Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's snowing again, grrrrrrrrr

This picture was taken yesterday. It was the snow we had from the night before. This is Cheltenham avenue here in Philadelphia where I live. Rebecca of course thought it was just enough snow to go out and play in. So I dressed her up warm and took her out to play in it. Of course the only two things she wanted to do was make a snow angel, which she tried and there wasn't enough snow, and throw snow balls at me, which she managed to get enough snow to make, lol.

This kid loves the snow. And guess what? This morning it is snowing again, grrrrrrrrr. I am so ready for spring. I have had enough of the winter weather already. I have to get to the store today. It is snowing pretty good out there now. It figures, another day messed up. I need to move to a warmer climate, lol. I am not a cold weather person. Well, shoulder is feeling a little better. Just a tiny bit of pain now. Heating pad and the ice packs are doing the trick. Thank you for advice on that. Well, gonna go. I haven't had coffee yet and I do need a cup.

I just want to say........................


  1. That just reminded me, I need CAMERA Batteries!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hugs & LOVe, my jland goddaughter is BEAUTIFUL!! I am happy your shoulder is doing better :)
    Hugs & love

  2. Have her come to my house! She'll find snow up to her knees to play in!!!
    Hugs, Sugar

  3. Cute pics!
    Especially like the one of her making angel (trying too?) lol Cute.
    good day to you,

  4. I love the pic of Rebecca trying to make a snow angel.  How adorable.  IT was snowing a little here to, but it's stoped.  Thank goodness.  Have a good day.

  5. Those pictures were really good. Glad your shoulder is doing better. Helen

  6. Yep, snowflakes coming down here in S Jersey too.  I'm with you....I'm ready for beach weather again!


  7. glad the shoulder is better:) tell Rebecca to come to Colorado we have lots of snow :)


  8. Pics are lovely hope you get some more snow so Rebecca can finish maing her Snow Angel ~ glad you shoulder is feeling a bit better ~ love you hand written message ~ hope you have the best day ever too ~ Ally

  9. Glad your shoulder feels better.  Cute pics of Rebecca!! She's so cute in her pink outfit!  
    Come visit me...nice weather now here.
    Stay warm.
    Love ya...Pam

  10. oh no more snow :(
    when we move back to indiana in a month i'm sure i will have to deal with more thna the "desert flakes" we had last week!
    hope that you have a good day as well! that was so cute!
    <3, em

  11. Sunny and 40 here in TX today. We are to warm up to the 50s in a few days.  Glad your shoulder is better.  Hope Rebecca gets to finish her snow angel.  Great pics.

  12. Aw.....Cindy....Rebecca is so cute.  Bless her heart making snow angels.  Glad to hear your shoulder is better.

  13. playing catch up at the moment, reading latest entries and comenting on last one, love the photos or Rebecca making a snow angel, sorry to hear that you are in pain with your shoulder, hope it gets better soon, the social security man wants someone to nearly rip his arm out of its socket, then he might understand what pain is,
    take care Lynne xx

  14. Those pictures of Rebecca are so sweet and you will be glad you took them years from now too!Now don't get mad at me but, Bless her heart, I hope you at least get enough snow for that baby to make her snow angel!
    love ya,
    glad your shouder is better...I was so worried about you.

  15. that is not much snow at all.....at least the streets are clear. I am glad your shoulder feels better....isnt she the cutest little snow bunny?! I think so.

  16. I want SNOW !!! Everyone is getting but New York!!!!
    She sure tried hard to get that angel going....like you little sign at the end!

  17. loved the pics sissy....the crosses are on their way

  18. Ohhh...brrrr....you got some good pics of though.  And Rebecca is adorable and looks very bundled up. lol  Have a great day!  Shelly

  19. your daughter is so cute!  looks like she had a good time outside.  we did not get much here either.  
    have a good one

  20. I'm glad the pain is starting to go away. I still wish you could smack that stupid doctor for making it worse! I think Rebecca looks so cute playing in the snow even if it wasn't enough for her. Hugs, Mandy