Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Almost over.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us and a New Year almost upon us, I thought I would attempt to make an entry here. Thanksgiving was nice here. Lots of tasty foods did I make. Christmas was nice. The children got everything on their lists and then some. Made a big dinner too, of Glazed spiral ham, turkey, stuffing, baked mac and cheese, yams with toasted marshmallows, homemade coleslaw, cranberry sauce, gravy, veggies and bisquits. Pumpkin and coconut custard pies for desert. Our guests were, Dan's mother Elizabeth, One of his brother's Walter, and his brother Mike's son Joshua. It was a nice day. I received some very nice presents also. 2pr of much needed bedroom slippers, cozy throw blanket, a Betty Boop wall clock, and books. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. I love the series. The movie Eclipse is coming out in June, I can't wait. I already have DVD's of Twilight and New Moon.
Right now I am babysitting. Dan had to go see one of his doctor's and Emma drove him. I sent the 2 oldest downstairs to play. They were picking on Daniel. Daniel and the Baby Adrianna are here in the livingroom with me watching tv. In 3 days my first born niece  Donna will be 27yrs old. I remember when I first held her. She was so tiny, less then 6lbs, and so cute. She looked like a lil doll baby. So, I'd like to wish Donna a very happy birthday come January 1st. Then on the 7th, my first born Emma is turning 30yrs old. Talk about feeling old, whew, lol. She's not at all thrilled about it either. Which is why I am throwing her a surprise party, heehee. Yes, if I have to feel old, so does she, lol.
The above pics I took yesterday. Adrianna loves sitting next to her poppop. She will yell at the other 3 and say my poppop git, lol. The other pic is too cute. She fell asleep in her chair watching tv. She slept for over an hour, lol.
I am very pleased to announce that my brother Harry has moved back to the east coast, from San Francisco. I am planning a trip soon to go see him. He is living with our sister Helen in New Jersey until he is settled in his own place. Welcome home Harry, we've missed you.
So, how has everyone been? I hope the holidays have been good for you, and the new year brings everyone, love, peace and joy and most of all good health.
Happy New Year dear friends.