Saturday, June 24, 2006

All is well!!!!!!!!!!

  PhewSorry it's taken a while to get back to you on my grandson. Things were hectic, and I've had no sleep. Daniel is back home with his mommy and big sister. The police were called. and when Dan found out he returned the baby 10:pm that night. The following morning Emma went to city hall and filed for custody. So, if anything happens again she is protected and the police will do something right away. I was at Emma's when Dan returned the baby. He was shocked to walk up and see me there. He said nothing. Picked up his workboots and left. I stayed up until 5:am watching over my family. At 3:30am Dan came in door, found out I was there and left real quick, lol. I wonder why? He has a friend who attends AA with him, and he has a spare room, so Dan is staying with him. They both agree things were going wrong in their relationship. They both agree they need time apart. But for the kids sake they are gonna try to be civil to one another, which I think is a great idea. Especially around Marissa. She is going on 5years old and she is very smart. She does'nt know why Daddy is'nt there in the mornings or at the dinner table at night. Dan told her Daddy has a time out, and has meetings and work to do. Dan admits he took Daniel because he thought he could make Emma do what he wants. He now realizes that was the wrong thing to do, and I think he is sorry for that. Emma has a good heart. She lets Dan see the kids when he wants. He comes over helps her bathe them and get them ready for bed. He'll get Daniel to sleep and tucked in, he reads Marissa a story and tucks her in, then he leaves. So far it's working out. Only time can tell what will happen in the future for them. I, myself hope they can get it all straightened out, for the kids sake. I'll post n entry whenever anything new arises from it. Gonna go, I need some sleep.  


  1. What a trauma for your daughter.  My son just went through a semi-ugly divorce. I tell you I am hating his ex wife right now (she cheated on him, reconciled with him, got pregnant, still cheated & we don't know who the baby's father is...yet).  My son got custody of their 2& 4 yr old daughters, he was in the Army though and had to get out because he was going to have to go back to Iraq. He wanted to make a career of the Army, so she screwed up a lot of lives, plans, etc.  He & the girls moved back here & are living with us for the time being. He is trying SO hard to be civil with her, but is making her stick with the court ordered visitation.  She is always calling to change her Wed. visit.  to another day or change the hours.  I tell him he is to soft.  She had the day off yesterday, she STILL took that baby to daycare.  She doesn't want kids. She uses them. Good luck to your daughter and her husband.  Have they had any counseling? My son begged her to go.  She wouldn't.  Have a better day tomorrow!

  2. Thank the lord...dan came to his senses...he should never be left alone with the kids until he can be trusted. I'm glad all is well

  3. Thank God that baby is back safely!!  I sure hope they get things figured out one way or another in a civil manner.  
    Get some sleep~~~Pamela

  4. ally123130585918June 25, 2006 at 4:50 AM

    Cindy thank goodness the Baby is safely back home ~ Hope Dan sorts himself out but he has a long way to go yet ~ Glad Emma filed for Custody in case any thing happens in future ~ glad he is keeping in touch with the children so their little lives arn't disrupted too much ~ Ally

  5. thank heaven the baby is ok. It sounds like he wants to be a good father and that's good. I hope it works out whatever way the want it to work. Just be civil because of the kids. Now I hope you got some sleep.

  6. I'm so glad the baby is okay!

  7. That was the best news to see in your journal...thanks for the update...have a great week!
    Hugs and love,