Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Good Bye 2007

  Well, here it is the second day of January in the year 2008. It is 3:51am and my sorry butt is sitting here at the computer instead of sleeping. My sleeping pattern is awful. I am up and down all night because I can't sleep straight through anymore, and during the day if I close my eyes for more then 10 seconds I am asleep, no matter where I am. Before I go on, I want to wish my niece Donna (pic above) a very Happy Birthday. Donna turned 25years old yesterday, on New Year's Day. Happy Birthday kiddo, Aunt Cindy loves ya lots.

Yesterday was a very nice day. I cooked a nice meal for New Year's. It was Jim, Rebecca and I, Uncle Joe and my nephew Eddie. I made soup, salad, Lasagna and garlic bread for dinner. I have a quart of the soup left that I am taking to Emma's today for Dan. I know he will love that. The soup I made is the one Jim had at the company christmas party. He said mine tasted just like it, and wanted to know how I always do that, lol. I have always been like that. I can taste something and know exactly what is in the recipe. I made 2 quarts of it.

4 can's tomato soup     4 soup cans of whole milk

dash black pepper       8 mushrooms sliced

1/2 of a roasted red pepper cut into 1 inch chunks

Mix the soup and milk together and bring just to a boil. Add black pepper, mushrooms and roasted red pepper chunks, mix. Cover with lid, reduce heat to med-low and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Then serve. It is delicious.

A bowl of this soup, a small salad and a piece of garlic bread or a few seasoned croutons and you have a full meal. Quick and easy.

Well I rang in the new year alone. Jim was asleep on the couch and Rebecca was in bed. I watched all the fireworks displayed on television. And I must say the display across the pond near Big Ben was the best. It was absolutely beautiful.

I am still trying to get rid of this dreaded cough. Rebecca is also. It's like the sucker won't go away. My ribs ache from all the coughing. It's so annoying. I am so looking forward to spring and warmer weather. I am not and never will be a winter person, lol.

My SIL Dan is coming along somewhat better. He has a problem with his legs and feet swelling. I told him it is because he is sitting on the couch and he doesn't have his feet elevated. He is walking alot more, but still has to use the walker. He's still in alot of pain with his back. I hope one of these doctor's he see's can figure out what is wrong with him and fix it. Emma is totally exhausted. Taking care of 3 kids, Dan and her home is alot on her. I try to help as much as I can, but it's hard on me because my health isn't that great either. I'll go over there today and keep Daniel and Adrianna occupied so she can at least do a few things she needs to get done.

Dan's brother Bill put a rail on the wall going down the basement steps, so Dan has something to hold onto when he goes downstairs to use the bathroom or take a shower. Dan gets up and down the steps alot easier now.

Well it's going on 5am now. I have to get up in an hour. I think I'll just go sit on the couch and rest my eyes a bit, then make a pot of coffee and try to wake up. It's gonna be a long day, that's for sure.

Happy New Year everyone. I wish only the best life has to offer you.

Love ya always,



  1. It's almost 2am here! I was shocked to see your alert come in. I'm sorry you can't sleep. I hope you are able to get some rest. You need it so you will get well soon.
    That soup sounds yummy....and EASY! That is MY kind of cooking!
    Feel better, and take it easy today.

  2. It's 5am here I haven't been to bed yet. My sleep schedule is screwed up too. Glad that Dan is coming along. It will take time. He's so lucky to be alive. Poor Emma I know she's gotta be tired. You need to rest too. Hope you all have a good day. It's about 12 degrees here and snow and sleet on the ground causing several accidents according to the news this morning. A 17yo and 15yo flipped an SUV over in a pond in my town I'm sure I know who it is, but they won't say because they're minors. This town is so small we know everyone. Just hope they're okay. These kids never learn they can't drive around in this mess.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  3. Happy Birthday to your neice. That soup sounds delicious but leave out the mushrooms for me please LOL. I hope you and Rebecca get to feeling better soon. Glad that Dan is getting his strength back. Hugs, Helen

  4. Happy Birthday to Donna.  My sleeping patterns have been all over the place as well. I keep falling asleep in the evenings and then cannot sleep at night.  Seems it is affecting quite a few people.  I am glad you liked the fireworks from London, they are the best display we have had and I thought they were breathtaking.  I hope Dan continues to make progress.  Try and get more rest Cindy or you will make yourself ill.  Very very cold here.

