Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where to start?

I am so sorry I didn't get back here yesterday and write a proper entry. I won't go into any details of how it happened, but I will tell you my oldest, Emma thought she was Mike Tyson and punched a door. So what happened? She broke her hand in numerous places and has some internal bleeding in it also. They wrapped it, gave her a prescription for percosets and the name of a specialist, which is where she is now. The hospital said she may need surgery on her hand and will have to wear a cast for 8 to 12 weeks. Won't she love that, lol. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She did learn a valuable lesson tho, lol.

Emma and her Dad.

Even with a broken hand, she wasn't gonna give up on a night out with her daddy. Jim had tickets to the Phillies vs Atlanta Braves game last night, and he promised Emma she could go. Even though the phillies lost by a score of 4-10 Braves they still had a good time. Emma got someone to take their picture.

At the game. Jim had to wear a name tag because the company he works for sponsered a trip there for all the employees who work at Glass Max. They each got a t-shirt to wear also.

There's the stadium in the back ground. The round looking place.

And here's the Braves kicking the Phillies butts, lol. We'll get ya next time Atlanta, hahaha.

I was so disappointed on Rebecca's birthday. Can you believe all who said they were coming, never showed up? Nope no one came. I was so depressed. But it didn't seem to bother the kids. They loved dinner, loved that icecream cake, and really loved all the balloons and noise makers and goodie bags. She loves her telescope and is fasinated with the moon. She reads anything and everything about the moon.

Then the following weekend it was Adrianna's birthday. The only person's who showed up were Mr. Jim and Rebecca's teacher from kindergarten Phylis. None of the uncles or cousin's or Dan's mom came to Adrianna's first birthday. Phylis and Jim couldn't make it for Rebecca's birthday, but they gave her a card with 50.00 in it and also a card for Adrianna with 50.00.

She started to cry cause icing dirtied her hand, lol.

I think she's having a happy birthday.

Well, Emma's home wearing a bright pink cast. She has to go back in 4 weeks, then they'll know whether or not she needs surgery. In the mean time I am very busy now doing the cooking cleaning, watching babies, taking the girls back and forth to school, helping them with home work and home schooling Daniel getting him ready for pre-school next year. Busy, busy, busy, that's me. I will definately need a long vacation by the time Emma is healed and has her cast off, lol. Well, I am needed. Adrianna needs to be changed. I will try to get to journals as soon as I can. Please forgive me for not visiting. I miss hearing about all your lives. Take care of yourselves, and please know I love you all.

I went to send out a special thank you to Sugar who made this beautiful tag for Rebecca. Sugar thank you so much. Rebecca loves it.




  1. Sorry about Emma's hand. I hope it heals properly. Follow the dr's orders!
    The Bdays sound like they both turned out really nice. I wish we lived closer....I'd have come for sure!
    Take care and don't overdue things on yourself.
    Love ya, Pam xoxox
    PS..LOVED that Cinderella tag!

  2. Poor Emma, tell her I kinda know how she feels. LOL
    No more punching out doors young lady!
    Glad the girls had good times on their BD's anyway. :)
    Glad shBecca & you like the tag for her, would've made one for Adrianna had I known.

  3. Oh dear Emma has been in the wars !! Is she right handed ? I see it is her right hand she has damaged. Thank goodness you are there to help. Although I hope that it is not all to much for you...What news of you being able to get yourselves another house soon?  No matter how well we all get on with each other a place of your own is what we all need.  Take care dear friend.  Love  Sybil xx

  4. Sugar did a beautiful job on that tag!  It does hurt your feelings and makes you feel like no one cares when they don't show up.  But we care.  Very much and if I'd lived closer to PA I'd have shown up for those babies.  Why was Emma so mad?  I hope she learned her lesson.  That kind of temper can only get you in trouble.  That's great about Atlanta beating PA. haha.  I'm not a sports fan so pay me no attention.  It sounds like the lion's share of the work is on your shoulders.  I'm sorry to hear about that.

    Love you and miss you much,

    Private Journal

  5. Are you kidding not one person invited showed up? WTH? I hate when people do that IF you're not coming then say so don't lie. OH MY Miss Emma has a temper I see. Gosh tell her to use something else next time not one of her body parts. Glad they still got to go to the game. I understand exactly about the Adrianna thing no one, but me, Kaitlin, Lauren and Jay were at Kyan's 1st birthday. John wouldn't even come to dinner with us.. he got there before us and then left before we got there. I'll never forgave him for that one. His witch was having a problem with him being with us over dinner and that was when we just found out about his secret life and he was still hanging his head in shame. Kyan's paternal family has never come to anything we've ever done for him. His grandmother claims to oh so love him, but sure heads another way when she learns that she's invited to something for him. It's really sad. Gosh I know you're needed, but heck that is gonna be a lot on your shoulders to do everything. That was nice of Sugar to make that tag for Rebecca's birthday. Cute.
    Take care and Hugs, Chrissie

  6. I do hope Emma's hand heals...and does not require surgery...keeping good thoughts.   Awww, I felt so bad no one came to Rebecca's party...but we all would have come had we been closer, that's for sure!!!!!  Happy she had a good time anyway!
    The party photos for Adrianna's cake and her too!!!  What little beauty!!
    Loved the tag by Sugar...she does wonderful work...hugs and love,

  7. ouch... poor Emma...  she probably won't go punching doors anymore.   Have a good night and don't over do it

  8. Ouch....I'd be willing to say that'll be the last door she punches.  That's gotta be painful.  

  9. OK, wondering WHY she punched the door.... ??  LOL!!  I hope she's feeling better!!
    The pics are cuties!!



  10. No one ever came to my birthday party either.  I sympathize.   D

  11. what a shame that if someone said they'd be at the party that they did not come. Love the pics!! Miss hearing from you and hope YOU are doing great. XO

  12. Good Golly ... you are busy.  In spite of all the things that have happened in the last year you manage to write newsy, upbeat notes.  Happy Be-lated Birthday Rebecca and Adrianna!

  13. Awwwwww Adrianna is getting so big, hope Emma's hand heals fast !!!!!! Love Ya Lisa XO

  14. Gosh, I have missed alot, Happy Birthday to everyone and I hope the hand heals up well!  Linda

  15. ouch!...ouch!!...OUCH!!! EMMA DON'T EVER GET THAT MAD AGAIN GIRL...and ummmm sissy LOOK at my screename....i like the phillies ....but I LOVE THE BRAVES.....A DIEHARD EAGLES FAN I AM THOUGH