Friday, June 30, 2006

Good Morning

 SleepingGood Morning everyone. Late to bed last night and early to rise this morning. Carpet guys are gonna be here at 8:am to clean the carpets. I am not at all ready for them to get here. Rebecca is still asleep. I hope she wakes up before they get here. I hope I wake up before they get here, lol.  

Well, I think maybe our rain is over. I woke up this morning to a clear and sunny sky. Parts of PA have really taken a beating. Homes and business's had to be evacuated and closed. Alot of roads are so flooded people can't even get to their homes to check on the damage done by the flooding. I feel really bad for those who have that cleanup to look forward too. I also seen where parts of NJ was hit with flooding also. To all the victims of this horrible mess, I wish you all good luck and I hope for some dry days to help in the clean up.

Well, today is my husband Jim's 51st birthday. We have nothing special planned. I may bake him a cake, it depends on how I feel later. If it gets too hot I won't dare turn on the oven. I have an upstairs apartment, and let me tell you, I've seen it get up to 92 degrees in here. I have 2 airconditioners running but, I try to keep them on only when it's really needed.

I still have'nt heard from my daughter Emma. I told my husband I will not call her. Children should call their parents! I think she is embarrassed that I found out she's been lieing to me. She knows I do not like it when I am lied too! Of course I love my daughter very much and I do miss her and my grandchildren, but I will not be the one who breaks the ice, sort of speak. After all why should I? I'm not the one who caused all this. Maybe I'm being too stubborn or stupid, but it's how I feel. Am I wrong?

Well, I don't know what has been going on with these journals lately, but I could'nt get into mine or anyone elses for a couple days now. I have'nt been getting any alerts at all. AOL, hell. ya gotta love it, lol. NOT...............Hey AOL can ya fix it or what? Anyways, I hope everyone here in JLand is doing well. And none of you have had to endure any of the bad weather or flooding we've had lately.

Well, I guess I'd better get my rearend in gear, and get organized. Those carpet people will be here soon. I am told I am his last customer. After this he is retiring. He is 67yrs old, I guess it's time for him to retire. His name is Al, and he's a friend of our friend Joe. Joe says Al is in poor health, and where he use to work alone, now he has 2 people helping him. But still, it's hard on him and his legs. So to Al, I wish him a happy retirement.

I guess that's about it folks. Going to get another cup of coffee and a couple toothpicks for the eyes, lol. Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


  1. To funny about the toothpicks. Happy Birthday to your husband Jim! AOL has been a shit to me too. At first I was like well nobody is writing I guess. Then I figured out when I couldn't read anything or comment what was going on. I've seen the flooding pics on tv of PA. It's awful. I feel so sorry for those people. I think you're correct in what you're thinking about Emma. She is embarrassed because otherwise she'd be calling you twenty times a day. Hopefully, she isn't to caught up in her other guy to realize that she needs to call you and you all work this out. I think she's giving it time to cool down. Being lied to, I feel, is one of the worst things in the world. I'm just sorry that you're missing out on your grandkids right now. Poor babies are the ones always caught in the middle. Sorry I wasn't saying that to make you feel quilty, it's just they are the innocents stuck with what everybody else decides for their lives. Hope you're trying to relax a little bit inspite of the stress. Take care of yourself, Chrissie

  2. I got some great pics of the flood in Reading, PA.  I hope to post them later today.

  3. yes aol has been awful this week! oh they say its fixed then you go to get into journals and poof the magic blue screen journals are not available hummf any way have a good day try and stay cool. i just love your smilelys:) Happy Birthday to your husband:)


  4. Happy Birthday to hubby!!  Hope you both enjoy the day.  How nice to have clean carpets!  I always think the house looks NEW when the carpets are clean! LOL!
    Not sure what to say on the situation with your daughter.  Maybe you two just need a cooling off period.  I'm sure it will be resolved.

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubby. I hope the carpet guys didn't have to wake you up. lol.  I think you and Emma should stay away for a little bit, but if it goes on to long then you need to at least see your grandchildren. I know how hard it is for you believe me. I just hope for the best for all.  Hugs.

  6. A belated Happy Birthday to your hubby...hope he had a great day.  Lots of sun here for the past two this weekend...hope you have a beautiful holiday weekend...enjoy!
    Hugs and love,