

  3. Wow sounds like you had a BUSY weekend.  Dinner sounds delicious. We had grilled pork chops and baked potatoes.  You're so kind to look in on MomMom.  
    Have a good week.

  4. Heck after all that cleaning you deserved a steak. Man I hope Emma can get those windows locked better so that baby isn't out in the yard who knows what kinda of people might be lurking around out there in the dark.
    Take care, Chrissie

  5. wow scary thing your granddaughter is doing, hope they can get good windo locks on so she can't get out. have a fun day tomorrow with mommom:)


  6. yup it's going to be another full day for ya.....tell mommom hi for me and i'll ttyl ...ohhhh and kudos to emma for handling rissa like she did
    that is not safe for her to be climbing out windows like that

  7. Sounds like another busy day, Cindy...  You just spread yourself all over the place, don't you?  But, that's where your heart goes..

    Emma sure better be careful with Marissa!  Isn't it too cold for her to be outside like that? lol  Not to mention all the other things you were mentioning about it.

    Well..have a good day tomorrow, Cindy..


  8. that IS scary about climbing out the window. Kids do some crazy things!! Sounds like you were really motivated with all the cleaning..good for you. is it raining there?
    love,lisa jo

  9. I was just saying las night, I need to clean out my closets in my bedroom !!
    That's pretty scary climbing out of the window !! glad she caught it before something happened.
    Take Care

  10. WOW what a brave girl Marissa is, seems Emma is going to have her hands full as she grows up!!! That is dangerous though.  What is with the cleaning/moving mode going on?????  Well about your cholesterol you will find as your weight goes down, so may your cholestrerol (unless your gentic prone)
    Take a break sis, before you make yourself misrable or hurt yourself.

  11. Wow you were busy! I think taking a break is in order :)
    Emma has her hands full it sounds!

    Have a great week!


  12. I am so tired wore me out with all you did in one day, LOL
    But you also motivated me too, to get off my bum and do the same thing.  Wow, climbing out windows to camp huh?  Very dangerous and happy she is grounded for now.  Maybe the family can take her camping, a real camping trip and she will get it out of her system.  Hope you have a lovely week...hugs and love,

  13. I'm wore out from reading this.  LOL

  14. Wow, where do you get your energy?  All we did was sit around and watch tv, having no money will do that to you.


  15. wow sounds like one busy day, I can't believe Marissa is climbing out of the window, LOL. Kids. I'm tired reading this now.