Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Morning

  How is everyone? I hope all are doing well this sunny warm sunday morning. The 4 kids and I are the only ones awake right now. Rebecca, Marissa and Daniel are watching Franklin on noggin and Adrianna is drinking a bottle I just made for her. Jim is still sleeping and so are Dan and Emma.

Well, we found out why Joe wanted us to move. He is gutting out my apartment remodeling it and putting the house up for sale. He's moving to Pittsburgh to be near to his older brother Michael. Now that his Mom is gone he doesn't have anything holding him back. What makes me so mad is that he is Rebecca's godfather and he has not called to talk to her at all. She was use to getting hugs and kisses everyday, he promised to take her shopping for new shoes then out to lunch and he hasn't. She's very confused. She asks me if Uncle Joe still loves her because she still loves him. My heart breaks for her. I can now never forgive him for what he is putting my little girl through.

Well, Adrianna was fussing. She needed a diaper change. Poor baby has a red hiney. Cleaner diaper and some balmex and she is fine now. She's in her walker running over the other kids feet, lol. She's getting so big. It's hard to believe she'll be a year old next month already. She can say dada, mama, botbot, hug, poppop, she sits up by herself. Mommom's baby girl is growing up, :( 

Dan and Emma and their 3 kids are going to dinner over to one of his co-workers today, so Jim and Rebecca and I have the house to ourselves. Maybe then I can get caught up on my journal readings. I think alerts are messed up, because I have only received about 4 or 5 alerts a day for the past week. Leave it to aohell to mess something up. Anyways I am looking forward to a quiet evening today. Having 4 kids in the house 24/7 can be a little too much for me. I do so much babysitting, that 1 day I week, I leave during the day just for about 2 hours. I go walk around the Dollar store, or go sit at the park and read. Being on the Lexapro is a big plus. I feel so much better, calmer. I feel like a real person, lol.

Well, I guess I will go now. The kids want breakfast, cinnamon toast. I hope your all having a nice weekend and enjoying this great weather we are having. Please keep in mind those who are in Florida. Hurricane Fay has done so much damage and taken so many lives. I hope their weather clears soon, so they can begin to rebuild their lives.

Love to all..................................CINDY


  1. AMEN TO THAT!!!...that's a very nice entry ....What the hell's joe's problem?...after the thing's that man has put you guys through hell yeah ,you got every right to be upset and angry with him;and yes i do agree it's unforgivable the way he's treated my little niece...and god will see he reciecves his....

  2. It's so nice to see you back here making entries again.  I am sure your life is completely hectic living over at Emma's but I'm sure it has it's rewards too, being near your grandbabies so much.  I cannot believe that Adrianna is going to be a year old already!  HOLY COW!!

    As for Joe...that is just so sad.  The worst part is, you can't make someone want to see your kids.  Either they want to...or they don't.  I have the same issues with my in-laws.   I want them to be close to my kids....but they have no interest....and you can't force someone to care.  It's so sad.

    Hope you have a marvelous Sunday and a little quiet time too!


  3. Lexipro is a great little helper when needed.  So sorry that Joe didn't have the kahuuna's to tell you the real reason.  Enjoy your time of "peace" - I have to run away sometimes to get a moment alone.



  5. It would have been much easier had he just told you what was going on.  Maybe he feels bad and didn't know how to tell you...  but his actions are not helping at all.   So sad.  Hope your day is wonderful!

  6. I told you he was up to something, that he had an ulterior motive although I was not quite sure what.  He could have had the decency to be upfront about it.  As for how he is treating Rebecca, his loss.

  7. good morning!
    sad that jim didn't tell you up front what was happening. also sad he hasn't called or seen becca. maybe he thinks you're mad at him?
    glad the lexapro is helping, getting out for 2 hrs a day is a big help too. :)
    nice pics. {{}}
    prayers for those in florida.

  8. Very sad how Joe is treating Rebecca right now, I hope he wisens up before he leaves.  Definitely keeping those in Florida in prayer.  I'm glad that you are getting some time alone for yourself.... that could be hard on anyone not used to being around kids (EVEN those you LOVE) 24/7.


  9. The baby is getting so big!  I can't believe she's going to be a year already next month!  Where does the time go?  Enjoy your day.

  10. Oh Cindy I am so glad that you are back with us writing your journal. I have missed you...I thought that there must have been something behind Joe's attitude. Typical man I would say won't face up to anything they themselves can't handle Maybe you could just tell our wee Rebecca that Uncle Joe is a very sad man and he is missing his Mom so much he can't think of anyone else but one day he might get in touch (even if you know he won't it might make it easier for Rebecca to understand)  I am pleased that the Lexapro is working and that you are feeling more relaxed. When do the children go back to school is it soon ?  Take care and enjoy the nice weather...if you have any to spare please send it our way..
    Love  Sybil xxx

  11. Cindy, welcome back hon !!!!!!!!!! Have missed you, Shame on Joe for acting that way towards Rebecca and you too, Adrianna is so pretty !!!!!!!!!!, Love Ya Lisa XO

  12. I loved the picture....these times for you are so precious!  Thanks for sharing.  Sue

  13. Gosh I'm feeling really OLD these days heck I remember when Emma found out she was pregnant and now the baby is a year old LORD time does fly. Glad to see everyone is doing so well. I'm glad the Lexapro is working for you I use to take that and sometimes think I need back on it. So sorry about the deal with Joe I think he could have handled things better than he did. I mean he could have just told you all he wanted to move and was making arrangements to do that, but oh well. So sorry the impact it has had on Rebecca. Shame on Joe for doing that to her. I feel like where he's not been around his sons much or grandchild that he's a man who has no clue how you act around children which is sad. Oh well that part of your life is over and you've moved on. Things will only get better from here on.
    Have a great time relaxing and reading.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  14. It must be wonderful to watch your kids grow up.  
    Good riddance to Uncle Joe, I say.

  15. joe didnt have to be an AH about it....he could have just said you needed to move and still be friends...what a complete jerkoff.....i hate it that he hurt Rebecca. I am glad you told us why though. LOVE the pics.....looks like the kiddies are enjoying the summer and each other.

  16. ALL I can say is what an ass JOE is for putting you guys though this and you know what... GOOD RIDANCE dont worry about him and move on with your life.. After awhile your daughter will forget about him and that will be a thing of the past I mean you dont need buttheads like that in your life. you really dont.

    Love Always,

  17. I'm so sorry Joe was such an ass about things. He didn't have to be that way. I feel so bad for Rebecca.
    Enjoyed your pictures. The kids are adorable. Glad things are going ok for you. It's been quite a summer for you.
    Love ya, Pam xoxox

  18. I would be about ready to crack up by now with all those kids at once.  Good for you for making time for yourself.  Adrianna has grown so much and she's so pretty.  The girls look like they really love each other. Little Dan has grown so big too.  He looks adorable as well.  Joe was dishonest from the start.  Good riddance.  Find her another Godfather.  He's a loser and she's little and will soon forget.  Love you all  and it seems like normal again to see a post from you.

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  19. I feel so bad he did that to sad. I enjoyed all the is just flying by...hugs and love,