Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Happenings

No, your not seeing things that aren't there, lol. Yep it's me. I have not posted for so long I had to reset my password because I had forgotten the old one. Or maybe I'm just getting old, lol. Well, quite a few things have happened since my last posting here. I don't even know where to start. Rebecca is 10yrs old now and in 4th grade. Straight A student, honor roll. I hope it continues. She loves school. My grand daughter Marissa is also in the 4th grade, doing very well. My grandson Daniel is in 1st grade and he loves school. They tested him and instead of putting him in kindergarten, they placed him in the first grade. It seems I taught him very well for 2 yrs. He could read, do math, spell and write before he even started school. My grand daughter Adrianna is 4yrs old now. And my what a handful she is. Spoiled wrotten and loves bossing everyone around, even me. LOL But she's mommom's lil princess. And owns all the princess dresses too. Just ask the parents that walk their kids to school, cause Adrianna has a different princess dress on everyday, lol. They see her coming and say, here's the lil princess, lol. Then she says Mommom I'm coming home with you right now, lol. And she does, and I love it. Well, we are renting a very nice 3 bedroom house right now. But we are house hunting to buy a house. Dan gave me the headsup on finding a house, and he's paying for it. I have an awesome son in law for sure. It's my present for helping them out the past 4 years since his accident. So, I am looking for a 1 story 2 bath 3 bedroom house, with a big yard, preferrably fenced in yard so the kids can play. And we can put up a pool come summer.
      Emma and Dan separated for a few month's, but I am happy to say they are back together. And seem very happy about it. Emma went to Virginia and left Dan here in philly with the kids. It killed her to leave the kids, but I think she needed a mental break or something. She is going to see a cardio doctor tomorrow. She has symptoms that I just don't like. And she even fainted, and when awakened she had numbness in left side and had a hard time getting up off the floor. Dan on the other hand is battling a fight now that I hope and pray he wins. He doesn't want anyone to know, so those of you who are on his friends list in facebook don't let on that you know ok. Dan recently found out he has 3 tumors in his stomach that are malignant. I had him talk to his doctor because he was losing weight too fast. 80 ponds in 3 months to be exact. The smallest tumor is the size of a golfball. He has alot of pain in his stomach. They told him it doesn't look good, so he went and got 2 more opinions. One doctor says he can cure him with high doses of radiation. So he's trying that first. If it doesn't help, he will do what the other doctor wants, which is massive doses of chemo twice a week for 12 weeks. Thats alot of chemo. So if you will keep both Emma and Dan in your prayers please.
    The kids had an awesome christmas. They all got new bikes. Rebecca got an ipod nana. Which she loves. Oh and she loves having her own room. We got her a tv and had cable hooked up in it, so we can watch grown up tv and not kid tv now, lol. Her all time favorite show that she does watch with us, is Storage Wars, she loves it. Jim keeps himself busy with work and doing things here at the house. And on sundays he takes the laundry to the laundry mat and washes and dries it, then he comes home and folds it and puts it all away. I think I better keep him huh, he does what I hate, doing laundry, lol. We had a few losses in the family. Jim's father passed away. We miss him very much. He had a beautiful funeral. A military funeral. Jim and his 2 younger brothers helped carry their Dad's casket. There was 21 gun salute, the flag was presented to Jims mom, and the playing of taps. Shortly after his dad passed away, Jim's grandmother died also. But she lived a long happy life of 100 years. She is greatly missed also. And do you remember Mommom I? She also passed away. I miss our morning coffee time and our afternoon walks with her. She was a very sweet lady. Our friend Joe sold his house here in philly and bought a place in west virginia. But right now he resides in pittsburgh, pa and lives with his wife Sherry of 3 months. Yep he got married. She is such a nice lady too. I am so glad he found someone to share his life with. We miss him though. Rebecca loves her Uncle Joe.
   Well as for me, I'm still kicking as they say. Still on the blood thinners, a higher dosage now. It seems my blood just doesn't want to do what the doctor wants it to do, lol. My cancer is still in remission. Did find a lump in left breast, had the lump removed and it wasn't malignant, thank god.
   My sister Lucy was diagnosed with PAD. She is having surgery tomorrow. Their putting stents in her so the blood will flow into her legs. She is so bad with the PAD that if she doesn't get the surgery she will lose both her legs.
     Well, it's midnight, and I am tired. I worked in Rebecca's room for 7 hours today cleaning, folding, and organizing. It looks so nice now. She's really happy in her room. She's sound asleep all snuggled in her bed. Jim just went off to bed. I think that's what I will do also. This body is calling for my comfy bed and pillows. So, I am sorry it's been so long since my last posting. Now that i can remember the password I can post more often, lol. So, take care, god bless and Happy New Year everyone.

Love ya,


  1. Hi Cindy, nice to have an entry from you again, love ya and hugs Lisa

  2. this is my second coment..first went off into outer space !! it wa ssuch a nice long comenet as well !!!Suffice to say that I am so so happy to have such a wonderful update on the family. Gla dthat the bairns are all well presume Malissa's heart prob. has been resloved..I think it was only natural for Emma and Dan to have time apart they went through so much after the accident...and now for the awful cancer to show it's head, it does not seem to be really very fair does it. I pray that any treament he gets will succeed in slowing the growths...
    ANyways have a wonderful 2012 with suny happy days throughout.
    God Bless you ALL love Sybil xx

  3. Yes and a very "Happy New Year " to you and yors Cindy.WOW what a shock when I went through my Blogger list just now to find a post from you.Lots have happened in your life.The kids are doing great as you say.Awww bless little princess LOL!!My Daughter rang today to say it had taken her all day to do Grandaughters room Hee-Heeeee she is 11yrs old.She said she was shattered LOL!!So happy for you onthe home frony news.Brilliant.Condolances for all your losses,it is a sad time,but life must go on even though we liss them all.Prayers for your Sis going up love and I hope all goes well.Same for Dan with his treatment.Shocked tolearn you have had cancer too.So happy you overcame it all.So I will bid you Goodnight Cindy it is 10pm here aand almost my Beedtime.Goodnight and Godbless Love Take Care.Catch you again when you post.Love Kath Motherhen xxxx

  4. Hi Cindy, I was sure I had added a coment to your latest news. I am so happy for you all. I think it was only natural that Emma and Dan went their own way for a few months. but I am so happy that all is now well. I remember thinking just recently about your Rebecca...I think it was...had a heart problem...has it resolved itself now ? I am praying that you will soon be able to find a nice house for you all to live in for ever...
    God Bless,
    Love Sybil xx

  5. You sure have had a lot of stuff going on! I hope things calm down and you can relax a little.