Thursday, June 1, 2006

Update on the hubby Jim

 Clapping HandsI am happy to say, the doctor did a great job on Jim's hand. He had 2 very nasty cuts on 2 fingers of his left hand. Middle finger and ring finger. The ring finger had a huge gash that was able to fold back over and hopefully attach itself back to his finger. The doctor said Jim has a good blood flow, so that will help it heal. They used these strips of sticky clear film on that finger instead of stiches. Then wrapped it in gauze and tape. He has to keep it dry for a few days. The middle finger was the bad one. That one had to be stitched together. I had to put a clean dressing on that one last night, man it looked awful. His hand was still all bloody, so I had to carefully wash his hand and fingers without getting any of the wounds wet. Then I wrapped the middle finger. This morning he said his hand was throbbing. So, I gave him 2 Nuprin and also a pennicillin pill. They should of given him a prescription at the hospital for that. But I have loads of antibiotics the dentist keeps writing me scripts for. He went to work this morning though. He said if he does'nt go, everything gets screwed up and he has to fix all the come backs that come in from the morons he works with. He does'nt like anyone doing the work on his route. Well, he should be ok at work today.



I go back to the dentist today. I sure hope he can get these teeth that are left to numb. I'm am so over wanting this all done. If they won't numb he says I go into the hospital and be put out so they can remove them. Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well with that ordeal today.

Not much else to write about on my end. It's too early and the day has'nt ended yet. I'll probably have more to write about tonight. Hope you all have a great day. (((HUGS))) 


  1. Sis, be careful giving Jim antibiotics that aren't prescribed to him. My hubby's grandmother made the mistake of doing that one time..taking antibiotics that weren't prescribed to her....and she wound up in the hospital, deathly ill, because the antibiotics killed the good bacteria in her body. Glad Jim is ok, though...jeez, what a scare! Hope everything goes well at the dentist today, love you sis! :-)

  2. So happy things came out okay. I can't believe that they never gave him anything. That's crazy! Good luck to you today too. Take Care, Chrissie

  3. ouch Hope Jim's hand heals quickly and 100%!
    Good luck at the dentist!

  4. ally123130585918June 1, 2006 at 6:12 AM

    Glad Jim is OK ~ cuts sound nasty ~ hope they heal well and quickly ~ take care about giving your antibiotics to him though ~ this could be a bit dangerous ~ sure his doctor would give him some if they are needed ~ Hope you get on OK at the dentists ~ will keep my fingers crossed for you ~ Ally

  5. I am happy to hear that your hubby's hand is ok. I hope they can numb your other teeth. I know you don't want to go to the hospital and have it done. Keep my fingers crossed and you are in my prayers. Hugs

  6. Glad Jim's hand should heal.  OUCH!  Good Luck at the dentist.

  7. Glad hubby is doing good.  Be careful about the antibiotics though.  For one thing, unless it's prescribed, it's not good to take. And also people shouldn't take just "one" antibiotic pill.  If it's necessary, they should finish a course.  That's how we are getting what they call "Superbugs" that are becoming resistant to our drugs now.  
    Have a good day.

  8. happy your hubby is doing better

  9. OH i am so glad to hear jims hands on the mend... Helen