  5. happy birthday to Donna....  hoping Dan gets better with each day.  Soup sounds yummy!!!!  I hear you about sleep patterns.. being on vacation messed me up

  6. Happy bday to Donna!
    Sending you all many prayers.


  7. "Happy Belated Birthday" to your dear neice Donna .I am not suprized you cannot sleep your mind is so active Cindy with everything you do to help everyone.One would think it would make us sleep more,but I feel if your mind is being overworked we do not sleep when we should.Happy to hear Dan has had help with the handrail being installed, which will be a boon to him.I do hope he gets the swollen feet checked out,elevating them does help.I hope you try rest in between your helping.Take Care Prayers continueing for everyone.Thankyou for your kind comment sent to me.Much appreciated.God Bless Kath
    astoriasand http://journals.aolcol/uk/astoriasand/MYSIMPLERHYMES

  8. happy New Year Cindy!

  9. Happy New Year to you also, wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous one!  Linda

  10. Hi Cindy. I can certainly relate to this entry. Heck, If I'd had your phone number we could have been chatting all night. LOL. Like you I have dificulty sleeping of late. I'm so exhausted when night arrives but as soon as I lie down I'm wide awake. Went to bed at twelve last night, lay awake, tossing and turning till three, then got up. Every once in awhile I have to take something to help me sleep or I get pretty sick. Your soup sounds so yummy. I copied the recipe so I can make some for dinner. Sure hope you feel better soon. Being sick is the pits! I'm so happy to hear Dan is feeling better. Take care now. Hope you have a great day.
    Love, hugs, and always, my prayers.

  11. i am concerned about you, Cin. You are stressed and doing too much and your body is exhausted plus that awful cough......your sleeping is all messed need some vitamins or go to the doctor if you can and see what is going on before you get down yourself!!! I hate it that you and Rebecca still have the cough....girl, i sure know how you cough is killing me!!!!!!! I have Dan, Emma and the kids in prayer.....i DO hope they get to the bottom of his pain, i hate to think of anyone in pain.
    i love you truly,


  12. Happy New Years to you Cindy!

    God Bless,

  13. Cindy, Happy Birthday to your niece, I hope that you and Rebecca feel better soon, I will continue to pray for Dan, Love You Lisa XO

  14. Good news than Dan is able to get about a bit, hope you get to feeling better soon, December was a long month for you.
    Happy New Year to you and your family for 2008


  15. I'm always loving your entries and especially with recipes.  I love to cook for my family and keep the house up too so knowing you is great fun.  Just hearing how well Dan is compared to where he could be makes me so filled with joy.  It's amazingly miraculous.  I haven't been sleeping straight through lately either, and up until 3am sometimes.  I love you all want to wish you a very happy new year.  


  16. Lovely Picture of your Niece Donna and a Happy Belated Birthday to her ~ Hope yours and Rebecca's cough soon clear up ~ The Firework display in London was great I agree ~ glad Dan is somewhat better hope that continues ~ Hope your sleep pattern improves we do so need to get a good nights sleep ~ (Happy New Year Cindy to you and yours) ~Ally x

  17. I'm still thanking God that Dan can walk!  I'm glad he continues to improve.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

  18. gorgeous she is ....and the little girl is a darling too.I hope that she had a wonderful birthday ( with many MANY more to come) and I want you to get some rest and take care of yourserlf sissy...if you burn yourself out you aint gonna do yourself or anyone else any good....I love the recipe i'm saving this entry just so i can copy the recipe down
    take care i'll see you later sissy I love you nancy

  19. gorgeous she is ....and the little girl is a darling too.I hope that she had a wonderful birthday ( with many MANY more to come) and I want you to get some rest and take care of yourserlf sissy...if you burn yourself out you aint gonna do yourself or anyone else any good....I love the recipe i'm saving this entry just so i can copy the recipe down
    take care i'll see you later sissy I love you nancy

  20. My dear Cindy, My heart goes out to you.  I pray that one night soon you will get a good long nights uninterupted sleep....miracles do happen !!   ( See what the effect of prayer has had on Dan)  So lets all fet together and pray for Cindy t o have a nights sleep.   Much LOve  Sybil xxx

  21. Sending prayers to you and yours... may 2008 be blessed!

    be well,

  22. Happy New Year to you and yours Cindy!
    love ya,

  23. Still keeping your SIL in my prayers, Cindy.  I do hope that you get to feeling better soon, too!  As for me, I love winter, but then California winters are mild, so.....


  24. sorry to here all this. you need to get some sleep it doesnt help anyone if u dont. my prayers are with you.

    Much love

  25. I will continue to keep you & your family in my prayers. I hope you SIL Dan gets better real soon.